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Living in San Anselmo, California By Renee Adelmann

If you are looking at real estate in the San Anselmo California area, you may be in for an experience unlike anything you have ever experienced. While most large towns are densely populated throughout the Californian coast, the San Anselmo area provides you with the unique opportunity to live in a prosperous area that values its natural surroundings more than development. As a result, many of the San Anselmo homes while being fashionable and artsy are surrounded by wide acres of woodland and natural parks, thus giving you the opportunity to live in a town amidst natural beauty. In fact, Marin County (which San Anselmo is a part of) is over 50% protected land from city or national parks. Thus, it is quite possible that every house you look at will be located next door to a park, or at least situated on a parcel of land that is a great sample of the great outdoors. As a result of the unique lay of the land, there are many great outdoor activities throughout the San Anselmo area including a plethora of hiking and biking trails, as well as beaches that are within a twenty minute drive and other Bay Shore coastal ranges. In fact, you may even consider taking a short bicycle ride over to the beach, and then continuing up the beach a little to reach the vineyards that lay adjacent to both Sonoma and Napa Valley so you can sample the area’s finest wines before traveling home. Not only does the San Anselmo area offer you plenty of outdoor perks, but the relaxed laid back Californian attitude thrives in the area partially due to the fact it is almost always warm and sunny. The perfect weather allows you to stroll San Anselmo’s downtown area and check out the many quaint antique and specialty shops that adorn the town as often as you like. The residents and merchants are extremely friendly which makes the downtown area of San Anselmo a popular destination for people from across the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, if you are worried about everyday shopping, there are many shopping outlets in the San Anselmo area and San Francisco is always only a 20 minute drive away. This makes San Anselmo a wonderful place to live if you want to work in the city, but play outdoors. While visiting San Anselmo can be entertaining, the area has become increasingly popular with Bay Area home buyers looking for a relaxed lifestyle, excellent public schools, and moderately priced real estate in Marin County, California. Most residential real estate in San Anselmo consists of
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single-family homes and condominiums however the town also has its fair share of buildable land and lots which are not always easy to come by in Marin County. For those looking for buildable land in Marin, San Anselmo is a great town worthy of consideration, especially if your plans include a modernist prefab dwelling or a green, eco-friendly home that would blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Renee Adelmann is the Owner of Marin Modern Real Estate and a licensed Realtor in the State of California. You can learn more about Renee and her company by visiting

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Welcome to Paradise in America's Finest City, San Diego By Barry Berndes

Welcome to Paradise in America's Finest City, San Diego by Barry Berndes

San Diego is a fabulous place to live, work and play. Yes, San Diego has the best of everything. It has over 50 miles of beautiful beaches and bays, which are an invitation to explore. San Diego is also home to a casual California lifestyle, which is a result of its wonderful, warm, year-round weather. In fact, the National Weather Service describes San Diego's climate as being the most ideal in America. Yes, San Diego has a big population. In fact, it's the sevnth largest city in the nation and the second largest in the state, but it has a small town mentality. Most if its residents are happy-go-lucky people, who are delighted to live in beautiful San Diego. This happy feeling is reflected in the friendliness of its residents. It's all here in San Diego and a whole lot more. be continued... Visit us at

Skip the hard news for the finer things in life. The SAN DIEGAN is all about dining, entertainment and living in America's Finest City, San Diego. Celebrating 35 years as San Diego's Dean of Restaurant Reviewers. All San Diego shopping, dining and recreational destinations are personally reviewed.

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