How To Build A Pond With A Waterfall

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How To Build A Pond With A Waterfall By Derek Rogers

What type of pond You should consider first what type of pond you want, in this case pond with waterfall feature. Would it be a home for fish and plants, these are things that you should take into consideration as well. But please keep in mind the most common mistake made when constructing a pond is the size, do not make it too small, if you decide to add fish at a later date, it will only make you more work as your pond may not be big enough. Location You will enjoy your pond more if you install it close to your home, or window, this way you can watch all the wild life visiting all year round. The pond needs to be located away from any drain pipes, keeping it away from any run off of rain, as this may contain contaminates. Also do not build your pond too near to trees as you will always have to be removing dead leaves and debris. Try to position your pond where it will receive a maximum amount of direct sunlight, this will aid the growth of plant life. Determine the size and shape of your pond This can easily be done by using a length of rope or string, or even a garden hose pipe. Lay the rope down where you require to the shape you want, you can then either peg the rope down, or use chalk powder. Now you can start to excavate, digging it to approximate six inch depth, making this the first shelf., this is called the coping shelf, dig down a further twelve inches making this the second shelf, and then a further six inches to the base of the pond. The reason for this shelving is for different types of plant life, and maybe the fish you are going to put into your pond. Remember a larger pond is more stable and easier to keep. Construction Once you have got your pond excavated and ready, you need to line the hole with soft sand, minimum of half an inch thickness, and pat down firmly. You are now ready to line your pond. You can buy pond liners from any good garden centre or pond specialist. Determining the size of your pond liner is simple, measure the maximum length and width, add the depth twice to these measurements, plus a
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foot or two for overlap and this will give you the size. Lay the liner into the bottom of the pond and feed it into the contours of the shape, remembering first to remove your shoes before getting into the pond. Once you have completed all the contours pushing the liner into the back of the shelves, keeping folds to a minimum, start to fill your pond. Waterfall This is the time to start construction of your waterfall, first we raise the level to make a slope for your waterfall, this can be achieved by either a pre-formed waterfall mould, or you can make it yourself by using stones, or soil remembering to shelve it up to the desired height, cover this with more soft sand then place either your preformed waterfall mould or rubber liner, making sure if you use the liner that you have it pushed well back into all the recesses. Then you can add an external water tank, which will re-circulate the water from the pond down through the water fall, to do this you will need either an electrical pump, or solar pump, you can both from a garden centres or pond specialists. The pump should be placed in the bottom of the pond with a feed pipe running to the waterfall tank, this pipe should be buried in the ground for safety reasons and not be unsightly, The finishing touches All around the pond, your first shelf which was called the coping shelf is now ready to have the coping stones put in place, these can either be decorative paving stone, or cobble stones, this holds the liner in place and gives wild life a way of climbing in and out of your pond. It does not harm adding a few stones onto the other shelves of your pond. This is also the time to add your plants such as water lilies, oxygenated plants and other decorative water plants that add colour to your pond throughout the year. Now you should link your pump to the power supply, switch on, and then you will see the water level go down, now add more water to just below the coping stones and then you have your final result. Your pond will be a really nice relaxing feature in your garden, to watch and listen to on warm summer evenings. Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For pond waterfalls, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of

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Pond Designs Your Koi Fish Will Love You For By Amy C

Koi pond designs are a bit different from your normal backyard pond. First of all, if Goldfish were the `normal people' of fish, then Koi would be the picky celebrity. They're gorgeous and amazing to watch, but they require a bit more care than Goldfish or other pond fish. You will need a large enough area for the Koi to swim in. This requires a larger and deeper pond than you would otherwise need. You will also need better filtration, because these picky guys are sensitive and won't be able to survive in a pond that doesn't have filtration. They also require deeper water. For your Koi pond, you will need to use smoother rocks on the sides and bottoms, because your picky fish are also curious and rooting fish. They have a big risk of getting injured if you have sharp or pointy rocks. Smooth rocks will help them keep from getting injured when they are rooting or spawning on the bottom of your pond. You will want to take some sort of precaution against raccoons, as they will happily stand in your pond and munch on your beautiful fish. There are all sorts of things available for this, such as nets or motion detectors. One of the most popular Koi pond designs is a Japanese or Oriental design, although there are many different kinds of pond designs you can go with. The shape, style and surrounding plants are all up to you. Some people choose to get an architect to draw plans for their Koi pond designs. It's essential to make sure you get it the way you want it. Koi will live for decades, and you want to have your pond the way you want it so you don't have to change it. A Koi pond that features a waterfall can be very beautiful. There are different options you can go with for your Koi pond designs, and many different waterfall or fountain options as well. A few other things you want to make sure of is that you feed your Koi on a regular basis. Unlike goldfish, Koi will not survive if they are not fed daily. You will also want to maintain your pond a little more regularly, and keep it free of leaves or floating debris. Your picky celebrity fish so cannot have trash floating in their home. A great place to pick up Koi supplies is Keep these things in mind, and your Koi will live and thrive in your pond. Visit How to Build a Pond for more instructions, videos and supplies for creating your dream pond. Amy C is a pond fanatic and mother of four. Visit her website for simple ways to create your dream pond quickly and easily.

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