4 Common Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make

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4 Common Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make By Joette Fielding

Buying a home, especially if it is your first time, can be stressful and at times overwhelming. But there are a few key steps you can take before you begin your home search that will help you to be more prepared and know what to expect in the home buying process. And while this guide is not exhaustive it will help to get you started and help to ease some of the stress associated will home buying. Most home buyers are either not properly prepared for the experience for simply do not know what to expect. Here are the 6 common mistakes most home buyers make and how you can avoid them. 1. Knowing Your Credit Rating. Most people do not know what their credit rating is or assume that they have good credit. Your credit rating can influence the lenders decision on not only how much of a mortgage you qualify for but also what your mortgage interest rate will be. A simple credit check through companies such as Equifax will confirm your credit standing and allow you to correct errors that there might be before you apply for a mortgage. 2. Get Pre-Approved. Most buyers do not know the difference between being pre-qualified for a mortgage and being pre-approved. A pre-qualification will only serve as a guide as to how much you can afford to buy. A pre-approval is a commitment from a lender which states the purchase price and interest rate that you qualify for and is guaranteed by the lender for a specific period of time. This is usually 90-120 days. Knowing how much you can buy a home for will save you time by only concentrating on applicable homes and having a commitment in writing from a lender will give you more confidence in you search. 3. Use A Mortgage Broker Shopping for a mortgage that's right for you can be tricky and could also hurt your credit rating. Did you know that every time you apply for a mortgage your credit rating is checked and that check is recorded on your credit report? Too many credit checks and a lender my be less inclined to give you the best rate. A mortgage broker will not only be able to shop for a mortgage on your behalf without
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damaging your credit rating, but can also discuss different mortgage options that better fit your circumstances. There is more to getting a mortgage than just looking at the interest rate. 4. Verify Closing Costs. Once you have signed on the dotted line you do not want any surprises when the deal closes and you try to take possession of your new home. Apart from the down payment you will need extra funds to pay your lawyer’s fees, property taxes, land transfer taxes and the like. Make sure that your real estate professional can explain all of the additional costs you will have to come up with on closing as the amount could be an extra few thousand dollars. This is by no means meant to scare anyone from buying a home, but with a little planning and education you can ensure that it is less stressful. And as always speak to your real estate professional who can fully explain and guide you through the home buying process. Specializing in Burlington real estate and Milton real estate Joette Fielding is an awarding winning sales representative for RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp. Contact Joette Fielding for all of your real estate needs.

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Buying Art Reproductions: Mistakes To Avoid By Sally Hart

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still enjoy art, you may want to consider what art reproductions have to offer. The nice thing about art reproductions is that they look just like the originals, but they will not cost you nearly as much money. But with that being said, not all art reproductions are the same. For this reason, you need to know the common mistakes that some buyers make time and time again. 1. Buying some items online is a good idea, but when it comes to art reproductions this does not always hold true. If you are going to buy online make sure that you have the chance to see the entire image in full size. Buying based on a small thumbnail is never a good idea. The website owner or artist should be able to email you a large file that will allow you to see the art reproduction in full. If they cannot you are better off buying your art reproduction elsewhere. 2. Do not buy an art reproduction just because it is for sale. Remember, they are not all the same. There are some companies and individuals that are much more reputable than others. You will want to find a company that is experienced in creating art reproductions, and can also back this claim up with testimonials from other buyers. If you are going to spend money on an art reproduction, you want to make sure that you get your moneys worth. 3. There are some people who buy art reproductions just because the original was produced by a famous artist. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is not something that you should do without reason. For instance, if you are using art reproductions to decorate your home it does not matter if the artist is famous or not. These are three mistakes that you will want to avoid when buying art reproductions. Although there are many others to be aware of, these are the ones that the majority of buyers make when they are new to this industry. Keep in mind that just because you can make mistakes does not mean that you should stay away from buying art reproductions. Instead of staying away you should actually begin your search for what is right for you. There may be some mistakes that could harm you, but the benefits of buying art reproductions outweigh them by quite a bit. All in all, reproductions are perfect for art lovers who are looking for great pieces of work that do not cost nearly as much as the original. If this sounds like you, seek out one of the many art reproductions that are for sale. Sally Hart is an avid collector of She spends ample time online browsing stores to find the best deals on top of the line

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