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									                                  Buyer’s Agency
Why Choose to Have a Buyer’s Agent
In almost all real estate transactions the seller is well represented by an agency relationship with a licensed
broker. The seller’s broker has a fiduciary (trust) responsibility to the seller. In order for a buyer to get the best
representation on large real estate investments, a buyer’s agency relationship is the clear choice.

What is a Buyer’s Agency Relationship
The buyer’s agent signs a written Buyer’s Agency Agreement with the buyer and owes the “utmost of good
faith, loyalty, and fidelity” to the buyer. The buyer’s agent is an advocate for the buyer and can represent, evalu-
ate and complete the real estate transaction under a fiduciary (trust) relationship with the buyer exclusively.

What Will a Buyer’s Agency Cost Me?
Real estate commissions are typically paid through cooperative agreements with the seller’s agent – that is to
say the agent typically shares the commission with the listing broker. The buyer can obtain our services without
additional cost.

What We Do
Renown Realty works exclusively for the buyer in an buyer’s agency relationship. We feel this is the only way
to ensure that the buyer receives the honesty, integrity and commitment they deserve. Renown Realty keeps
extensive files on most of the ranches for sale in Wyoming so the buyer can benefit from our knowledge of
Wyoming ranches and land. We will carefully help you identify the property that best suits you and work dili-
gently with you, the buyer, to see properties of interest to you. Of course we work exclusively for you through
the completion of your property purchase. Let us do the work for you.

For a complete discussion of how this relationship can benefit you, contact Renown Realty at 307-331-1800.

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