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Proper Ways Of Property Buying And Selling by toriola1


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Proper Ways Of Property Buying And Selling By Jon Caldwell

In 2008, there will be an increase in inventory before it makes a sharp dip. Sellers whose listings expired in 2007 will be placing their properties back on the market and label it as a new listing. But anyone who watches the market closely will not be fooled. This will continue until summer, and sellers will realize that they have no choice but to remove their property listing from the market. This is when the inventory falls. Banks will refuse to pay closing costs. They’ll demand discount rates from escrow companies, and they will also stop playing ordinary closing costs like state documentary transfer taxes and city taxes. Flood insurance rates wlil rise. Due to new assessments of flood risks, home owners will be getting flood insurance policies. As a result, the insurance rates might double, while those who do not have flood insurance might end up paying rates that are ten times higher than they would have paid before. More investors will be joining the market. Since investors have different criteria than the average home buyer, they will return to the market as they realize that this is the best time to purchase real estate. First time home buyers will compete with investors, and it’s more likely that the investor will win. Related businesses will be shutting down. Businesses like mortgage companies, builders, appraisers, title companies, and construction-related companies will either shut down or consolidate to make up for the slowing real estate market. Those who do survive will lower costs by reducing staff. Buyers will make low offers. First-time buyers might think that this is the best time for a buyer to make a purchase and will write very low offers. Some won’t even bother looking at the homes when they make ridiculously low offers. If you intend to sell this year, expect a number buyers who will throw lowballs at you. As the real estate market continued to decline from the summer of 2005 to mid 2007, financial experts claim that the real estate bubble had burst. Many buyers are sitting on the fence, wondering if it’s a good time to buy and if it’s possible to predict the real estate market. Here are some predictions of the 2008 market based on trends and facts from 2007. Home prices will flatten and decline. Although the prices for homes won’t take a nose dive, they will
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
slowly decline like a feather, swinging left to right until it reaches a landing spot. Foreclosures will increase. Interest rates on 3-year and 5-year loans will increase and many buyers who opted for 100% financing in 2005 are likely to lose their homes. Interest rates will be more stable. Although the rates will move backwards and forwards, buyers will be choosing fixed-rate mortgages. Those who do not qualify for commercial loans will gravitate to seller-financed instruments like lease option purchases. If you price your property too low, you’re going to get far less money than you would have if you had done your research to find out how much your property is really worth. If you price your property too high, it might stay on the market for months and you’ll keep on paying the mortgage, tax, and insurance while it sits there. Buyers are not interested in the personal circumstances in which you are selling your property. What you are selling is only worth what people are prepared to pay for, which is its current market value. The right price for your house should be based on what similar properties in the area sold for. The prices are generally recorded and published for public viewing. Make sure you avail of this information from your real estate broker before you set a price on your property. Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at

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How to Invest Real Estate By Marilyn Roberts

Have you been wanting to learn how to invest real estate for making some extra money? Many people talk about investing but is it really hard to get started? A lot of people read and hear about how to invest real estate but do not really know what it entails. Most know that it has to do with making money from buying and selling houses which, actually, is exactly what it is, although it is a little bit more involved than that. A successful real estate investor needs to know more than just how to buy and sell houses. They also need to know about evaluating property, financing, etc. You need to study real estate investing thoroughly before starting to invest. After doing some proper research, the next thing you will do as an investor is to buy a property. This property could be a lot of different things such as a house, a mobile home, land, apartment building, office buildings, etc. You need to know what you are going to do with the property before you purchase it. You need to have a plan in place with the steps you are going to take to profit from this purchase. Most investors start off with buying a single family house at a below market price, improving the property to raise its value, and then reselling it for a profit. This is commonly known as flipping a property. There are a lot of other factors involved such as financing, finding the right property, cost of repairs, cash out of pocket, etc. These all have to be considered and planned for before actually purchasing the property. Some real estate investors get started by purchasing real estate to be used as rental property. Although you won't get a lot of cash up front, you will generate a monthly income. Buying one property at a time and then slowly building up your real estate portfolio will build up a lot of equity in each property. Another popular way to make money from real estate is buying foreclosed and pre-foreclosed property. They are usually below market value and most of them will need a lot of repairs. When buying foreclosure properties you usually will have to bid on it at an auction, although sometimes you can buy them through a real estate agent. You can also buy distressed properties which can also be a good way to get a property cheaper. These are usually pre-foreclosures and usually have some negative effect on their value because of their condition, appearance, or the financial situation of the owner. You will probably be working with a bank or other lender that holds the mortgage on these properties. These were just a few ways to start real estate investing and there are many other ways. As you start your investing you will see other opportunities for investing in real estate such as using hard money, making short sales, and many other investment strategies. Sometimes there is little or no money required such as with wholesaling and bird dogging. Start studying, researching, and learning about investing in real estate and maybe soon you will be building your real estate portfolio.

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If you think you are ready to start real estate investing, go visit and read some of the advice and informative articles as part of your research into how to invest real estate.

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