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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Indianapolis Real Estate Explained By Joseph Feross

Whether you are male or female, single or married, if you want a nice place to live, look no further than the Indianapolis real estate market. Indianapolis is an ideal place for warm natured people and snowbirds. In Indianapolis, you have the big city urban feel without the big city cost of living. The Indianapolis real estate downtown is a good place to live. There are plenty of skyscrapers with their beautiful skylines. Indianapolis has a special appeal for those who are looking to live here. Over half of the population is male and almost half of the other population is female. Just a little bit over 64 percent of the population is married while almost 36 percent is single. There is at least 30 percent of the population here that has a family. This last group prefers chooses to live in the suburbs of Indianapolis. When you look for Indianapolis real estate, you will find nearby suburbs and the downtown area. You can look and see what type of lifestyle would be best for you and your family. During the Christmas season, the downtown area and the suburbs are filled with Christmas lights and other decorations. In the summer season, Indianapolis is a beautiful place to be. The average temperature in July is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and it is sunny for at least 186 days out of the year. Of course, there would be no Christmas here without snow. Up to 16 inches of snow falls each year. If you can stand the cold weather, then you can look for a piece of Indianapolis real estate property. The culture here is nice, but you must be able to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle of a big city. There are at least close to 800,000 people that live in Indianapolis. However, sizing up to Chicago which has close to 3 million people, Indianapolis becomes very small. Not that it’s a very small city, and it still has an appeal of a big city. However, you don’t have the high cost of living and traffic like you do in places such as Chicago. You can find more affordable homes in Indianapolis. You just have to look at the Indianapolis real estate market to find what you want. You will find that there are over 30,000 homes for sale in the Indianapolis real estate market. This includes areas in the downtown region, where you will find nice condos there. If you don’t want a condo in the big little city, then you can look on the outskirts to find something. In Indianapolis, the median home value is around $122,090, but there are homes available for any
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
budget. There is a lot to offer for anyone that wishes to live here. Even with the current economic downturn, you should get a home now while you can get a good deal. So start looking at the Indianapolis real estate market to find that home that you want. The sooner you find what you want, the sooner you can call this city home. Joseph FeRoss is an expert on Indianapolis IN real estate. Additional credit is given to the Indianapolis relocation team at Indy Metro Homes. For more information visit

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Real Estate Agents Are No Longer Neeeded? By Joseph Feross

Being a Indianapolis real estate agent is becoming a dying breed. Even with the current economic conditions and the decrease of the real estate market, the Indianapolis real estate market was a strong force at the beginning of 2008. Unfortunately, for the agents, they were slowly going away. Because of this, it has affected the condition of Indianapolis real estate. Since these agents worked only on commission, if they didn’t sell anything, they didn’t get paid. The agent doesn’t get much commission if the buyer and seller are not his clients. Since then, many agents have left the real estate industry because of the housing market crash. There have been others who have filed for bankruptcy. For those who have been in real estate a long time, this is all they know and will have to start over training for a new career. Even before the housing market crash, the career of the Indianapolis rest estate agent was in jeopardy. At one they were a key factor to selling a home. They had property listing information at their disposal. It was exclusively available to real estate agents, and they had access to know what the property’s fair market value would be. With that information, they were able to help someone what price range they qualified for when looking to purchase a home. So much has changed since then. Before that, the Indianapolis real estate agent would post a listing on the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS as it is commonly known as. This would have the information that someone would need in order to know if they wanted a property that was up for sale. This information was only available on a private internet system and only real estate agents that were licensed could get it. Now that things have changed, the public has access to whatever Indianapolis real estate property they were interested in. This included the price, number of bedrooms and other information that they wanted to know about. Because of this, there was not a need for an agent to find out how much the property taxes were. Any buyer can now check out what they want without the assistance of a real estate agent. A real estate attorney usually handles the paperwork in regard to the sale of a property. They usually charge a flat rate, which is not as much as what an agent would get for commission. For a flat rate, some agents will act as a transaction coordinator. Some Indianapolis real estate agents have receded this position just to keep afloat. With the demise of the Indianapolis real estate agent, some services have been taken over by others by using a secret code. With that, comes an uncomfortable feeling towards them and they are being resented, which many think is just cause for undermining the agents. With the current financial situation being part of the crash of the housing market, people are now using Craigslist to sell their homes. They are also able to access tools and other information that used to be exclusively for the real estate agent. This article was brought to you by Joseph FeRoss and the Indianapolis IN real estate team. For information regarding Indianapolis Homes visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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