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Investing in Panama Real Estate By Laurie Cooper

Real estate investment has boomed in Panama in the recent years. This results from many factors including tax incentives for foreign property investment, convenient living, remarkable tourism services, stunning locations, and interesting activities and culture. Investing in Panama real estate, then, becomes easy. In fact, competition in real estate development has risen as there have been more demands. Because of such competition, locations are well chosen by the developers, prices are affordable, and good customer service has been relayed. However, as investing in Panama real estate has been easy and convenient, there are certain precautions that you need to exercise to avoid blunders and mistakes that would cost you in the long run. Usually, these mistakes are not immediately noticed at first glance. In fact, you’ll notice it at the start as soon as documents of agreements are available. It would seem that not all of your expectations had been written in the contract. As much as possible, you want your experience in investing in Panama real estate to be nearly perfect and right. To get this favorable result you need to follow at least some tips on how to start right investing in Panama real estate. One of the most important things to consider investing in Panama real estate is to get a reputable and reliable broker. You need to be sure that you are dealing with the right real estate agency. Check their licenses and backgrounds for you to evaluate if they have been dealing with their clients reliably. The best thing to do if you are to get the best broker or agency that you need for investing in Panama real estate is to establish contacts in Panama. If necessary, you have to visit the place several times before you settle for investing in Panama real estate. A good example to this case is that there was a couple who plans to settle Panama after their retirement as recommended by their friends. Before they jump into immediately investing in Panama real estate, they visited the place for a period of time. They started renting apartment and created contacts and friends so they would not only get to feel the place but also would learn how the real estate industry works in the country. As you are considering investing in Panama real estate, you should not be easily swayed by advertisements, bank offers, and statistics and paper promotions. For you to get the right investment,
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
you need to scout and visit the prospective property for investment. As much as possible, get as many choices as possible and visit the location at anytime of the year, in different seasons, and occasions. It may be costly to frequently visit several prospective locations but it would be more costly to invest in property that you may find inconvenient at later time. You need to compare and contrast properties and scrutinize the characteristics or features of such property apart from convincing recommendations. If possible, do not let the real estate broker tell you what you want and need. You need to do the research yourself to get the information for the real estate that you want. After all, it’s your money going through the property and not the money of the broker. About the Author: Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more information, please visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Panama Real Estate Highlights By Laurie Cooper

As with any business venture, assuring that you are investing on the right field is of utmost importance. And when it comes to investing in real estate, knowing and understanding the trends that go with it will definitely prove beneficial to you and your money. The same holds true for investing in Panama real estate and in any other country for that matter. The following Panama real estate highlights should give you a clue as to whether it’s indeed a wise idea to put in some money on some real estate project in the great land of the Panama Canal. One of the Panama real estate highlights that should be given utmost attention is the fact that the country’s economy has been on a drastic upward trend. With these, the cultural aspects of the entire population have likewise changed to keep up with this boost. With the high economic pace, more and more people, locals and tourists alike are on a competitive battle on finding the best investment to risk their money in and real estate is first on the list. With the recent surveys and predictions being made through studies and research, more and more tourists and a larger percentage of migration are bound to stay permanent in Panama. Among the Panama real estate highlights, this one makes and educational prediction for the need of more and more commercial spaces in the next few years in Panama. These spaces will accommodate the many foreigners who plan to put up their business in the city and for those other companies who intend to relocate. Obviously, at this rate real estate prices are bound to go nowhere else but up. Now to the residential Panama real estate highlights. More and more individuals plan to invest on condos, apartments, beach real estates, and have them rented or sold out again. Other residents, especially those who are more fortunate, are investing on more commercial buildings that they can likewise sell or rent out to locals and tourists alike all for commercial purposes. One should not also overlook another popular Panama real estate highlights. With the pleasurable weather and the friendly climate that the country brings, not to mention the place being a favorite holiday destination, Panama is also the target of a large percentage of people to be the place where they want to retire to. Considering this, there is indeed a great possibility for the real estate to be at its peak in the next five to ten years to come and even longer. The country’s tourism boom should likewise be featured as one of Panama real estate highlights. As the country’s top income-generating aspect, Panama’s tourism is pushing more and more individuals to grab more and more land to be developed and accommodate the nearly one million tourists every year. With the country’s great beaches, endless shopping centers, warm people, interesting places to see, and the priceless natural beauty, there’s no wonder Panama will be a much more interesting and economically stable country in Central America. Laurie Cooper, of Cpanama Real Estate Corp., is an expert on Panama real estate. For more information, please visit

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