; New Ways To Make Amazing Profits From Real Estate
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New Ways To Make Amazing Profits From Real Estate


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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New Ways To Make Amazing Profits From Real Estate By Gerald Mason

If you are considering investing in real estate, sometimes it is worth looking for new ways to make money. Being original can keep you ahead of everyone else, cost you less and help you make more in the long run. When the typical non-real estate investor thinks about real estate investing, this person most likely has a defined set of techniques that is considered investing. This involves finding a property to purchase then securing financing from a lender. Of course to secure this financing a portion of the investor's own money must be used for the down payment. This method is the more traditional way of real estate investing. There are some techniques that are known as creative real estate investing that move outside these confines to garner a larger amount of profit or to allow the investor to move forward without spending any of his own money. One creative real estate investing techniques that many investors start off with is what is known as birddogging. This is not investing, per se, because the "investor" does not put in any of his time or money towards the deal. Simply, in this creative real estate investing technique the birddog gets paid for referring deals to other investors. The only risk involved is the birddog getting the information to the investor before another investor finds out about the deal. The birddog gets paid a fee once the deal closes. The best creative real estate investing techniques are those in which the buyer manages to avoid putting any money towards the deal. One such technique involves using seller financing to purchase the home. In this case, the seller is the lender for the purchase. When the deal closes, the seller lends the equity of the home to the buyer and the two negotiate a payment plan. The terms of the payment can range anywhere from interest only, principal only, or some combination of the two. In this creative real estate investing technique, the investor usually situates himself so that he can use the equity he receives from the sale of the property to pay off the loan. There is another creative real estate investing technique that takes advantage of seller financing. In
Tax-Free Real Estate Investing Insider secrets on how to make tax free profits in real estate using your IRA. Create your own private bank. Page 1

Presented by Daniel Toriola
this technique, the buyer is allowed to take over the loan that the seller currently has in place. This method of creative real estate investing can be done in two ways. In the first way, the lender formally allows the buyer to take over the loan. This is known as assumption. In some cases, the terms of the existing loan might be modified. In addition, the buyer's credit must be approved before the lender will allow the loan to be transferred. The second method of a buyer taking over the seller's loan is known as "subject to". In this method, the buyer purchases the property without contacting the lender. There is a risk involved with this method as some lenders include an acceleration clause that allows them to demand the loan in the case that ownership of the property is transferred. One of the most popular creative real estate investing techniques is known as flipping. This creative real estate investing technique involves purchasing a property that is underpriced. Once the property is purchased, it is quickly resold at market value. A creative real estate investing technique is any technique that allows the investor to make a profit quickly and without an outlay of his own cash. These strategies are perhaps the best ways to make money in real estate investing. To download your own free ebook that shows you some original ways to invest in real estate for little outlay please visit: http://www.freelandproperty.com/realezine.htm Claim a free e-book that will show you a system used to control $4.1million worth of real estate for just $22 - and you can follow this system to do the same. Comes with resale rights from: http://www.freelandproperty.com/realezine.htm

Find Ugly Homes And Assign The Contracts Profit in real estate without cash, credit or risk. Learn how to make quick cash in real estate without owning property. Page 2

Presented by Daniel Toriola
All About Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) By Stuart Chng

Real estate is a big business and everyone seems to want to invest in real estate. You keep hearing a lot of stories about how people made a quick buck by investing in real estate. There are stories about people who made $50000 in a fortnight by making the right kind of investment in real estate. Every now and then, newspapers keep coming up with statistics about the appreciation in the real estate prices. There seems a mad rush for investing in real estate (and this gets even bigger when the mortgage interest rates are falling). However, not everyone has the time, money and expertise to be able to profitably invest in real estate. So what does one do? Is there any other option? Yes, there is another way of investing in real estate and that is through Real Estate Investment Trust. Real Estate Investment Trust is an organisation that invests in real estate as a full fledged business. By investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust, you can become part of the real estate investment party and enjoy profits (of course, the assumption here is that the Real Estate Investment Trust is good and professionally managed). Investing in Real Estate Investment Trust is very easy too. You can just buy Real Estate Investment Trust shares which trade on all major exchanges. There are certain laws governing the Real Estate Investment Trusts that help them avoiding the tax at corporate levels e.g. it is mandated that Real Estate Investment Trust’s portfolio has 75 percent of investment in real estate. Moreover, 75% of the income of Real Estate Investment Trust must be from rents or mortgage interest. There are various types of Real Estate Investment Trusts. Some Real Estate Investment Trusts own properties themselves and hence feed on the rental income from those properties. Some others indulge in providing only mortgage loans or go for mortgage backed securities. Then there are Real Estate Investment Trusts which do both i.e. rental focussed investments and mortgage based investments. There are a number of Real Estate Investment Trusts operating in the market and a lot of these Real Estate Investment Trusts are doing good business. By investing in Real Estate Investment Trust you are basically investing in real estate without actually buying a property yourself. This is one easy way of investing in real estate (and much safer too). You must surely evaluate this option for your real estate investments. The writer is the founder of www.EastLiving.com.sg . Having accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with thousands of private home buyers and sellers, Stuart Chng and his team, has honed their real estate negotiation skills and a thorough understanding of the needs and psychology of home buyers. Sign up for EastLiving's daily Singapore Property News at http://blog.eastliving.com.sg .

Real Estate Investment Opportunities This unique e-book is virtual encyclopedia of real estate investment opportunities and real estate service businesses. Page 3

Presented by Daniel Toriola

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