Are Pugs A Good Choice For Families With Small Children

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Are Pugs A Good Choice For Families With Small Children By John P Jackson

No family feels complete without a dog, but what do your children need to know to make certain that having a Pug, will be the best pet for your family? Children need to learn to make sure the dog has plenty of food and fresh water on a daily basis, receives adequate exercise, gets let outside at regular intervals, is treated kindly and does not have access to things they can chew up and ingest. This article is going to explain in detail how your children can learn to mix well with a Pug.

Water and Food: Every dog needs access to fresh food and water on a daily basis, once your child has learned this, they can help take care of the family pet. Teaching children that a dog needs the right nutrition to grow big and strong, is a great way to teach them the importance of the dogs diet. This talk can be brought up when you are explaining why its important for children to eat their vegetables.

Getting Enough Exercise: Another factor in keeping your Pug happy and healthy is to make sure he or she gets enough exercise. A dog needs to have regular exercise to help them stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A game of fetch with a ball or Frisbee is a classic, and a good way to get those little feet moving. Explain to your children that just like a human being, mans best friend needs to stay in shape too.

Outside Breaks: This is a big part of the responsibility of owning a dog and will not go unnoticed if a someone lets it slide. Explain to children that it is important the dog is let outside to go to the bathroom and it will help them gain a sense of responsibility. A child will come to notice that some things have to be done consistently, and cannot be put off while picking up another skill that will assist them in becoming more independent when it comes to taking care of the family dog.

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You need to be extremely gentle with your pets because you do not have any idea how the dog is going to respond, especially a new environment. You should talk to your children about playing nicely and then illustrate this behavior to them. Children are natural mimics and once you show them how you treat a Pug, they will learn how to be gentle from you.

Chewy Dog Toys: This is a great chance for children to learn about picking up their toys. Pugs cannot always tell the difference between a new chew toy and a childs toy. An honest and frank talk with the children about what can happen when they leave their toys laying around might help you keep the house a bit more tidy, if only because the children do not want the dog chewing up their favorite toys.

The sooner a child learns about the responsibility that comes along with owning a dog, the better the situation will be. They must learn to feed the dog and give it water every day, take the dog for a walk, let it outside regularly, give it adequate attention and provide it with access to toys that are safe to chew on. Teaching children all about these responsibilities will allow them to learn a lot from owning a Pug. This page was contributed from For more information on Pugs, please visit

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Pugs: Good Choice For A Watchdog? By John P Jackson

Through the course of time, dogs have been used to alert their owners to signs of impending danger. Some breeds make better watchdogs than others, this article takes an in-depth look at where a Pug may fall along these lines. We will explore how Pugs are alert, stubborn and friendly and believe it or not, all these qualities will factor into whether or not you decide a Pug would make a good watchdog for your family.

Sound the Alarm! Everyone who owns a dog wants it to let us know if there is something suspicious going on around our home. Pugs will let you know of any activity by barking at the first sign of something going on. They will respond vocally to the presence of strangers or odd noises. They are quite protective of their owners, which is a great quality to have in a watchdog. Their size is not imposing which makes them non-threatening, but they are great at letting you know when something odd is going on.

A Stubborn Disposition: Pugs have a bit of a stubborn streak which can make them a big harder to train at times. If you intend on training your Pug to become a watchdog and develop skills in this area, you might run into difficulty. Aside from being stubborn, they tend to become distracted by repetitive training exercises which can also be taken as a sign of being headstrong and stubborn. It all depends on what you are seeking in a guard dog.

Friendly Dogs? You might not think of friendly as a desired attribute when you are trying to choose a guard dog, but that will of course depend on your situation. A dog that barks excessively at both family and strangers is about as useful as one who gives the silent treatment. You want your dog to understand the difference between an intruder and someone getting out of bed to get a midnight snack. Pugs do bond well with their families and even other pets, so that should not be a problem. Another positive fact is that Pugs love children. The ability to differentiate between a friendly and unfriendly person is a genuine asset. This means that these intelligent dogs will not be alerting you to a false alarm.

Throughout history, watchdogs have often put themselves in the middle of perilous situations so the danger could be avoided. A Pug has many qualities that may effect its role as a watchdog. These qualities are alertness, willingness to please and friendliness. Chances are people who own pugs will always know when there is a stranger at the front door. This page was contributed from For more information on Pugs, please visit

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