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Goa Real Estate - Struggling By George Gonigal

When you think of Goa, you think of the perfect holiday. It is this sentiment of Goa being the perfect tourist getaway that has caught the fancy of real estate developers far and wide. According to estimates, around 75 per cent of Goa Properties are bought by people living outside the state. Most of the buyers are from the north of India- Delhi, UP and Bihar, since the north is deprived of a coastline. Several non-resident Indians also view Goa as a perfect place to retire as it offers a better quality of life than most states. A large number of prime developers like DLF and Parsvnath Builders have taken up large investment projects in the state to cater to such buyers. Most of the Goa real estate builders offer residential segments in the form of beach-front luxury apartments, Portuguese style villas and sea-facing bungalows. The demand for property in Goa is high not only because of its obvious appeal but also because stamp duty and property taxes in Goa are lower than in other states. Commercial expansion within the state in the form of high-end malls and multiplexes and the state's plans to develop SEZs, IT parks and install high quality broadband connectivity is adding to the profitability of investment projects. There are however some threats for real estate development in the state. Recently, concerns have been raised about environment protection amidst the massive development that is taking place. Several Goans also feel that the essence and identity of the state is being taken over by the ongoing commercialisation and inflow of outsiders into the state. Because of Goa's small size, land disputes are also aplenty as most of the land is being acquired from local communities. The ongoing global financial crisis and the debacle of the Wall Street will surely dampen the tourist scene in Goa during the otherwise peak months of October-December, feel industry experts. Though this is expected to only harm the hotel industry as of now, in the long run if the crisis continues, Goa real estate may also be affected. Investment projects in the state are also likely to slow down due to the liquidity crunch and the drying up of funds in the form of foreign investment. The recent rape and murder of British tourist Scarlett Keeling in Goa has also stirred up a storm as
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many people have turned skeptical about the drug and crime scene in the state. It is hampering the real estate prospects of the state and further its overall image. George Gonigal provides you the best and latest info on Real Estate in India. He would also let you know about Real Estate in Goa and Goa Properties.

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Jazz Goa By Jazz Goa

Jazz Goa by: Jazz Goa Jazz Goa is formed by a group of musicians and music lovers to promote jazz in and out of Goa. The club's principal aim is to improve the lot and provide an organised platform for local as well as visiting international jazz musicians. Goa has always been a favoured chillout destination for some of the world's greatest jazz musicians. Beautiful surroundings, peaceful laidback lifestyle and the people's genuine warmth and hospitality has made Goa an inspirational paradise for creative artistes from all over the world. Jazz Goa will play host to visiting jazz musicians offering them opportunities to perform in informal jam sessions as well as full fledged concerts and professional gigs at various venues in Goa that feature live jazz. Jazz currently has a niche audience in Goa and one of Jazz Goa's goals is to broaden the listener base by encouraging general music lovers to experience and enjoy the magic of spontaneously improvised music through workshops and interactive sessions with performers. Spontaneous improvisation are the keywords to jazz and very often jazz musicians create some of the most memorable music in live performance as opposed to recordings produced in clinical studio sessions. Future plans of Jazz Goa includes releasing live recordings of selected performances in Goa, sourcing corporate sponsorship to launch deserving local jazz musicians at an international level and scholorships to finance talented youngsters who would like to study jazz at some of the worlds best institutes. Most importantly, with current trends of canned music being peddled as live music, Jazz Goa hopes to keep live music alive in Goa! for more information about Jazz Goa please visit www.jazzgoa.com

Jazz Goa-the new jazz club in Goa! www.jazzgoa.com jazzgoa@yahoo.com

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