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Kids and Horses By Lydia K Kelly

Everywhere you look there are horse crazy girls flocking boarding stables and riding schools, eager to take any chance they can to be around the horses. While it is wonderful to see their eager faces around the farm, it is important to consider their safety. Kids believe that they are invincible and indestructible. It does not matter how old or how young, it is impossible for a youngster to understand the incredible amount of danger there is around a farm. If you take a good look around the average horse farm, you will be amazed at just how many dangers there are to those who are not aware. One of the biggest lures for youngsters is heavy equipment. From big tractors to small ATVs, the equipment around the farm is like honey to a bee. Kids will clamber over, under and through the equipment without considering that they could get hurt. If you have a farm that may have kids around, be sure that all equipment is stored with the keys removed, and any dangerous parts covered or put away. A vehicle with keys attached is far too tempting to a little one, and unless the child is old enough to know how to drive, he should not be using the equipment. Of course, kids are usually there for the horses. Unfortunately, not all horses are as easygoing as we would like to see. While some will stand in the crossties for hours with little girls brushing them, others would just as soon bite or kick the hand that feeds them. It should be made clear to the kids which horses they are allowed to handle. Small kids, should be encouraged to wear a helmet whenever handling horses. Older kids may be okay on their own without a helmet, but should still be supervised whenever handling the animals. When riding, there should always be a person on the ground, available to help in case of emergency. No-one should be riding if there is not one person on the property available who is able to drive should a trip to the hospital be necessary. Riders should only be allowed on horses that they know, unless they are supervised by an adult the first few times. Any horses who are potentially dangerous to kids should be clearly pointed out. You should put signs on their stalls, and try to avoid turning them out with horses that the kids are likely to have to bring in
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from the fields. While you would not want to discourage kids from enjoying the horses and having fun around the farm, setting up some rules and safety measures is essential. An ounce of prevention can go a long way. Remember, even in the safest barns accidents can happen. Put together a plan for managing emergencies, and make sure that all the kids know exactly what to do if something goes wrong. Never leave kids on the farm without at least one adult nearby for supervision. Discourage parents from randomly dropping their kids off for the day, and be sure to have all emergency numbers on hand. Kids can be great help around the barn, but they need to be safe. Lydia K Kelly writes for HorseClicks, site of horses for sale Montana (, Nebraska (, Nevada ( Lydia is a featured author at

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Understanding the Art of Buying a Good Horse By Phil Wiskell

Anyone looking through a list of horses for sale needs to have a strong sense of what they are looking to buy. When buying horses in Texas, or anywhere else, most people are going to find right off the bat that they are not just looking for "a brown horse," they are going to be looking for horses that will serve a particular purpose. Cattle Horses When some people look to buy horses, it is because they have a ranch and they need to have a horse that will allow them to keep up with a herd of cattle. Other people still view horses as an inexpensive mode of transportation that will enable them to move from one place to another with relative ease, despite the surrounding terrain. In other cases, people will be shopping for horses that will be workers that will help to keep the herd together, move supplies, or even help pull the truck out of the mud. In most cases, ranchers looking for a new horse will turn to American Quarter Horses, because they are well suited to the work. With strong hind legs, athletic bodies, speed and flexibility, American Quarter horses allow ranchers to get the job done every time, quickly and efficiently. Rodeo Horses Many people who are looking to buy horses are doing so because they are drawn to the competitive rodeo arena. Whether their goals include calf roping, barrel racing or steer wrestling, they know that the horses that they select need to be able to sustain fast speeds, be maneuverable and responsive to the rider. In most cases, those individuals who are looking for rodeo horses are also going to be turning towards the American Quarter Horse, when they are shopping for a good horse. The reason for this is very much the same as the reasons that motivate buyers looking for ranch horses: American Quarter Horses have the necessary speed and athleticism to excel. Horses for the Family While those who have ranches and those who ride in rodeo events often have kids, they know that their horses may not be the most suitable horses for young, inexperienced riders. Therefore, plenty of riders look for horses that will be good for casual rides and for all members of the family. Not surprisingly, many of them also gravitate towards the American Quarter Horse; however in this case, they often look towards older horses and those who have not been trained to participate in more competitive events. Characteristics Of A Good Horse In all cases, however, those who are looking for horses recognize that there are some characteristics that they absolutely do not want in a horse. They do not want to purchase a bad tempered horse that tends to bite or kick. They don't want to make an investment in horses that have not been broken -

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especially when buying a horse for the family. Most importantly, when looking for horses anywhere in the world, even in Texas or Oklahoma, the most crucial element that they are looking for a horse that is in good health. The horse's hooves should be healthy. Its legs should be muscular and strong and should be free from scars and bulges. Similarly, the horse's hearing and eyesight, teeth and heart should be in great condition. Finally, people who are shopping for horses will want to find a horse that is a good fit for them. In part, this is a measure of the height and weight of the horse. In part it's simply a determination that the horse is responsive, and is comfortable when you ride. Texans Know Their Horses It may be a common belief that everyone in Texas is familiar with horses, but those who are looking for horses in Texas know that this simply isn't true. Like everywhere else, people have different experiences with horses. The horses for sale that they see listed will also have different experiences. Some will have training for particular tasks; others will be better suited for kids. Some will be athletes, born and bred, while others will be geared for work, or standing around in a pasture all day long. When buying horses in Texas, or anywhere else, it is important to take the time to ask questions about the horse's lineage - particularly if you are looking for a horse that can enable you to participate in rodeo competition. Understand that the look of the horse is less important than the horse's demeanor and strength, and make a wise and educated choice. Phil Wiskell is a writer for, popular classifieds of horses for sale, horse farms and horse trailers for sale.

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