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Panama Real Estate Investment Tips By Laurie Cooper

Panama is a Latin American country with a strong American presence and European influence, which produced a unique investment and business culture. Latin American sensibilities and sensitivities, mixed with American capitalism, and combined with European tastes make for equally unique Panama real estate investment tips. The most important of Panama real estate investment tips is to start looking for a reliable attorney in Panama. Ask for referrals, if necessary. When you have your attorney, ask him to refer you to a reliable real estate broker, banker, or any professional you might need. In Panama, personal relationships and trust is valued, and as such, you will be often referred to equally reliable and trusted people, and as such, positive personal attention is necessary, be generous with your time and resources, particularly if you are a foreigner in Panama. The concept of positive payback is as strong as revenge in Latin America, and it applies even in business. Now that you have adjusted to the cultural nuances in business, Panama real estate investment tips include visiting Panama and the location of your projected investment. Do not just buy through the Web; there is just too much hype about property development in Panama and the proliferation of Panama websites that requires the exercise of good judgment and extra caution on the part of investors. Also, be wary of investments that promise easy and quick money, especially in Panama real estate. Property investments are long-term in nature, and thus cannot be expected to generate ample profits in the short-term, at least not in the next 5 years. Also, beware of companies selling real estate at preconstruction prices; they are using these sales as basis for their bank loans. As to real property, Panama real estate investment tips such as not dealing in land with Possession Rights is helpful. These are land with no legal title – it is cheaper but fraught with risks, most especially, the risk of completely losing money. Furthermore, take out a Title Insurance on any Panamanian property, which can protect you against any defects in the title and registration of your projected property investment. You can never be too careful about legalities in Panama, which is where your reliable attorney comes in. Moreover, getting a mortgage is difficult in Panama (there are numerous documentary requirements plus an exhaustive interview). So if you have plans of using your investment for chattel, think twice about doing so. Panama real estate investment tips are basically the same as for the rest of the investing world.
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These tips would include focusing on investment cost, focusing on higher profits and return of investment, acquiring knowledge of the companies in the market (and their financial history) that you might invest in, going into diversification of investments, reinvesting profits, and probably most importantly, knowing when to sell and divest. With a good understanding of Panamanian culture, an American aggressive capitalism, European manners, and a few Panama real estate investment tips, one might well succeed in Panama’s investment markets. Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more information, please visit

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Investing in Panama Real Estate By Laurie Cooper

Real estate investment has boomed in Panama in the recent years. This results from many factors including tax incentives for foreign property investment, convenient living, remarkable tourism services, stunning locations, and interesting activities and culture. Investing in Panama real estate, then, becomes easy. In fact, competition in real estate development has risen as there have been more demands. Because of such competition, locations are well chosen by the developers, prices are affordable, and good customer service has been relayed. However, as investing in Panama real estate has been easy and convenient, there are certain precautions that you need to exercise to avoid blunders and mistakes that would cost you in the long run. Usually, these mistakes are not immediately noticed at first glance. In fact, you’ll notice it at the start as soon as documents of agreements are available. It would seem that not all of your expectations had been written in the contract. As much as possible, you want your experience in investing in Panama real estate to be nearly perfect and right. To get this favorable result you need to follow at least some tips on how to start right investing in Panama real estate. One of the most important things to consider investing in Panama real estate is to get a reputable and reliable broker. You need to be sure that you are dealing with the right real estate agency. Check their licenses and backgrounds for you to evaluate if they have been dealing with their clients reliably. The best thing to do if you are to get the best broker or agency that you need for investing in Panama real estate is to establish contacts in Panama. If necessary, you have to visit the place several times before you settle for investing in Panama real estate. A good example to this case is that there was a couple who plans to settle Panama after their retirement as recommended by their friends. Before they jump into immediately investing in Panama real estate, they visited the place for a period of time. They started renting apartment and created contacts and friends so they would not only get to feel the place but also would learn how the real estate industry works in the country. As you are considering investing in Panama real estate, you should not be easily swayed by advertisements, bank offers, and statistics and paper promotions. For you to get the right investment, you need to scout and visit the prospective property for investment. As much as possible, get as many choices as possible and visit the location at anytime of the year, in different seasons, and occasions. It may be costly to frequently visit several prospective locations but it would be more costly to invest in property that you may find inconvenient at later time. You need to compare and contrast properties and scrutinize the characteristics or features of such property apart from convincing recommendations. If possible, do not let the real estate broker tell you what you want and need. You need to do the research yourself to get the information for the real estate that you want. After all, it’s your money going through the property and not the money of the broker. About the Author: Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate.

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