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San Bernardino Real Estate By Seth Willis Jr.

San Bernardino is the 18th largest city in the whole of the state of California, with an area of more than 150 square kilometers. It is also the largest city of the Inland Empire of Southern California. San Bernardino City can be found in the foothills. Hills worth mentioning that make up San Bernardino include Perris Hill, Shandin Hill and Kendall Hill. San Bernardino is in the temperate region, experiencing hot summers and dry winters. San Bernardino City was the original home of the biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald's. One of the most popular places to visit in San Bernardino is the McDonald Brothers Hamburger Stand. The original hamburger stand has been converted into a museum, attracting numerous people from all over the world annually. Other museums in the area include the Heritage House, the San Bernardino County Museum and the Inland Empire Military Museum. Other points of interest in San Bernardino City include Perris Hill Park, the largest park in the city with a variety of amenities; and the Arrowhead Credit Union Park, home of baseball's Inland Empire 66ers. Several major international events occur in San Bernardino every year. Route 66 Rendezvous, occurring every September, showcases classic automobiles. The Regional Championships of the Little League are also held in San Bernardino in the August of every year. The National Orange Show, meanwhile, occurs in San Bernardino every April. Various events by the California Theater of Performing Arts are also held in San Bernardino throughout the year. Several institutions offer opportunities for education in the San Bernardino area. These include the California State University San Bernardino and the San Bernardino Valley College. There are also other universities and colleges in nearby locations. The 1980s until the 1990s saw a huge shift in the economy of San Bernardino, with the closing of the Norton Air Force Base and Kaiser Steel. Since then, various industrial companies have put up their business in San Bernardino. At present, San Bernardino City is undergoing new developments, mostly in the area close to the San Bernardino International Airport. Further growth is being experienced in the southern areas of the city, especially near Hospitality Lane. New homes are constantly being built all around San Bernardino City. Majority of the housing developments in the area are focused on the
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northern side of the city, along the Verdemont area. The city of San Bernardino is an attractive spot for people who are not able to afford the real estate in Los Angeles. Lying approximately 60 miles to the east of Los Angeles, San Bernardino real estate costs approximately 30% less than those in the Los Angeles area. This has resulted in a rapid increase in migration of residents in the Los Angeles area to the San Bernardino area. In fact, more than 10 of its suburbs have been named by Forbes as part of the 100 rapidly-growing areas in the United States. For an affordable place in the Inland Empire, look to San Bernardino real estate! Seth Willis Jr. is the webmaster for and a savvy real estate investor. His focus for CalPads is to allow users to showcase their real estate from all over the beautiful state of California .Users can browse properties , rentals , vacation homes and commercial properties from every corner of the state.

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Benefits of Establishing Paternity Test Results By Maxine Boyer

The birth of a child is a joyous event. A new life has been brought into the world and the parents often beam with pride. Complications do sometimes arise in these events however, such when there is uncertainty over who is the child’s father. When this occurs stress can cast a dark shadow over the joy of bringing a child into the world. When there is doubt over who the father of a child is, you can opt to establish San Bernardino county paternity. A move to establish San Bernardino county paternity is taken for many reasons and can clarify any confusion over the identity of the child’s biological father. Common reasons for moving to establish San Bernardino county paternity is for child support. If a mother is looking to receive child support payments for the child’s well being and there is doubt in who the biological father is, the fatherhood would have to be established before child support would be required of the father. Another common reason for establishing San Bernardino county paternity is for child custody. If the presumed father wants child custody, the mother can move to establish whether or not he is the biological father. This is often done because the mother has doubts in the fatherhood and wants to prevent the male from having child custody. There are also evidently major benefits to the child in establishing San Bernardino county paternity. When the child grows older, they will have the benefit of knowing who their biological father is due to the fact that a parent moved to establish San Bernardino county paternity. This can avoid any confusion and anger they may have felt if it had not been established and they did not know who their biological father was. It can also save the child the effort and stress of trying to find out on their own who their biological father is as they grow older. Another benefit to the child in knowing who their biological father is that they will be able to learn the medical history of their father. This knowledge of the father’s medical history can be a great asset in explaining traits of the child and taking steps to prevent diseases that they run the risk of inheriting. A third benefit for establishing San Bernardino county paternity is that the child can benefit financially from knowing their biological father. In the unlikely event that the child’s biological father passes away, the child may have the biological right to social security, inheritance or other monetary benefits. There are many benefits to establishing San Bernardino county paternity, not only for the parents but also for the children. However, there can also be complications and stress that arise from the situation of establishing the fatherhood. Family law is available to help in the process. Family law is experienced with these cases and can guide parents through the process in establishing the fatherhood. Family law can also make sure that the children involved are protected and properly cared for. Visit for more information on paternity in San Bernardino and for more information on establishing paternity in the Southern CA area.

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