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The Different Kinds Of Chihuahua Breeds By Clarence Clark

The smallest dog breed in the world, the Chihuahua was discovered in Mexico in 1850, and subsequently introduced to America. The popularization of the Chihuahua as a pet was a result of media coverage given to celebrities who adopt Chihuahuas as pets such as Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton. There are two official Chihuahua breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club today. These are the Long-haired Chihuahua and the Short-haired Chihuahua. Unofficially, other different breeds of Chihuahuas exist. These include the Teacup Chihuahua, Mini Chihuahua and Toy Chihuahua amongst others. The origins of these unofficial names were a result of Chihuahua breeders who dub their dogs accordingly based on their full grown size. The Long-haired Chihuahua is characterized by their smooth undercoat and long overcoat. The texture of its coat is long, thin and smooth to touch. The Long-haired Chihuahua has large eyes and erect ears, similar to that of a Pomeranian. In fact, it is not difficult for most people to mistaken a Long-haired Chihuahua for a Pomeranian given such similar characteristics. Surprisingly, this Chihuahua breed sheds little hair as compared to its Short-haired cousin. As a result, it is relatively popular with people who suffer from allergies. However, its long overcoat of hair can take a relatively long time to reach its full grown length, in most cases as long as a few years. It is important for owners of this breed of Chihuahua to frequently brush the hair of their Long-haired Chihuahua to prevent tangles that may occur to the hair of the Long-haired Chihuahua. It is also important for owners of the Long-haired Chihuahua to bath their pets on a regular monthly basis to prevent fleas and to maintain hygiene standards of their Long-haired Chihuahua. Comparatively, the Short-haired Chihuahua as its name suggests has a shorter coat of hair as compared to its Long-haired cousin. However, it tends to shed more hair as compared to the Long-haired Chihuahua. Texture of the overcoat of this breed of Chihuahua is also different as compared to the Long-haired Chihuahua. Given its shorter coat of hair, the Short-haired Chihuahua is popular amongst people living in relatively warm countries. Unofficial breeds of Chihuahuas such as the Teacup Chihuahua, Mini Chihuahua and Toy Chihuahua. These breeds of Chihuahuas are comparatively smaller as compared to regular Chihuahuas. Amongst these unofficial breeds, the Teacup Chihuahua is the most popular as a result of extensive media coverage of Paris Hilton’s Teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell Hilton. Spotted everywhere with Paris Hilton, Tinkerbell’s small size allows it to fit snugly into the socialite’s handbag. The small sized of these dogs make them popular with apartment dwellers as they do not require big open spaces as compared to
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other dogs. They are also relatively easy to train, sparing the owner the need to send them to dog schools for training. However, their small size results in greater fragility. These adorable dogs are extremely prone to health problems such as dehydration and respiratory problems. Their small size also means that they are unable to provide sufficient warmth for themselves, especially in colder countries. In any case, Chihuahuas are relatively fragile pets and special attention must be accorded to taking care of them. Chihuahua adoption is also a long-term commitment as the average lifespan of these dogs is between 11 – 18 years. Given such, its is important for potential owners to consider carefully their ability to commit to their pets before adopting one. Clarence Clark is an avid Chihuahua dog lover providing valuable advice at for fellow chihuahua dog lovers. He shares chihuahua info and training tips with Chihuahua lovers worldwide. Visit to gain FREE access to this Chihuahua networking site. Remove all kinds of malware. Page 2

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Identifying the Right Chihuahua Breeders By Clarence Clark

Identifying the right Chihuahua breeders is not easy. As for the dog itself, you might have seen the Chihuahua on the cover of some tabloid magazine being held close by a celebrity. But the drift is not that, the point is that the Chihuahua, rooted from a small place in Mexico, is one of the more famous dogs around. Given more airtime than some boy bands, the famous little tyke of breeds has shown its famous face and tiny body in many Hollywood movies, in TV shows and even in comic strips. If you choose to purchase one of these Chihuahua’s, then you need to know how to identify the right Chihuahua breeds, the ones that fits your needs and what you expect out of a dog. The Chihuahua is truly your best friend and will be with you all the way. It is also known to be an extremely jealous and sometimes over protective dog, but this is because of the fact that much of it is due to the almost instant emotional connection the dog has with it owner. The breed of Chihuahua will set the scene for many things, as some breeds are more excitable than others, while others are much more temperamental. Some breeds even require special care that includes caring for their health when they are transported from their normal environments to your home. Choosing the right Chihuahua breeds also depend a lot on you. Are you living alone or do you have a family? If you do have a family, does it consist of many infants or small children? Where do you stay? It also depends a lot on the climate conditions of your country as Chihuahua are usually used to warm climates. Transporting them to the fringes of Alaska is usually not a good idea. Another thing, where you live is also very important. The type of breed that you will purchase depends on factors like if you live in a high rise apartment or if you live in a landed house with a large field. Try to find a breed that is not so energetic if you are staying in a rather small apartment, or if you do have an extensive backyard to offer them, then you might consider those with high energy levels and a higher tendency to run around a lot. Also, you must understand that owning a Chihuahua is not well suited to those who have a lot of kids in their company. Because of their size, they are more than likely to get frightened, especially with strange infants who start to play with them and this will make them react in the most natural way they know how – which is to bite. Don’t let the size of the dog fool you, Chihuahua’s are known for their ferocity and loyal devotion. Choosing the right Chihuahua breeders is really about matching your needs with the realities of owning this cute but fierce dog. Once you are able to find the right balance between situation and price, then you will be able to find the right Chihuahua for you. Clarence Clark is an avid Chihuahua dog lover providing valuable advice at for fellow chihuahua dog lovers. Where he shares chihuahua info and training tips with Chihuahua lovers worldwide. Visit to gain FREE access to this Chihuahua networking website.

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