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					The Mercy Home Foundation
- Enriching the lives of the Mercy Home girls Edition 1

Thanks for all your kind donations; the new 2 bed dormitory at Mercy Home 4 is nearly complete!

Summer 2008

beginning plastering the outside. MHF money was also used to make the wooden door frames and link the new dormitory with the existing building.. All that remains to be done is have windows and a wooden ceiling fitted and to decorate and furnish the interior. Thank you for all your donations – we hope you can see that even the smallest amount is making a real difference at Mercy Home!
Please visit for a tour of the new dormitory!

June 2007
The building of new 2 4-bed dormitory was started in April 2007 when the foundations were laid following an AVIF volunteer’s visit. This is the biggest building project that Edward, the Mercy Home Director, has ever undertaken and is hoping to be able to welcome more girls before next year. Completion of the dormitory will more than double the capacity of the Mercy Home from 19 girls to 43.

Sept 2007
In 2007 the AVIF volunteers helped to build up from the foundations and see the beginnings of a roof go up. In our most recent visit this summer the MHF managed to raise enough funds to plaster the whole of the inside of the building and floor as well as

June 2008

In this Issue Current Projects
• Dormitory • Sitting Room • Chicken Coop

The Mercy Home Computer Appeal!
Since our return from Kenya in July, we have received the brilliant news that the Mercy Home has now been connected to the electricity grid! This is absolutely fantastic, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the girls, such as moving to electric cooking, electric lighting and of course, computer access.


With this brilliant news in mind, the Mercy Home Foundation has decided to start an appeal for any old, broken or unwanted laptops. Leonidah, one of the oldest girls, is leaving school this year but is going to have to take a year out to take a computer course before starting senior college. If the Mercy Home can get hold of just a few laptops, Leo and the other girls will be able to learn computer skills from home and give them some important skills for their future. We intend to send out a few June 2008 laptops with the next AVIF volunteers as well as some computer textbooks. Please pass on the computer leaflet (attached) around your office etc or if you can help yourselves just email us at the usual address. We only need a few laptops, so please help if you can!

Computer Appeal Tailoring School Future Projects Fundraisers!

It also means that Edward will save money in the long run, as Edward currently spends about £20 on kerosene every month, but electricity will cost just £8 per month, after the initial start up costs that have been covered by AVIF. It also means that the girls will not have to Thanks to James Mendes, Alison from AVIF use the kerosene lamps to and Meera Ragha for raising the money work by, which is so bad for and organising the transfer!. their eyes.

mhf Newsletter; Edition 1, Summer 2008

mhf on youTube!

Mercy Home Tailoring
The Mercy Home aims to provide a future for all the girls on the programme, but also realises that secondary education isn’t for all the girls. This year two of the Mercy Home girls, Jesca and Dezmah chose not to continue onto secondary school and started a three year diploma in tailoring at Kima Tailoring School instead.

The Sitting Room

Jesca and Dezmah are just completing their first year at Kima and are very happy there. Furthermore, Mercy Home has been given a sewing machine by the local community which means that the two girls can practise their work at home, and teach the others how to repair clothes.

With the number of boarders living at the Mercy Home increasing every year the quiet space where they can gather as a family for evening prayer and house meetings is becoming very cramped with some girls sitting in the adjoining store room. An extension has already been started and an outer wall has been built but it is far from ready to be knocked through Thanks to the MHF, Edward was able to and used as a bigger room as the dormitory has taken priority. buy fabrics, buttons, thread, needles However, this project is not on such a large scale and we hope to and other essential items so that the have it completed before next summer so the girls have an extra girls can now repair their own uniforms room to study and read after school instead of being crammed into as well as try and create new designs! the dining room. The MHF also organised for Jesca and Dezmah – who board at Kima in term time - to come home for a weekend to give the other girls a lesson on basic The proposed chicken coop is still in its early stages, as Edward repairs, which everyone absolutely started it in early 2008 with some of the money left by Marie, loved! one of the 2007 AVIF volunteers. Edward chose to invest in a permanent, brick chicken coop instead of a wooden one, so that it will benefit Mercy Home in the longer run. It is hoped that the chicken coop will provide the girls with much needed nutrients from the eggs and make Mercy Home that little more self sufficient and reduce their vulnerability to violatile food prices. Edward also hopes that the chicken coop may become an income-generating project in the future, through the sale of local chickens at the town market.

The Chicken Coop

Future Projects: The Water Tank
After the current projects are completed, the Mercy Home is planning to invest in a new water tank. The current water tank has a capacity of 2 litres, but it is too small for the girls 40 needs at the moment. Each day, the girls must go and collect water from the river after school, as there has been no running water since election violence in January. The Mercy Home needs a 10,000 litre underground tank so that during the rain season, there is no Girls fetching water water wasted. The MHF hopes to help the Home to fulfil this project in the future. Current Water Tank

Visit the Girls with A.V.I.F

Fundraisers and Thanks!
A mhf charity gig in Leeds in November featuring ‘The Killing Fields of Ontario’.
Visit for more info

AVIF is an innovative online charity, assisting with sustainable development via online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa. Being virtual means negligible administration costs for worldwide impact. AVIF believes in efficiency, honesty and transparency. AVIF doesn’t do bureaucracy or charge fees. We endeavour to achieve at least some of the Millennium Development Goals within rural Kenya,

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the mhf this year, please keep supporting our little charity any way you can! Special mentions to; The teachers at ‘The Hill’ Secondary School in Barnsley for donating £130 through a fete stall and a ‘Fat Fighters Club’!!! Meera Ragha, and Chigwell School who donated £200 toward the electricity through AVIF. Angela Tanner who helped organise the sewing donations. And of course thank you to all the AVIF volunteers who have helped out, especially Zoe, Marie, Liz, James and espeically Alison for her ongoing support! All our love, Nick, Charlie and Matt

No fees

2 4-hour support

Flexible dates

SPONSOR THE GIRLS! If you are interested in sponsoring the girls at Mercy Home, please email to get a sponsorship pack.

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