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Insurance Crisis Special Report Aids Home Owners By Mike Colpitts

Home owners insurance is becoming more difficult to get for many home owners, if they can get it at all amid rising insurance rates with less coverage. A national insurance crisis has developed as a result affecting many states, and the problem is only getting worse. In a Special report Housing Predictor outlines the insurance crisis and provides a step by step "How to Guide" to help consumers get the least expensive homeowners insurance policy with the most coverage. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets futures in all 50 U.S. states. The insurance crisis is a growing epidemic amid insurance companies record all time high profits. The industry netted $58-billion in profits last year and has canceled coverage on tens of thousands of homeowners in more than ten states, including Florida, where many companies have either stopped writing policies or have pulled out all together because of reported fears of more possible hurricanes that could cause higher pay-outs. The crisis has also grown into the north-east in New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York and even affects western states, including earthquake prone California and Washington. The problem has resulted in many homeowners being forced to sell their homes or to be foreclosed by lenders. The growing insurance crisis is quietly being suffered by hundreds of thousands of homeowners. Congress has held hearings over the crisis and is considering a federal catastrophic insurance fund for major disasters, but has failed to yet come up with any solutions to help those suffering from the crisis. In the mean time housing prices are being influenced, losing value in many states markets. Laws to regulate home owners insurance rates are in affect in nearly all states, but in many cases the government regulatory agencies empowered to control the industry have failed and the industry continues to make record profits. In most states insurance companies will not continue to write policies unless the companies can at least net 40% profit annually. The state laws written to protect the public are not working. Housing Predictor is a growing resource for consumers, and is regularly consulted by Wall Street investment firms, real estate companies, mortgage companies and local governments for its forecasts,
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
which may be found with real estate listings, including foreclosures on the web. Mike Colpitts is the Editor of Housing Predictor, which provides more than 250 local housing market forecasts in all 50 U.S. states.  Read the full report on the home owners insurance crisis, check market forecasts, and search listings, including foreclosures at 

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Get A Clue And Get Your Annual CLUE Report By Cliff Berman

Would you ever walk across the street without looking both ways? Or apply for a loan without first knowing what's on your credit report? No, probably not. So why would you apply for a homeowners insurance policy without first knowing what's on your CLUE report? Your CLUE report is an invaluable source of information, both to you and your insurers. It lets you know what claims have been filed over the last seven years for your home by its previous owners. Claims that are seen year after year (water damage from the snow, for example) are probably a chronic problem and guaranteed to give you a headache in the coming years. Your CLUE report also shows any claims that you as a homeowner have filed over the last seven years for this or any other property, giving you an idea of what your insurance providers are saying about you and your homeowners insurance provider an idea about what kind of homeowner you are. Do you often have kitchen accidents? Are you careless with your bathroom pipes? All of this information helps your homeowners insurance provider decide how risky (and expensive!) insuring your property is going ot be and whether or not it's worth the investment. Anyone looking at your CLUE report will see: • The date of the claim. • The insurance company involved. • The policy number at the time of the claim. • The address of the property (if it was a claim you filed for a previous home or rental before packing your bags and hitting the highway). • The cause of the loss. • The amount(s) paid. • The status of the claim. • The name of the person who filed the claim (if previous owners were involved). • Anyone who has received a copy of your CLUE report over the last two years. You might be surprised to find out that your phone calls to your insurance agent about problems with your home, even if you didn't file a claim, are logged on your CLUE report. These reports are much more comprehensive than most reporting agencies, letting your new insurance provider know (literally!) everything that's gone on in the past couple of the years in your homeowners history. The good news is, information more than seven years old usually isn't included. So if you had one of those properties that bled money out of your pocket faster than you can stop the leak you're going to be able to leave it behind-eventually. If you think there's been a mistake on your CLUE report you can always touch base with ChoiceTrust, the company responsible for gathering information from homeowners insurance providers from coast to coast (much like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion do for credit providers) and challenge the claim. The company will investigate your challenge, speaking with the insurance agency that reported the claim to begin with; however, if they can produce paperwork confirming that the claim was filed in the first place it's unlikely to be removed, so check your paperwork first!

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
To get your annual CLUE report, contact ChoiceTrust or their parent company, ChoicePoint. Clifford F. Berman is the CEO of For more information on your CLUE report, visit them on the web at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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