Your Dog's Dental Health & Teeth Brushing by toriola1


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Your Dog's Dental Health & Teeth Brushing By Miss Debra Rae

Your dog's dental care is an important part of a healthy and longer life. If your dog isn't a rawhide bone chewer, eats a lot of soft food or just has tarter buildup, brushing your dog's teeth is probably a good idea. It's been shown that an unhealthy mouth can lead to other physical problems and brushing your dog's teeth is simply a training process. If you're dog doesn't chew regularly on carrots or other teeth cleaning treats and toys, then the nasty tarter and gingivitis demons are moving in. Then there's gum disease, tooth loss, pain and really raunchy breath. It's all ugly. Buy your dog a tooth brush (the finger kind is easiest) with flavored doggie toothpaste. Don't use human paste... These will only create mouth and gum problems and could make your dog really sick. To begin the training, just sit with your dog and gently rub their outside cheeks with your finger for a few seconds or minutes depending on how your dog responds. It's best to do this when your dog is relaxed and more likely to have little objection. Have these rubbing sessions 2, 3, or 4 times. Every dog is different. Dalai Lama dog only needs 2 or 3 rubbing sessions and hurricane, frantic or anxious dog needs 5, 6 or 7 sessions. Whatever it is, it's fine. Be sure to praise your dog after they have allowed this rubbing session whether it's lasted 3 seconds or 3 minutes. . Once your dog is comfortable with the outside lip rubbing, put a little doggie toothpaste on your finger and let them take a taste. Usually they like it. Fortunately, you've purchased the flavored paste because you're an informed human. Once your dog has lapped up the toothpaste, praise them for a job well done. Lots of petting and positive reinforcement is how training works. Your next session will be with the toothbrush and toothpaste together. Put a little dog toothpaste on the toothbrush and gently rub 1-2 teeth in a very slow circular motion (be sure to include the gum area). Be very gentle. Remember this is new and you're still in training. Be sure to praise again with lots of positive reinforcement. Continue to brush daily adding 1-2 teeth each session. It's very important to pay close attention to your dogs energy while tooth brush training. Stop the brushing session before your dog starts to squirm. This prevents an aversion to the training. Always remember after each session, no matter how long, to praise your dog for doing what you've asked of
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
them. Over the next several days, continue your training sessions, praising all the time and before you know it, you're brushing all your dog's teeth. Brush for about 30 seconds on each side. You only need to brush the outside of the teeth because dog tarter does not flourish on inside teeth. Remember to praise and to use positive reinforcement every time you brush your dog's teeth. Even after the training is complete and your dog is a superstar at teeth brushing time. Your dog lives to please you and a loving pat on their head, a chest or belly rub along with a "good boy/goodgirl" brings a smile to their furry canine face. Good dental hygiene for your dog has been shown to help prolong life and can reduce your Veterinary bills. If you have questions regarding your dog's dental health, talk with your Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician. Miss Rae has been a poet & writer since college at UW, class of 1996. Click on over to her site for all your dog's needs from training programs to nutrition to choosing a vet, dental health and books galore. Visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
How to Brush My Dogs Teeth By Pat Burns

A devoted dog owner does everything humanly possible to ensure their dogs hygiene. However, one area that bewilders dog owners is how to brush my dogs teeth? Why Brush A Dog's Teeth? Dogs suffer from a variety of tooth problems, just like their owners: 1. Loose teeth 2. Abscess teeth 3. Cavities 4. Periodontal disease The common symptom of periodontal disease is bad breath. In fact, 98% of all dogs with bad breath suffer from periodontal disease. If there is a delay in treatment, the bacterial infection can develop and spread to the dog's kidney, liver, heart and brain. Thus, it becomes important to brush the dogs teeth. Steps In Brushing A Dog's Teeth: Many dog owners take their dogs to the vet for a regular teeth cleaning. Many vets offer medical plans for pets that include this important routine. Usually they will put the dog to sleep or medicate the dog to avoid bites. This is safer for the dog and the vet. However, if you cannot afford to do this and/or choose to do it yourself, below are the steps to take in cleaning your dog's teeth. 1. Allow a vet to check the dog's teeth before brushing. Otherwise, brushing may be painful, and it will associate brushing with pain. 2. The dog needs to be used to the owner checking its mouth regularly. Reward the dog for cooperation. 3. Get a pet dental kit from a pet store. It needs to have a pet toothbrush, pet toothpaste and a finger toothbrush that the owner can wear on a finger and brush the dog's teeth. 4. Human toothpaste is not edible and dogs are likely to swallow toothpaste. Therefore, try to buy beefy flavored toothpaste that the dog can enjoy. In addition, avoid toothpastes with detergents, salt or baking soda. Instead, try to buy toothpastes containing fluoride and enzymes, as they are good for dogs' teeth. 5. Ease in the brushing process. On day one, merely wipe the dog's teeth with gauze. Later, adapt the pet to warm water brushing. Finally, add toothpaste. 6. To brush the dog's teeth, place the brush bristles at a 45-degree angle to the teeth, at the border where the teeth meet the gums. Gently, move the brush in an oval motion, to complete ten

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back-and-forth motions. Then, move the brush to cover at least 3-4 teeth at a time. 7. Remember to brush the dogs teeth all the way to the back, which is where most problems develop. Other Important Tips: A dog's dental hygiene will not be flawless, if you only brush the dog's teeth. Try some of these tips to ensure a good dental health for the dog: 1. To avoid the onset of periodontal disease, take the dog to a vet for regular checks. 2. Vets can also clean the teeth occasionally to remove tartar deposits. 3. Feed hard foods to the dog or give bones or hard toys to chew on. These are certain systematic ways of avoiding dental problems, but do not forget to brush your dog's teeth regularly., "Healthcare for Dogs" is all about Dogs Health Care, Supplies and Training.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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