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Kids’ books and reading are a vital component for brain development too. The more a child reads, the easier it is to learn new material and to assimilate it into his or her learning. Kids even feel very important if they can read to a younger sibling Click here to know more

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Tips on Encouraging Children to Read By Christina Taylor

Most parents want their children to read. But most children don’t want to read. So what should parents do to encourage children to read? First, parents should find out how their child feels about reading. Research has shown that this is the most critical aspect to encourage children to read. Positive reinforcements from parents, as well as teachers, can encourage a child to read. And children also need to know that the adults in their lives care about reading. But parents should not force their children to read. Forcing a child to read will yield no positive results. Parents should not require their children to read each day, especially if it’s forced reading for pleasure. Also, parents should not force a child to finish a book if the child has already stopped being interested with the book. It is also advisable that family should start reading a family activity. They can find time to get together to read. Thus, even if the child is reluctant, he or she knows that the time is reserved for reading. Parents can recommend books to their children. They can then discuss how difficult the books are (or are not) and let the child decide if he or she wants to read the book. Parents can also schedule regular family visits to the library, even if your child doesn’t seem interested in taking out books. You can also introduce your child to the librarian. And it would also help if you make sure that the child knows the school librarian too. Giving a book allowance also helps encourage children to read. You can also subscribe to a magazine or magazines for your child or student. Children usually likes a sense of ownership and for many students, it is exciting to receive mail. This will encourage your children to read the magazines that you subscribe for them. But parents should also be careful in purchasing reading materials for their children. Parents can also establish a place in the child’s room for his or her books. A parent should also be a model to their children. If their children see his or her parents reading, the child would usually become a reader as well and would come to accept that reading is a matter of fact activity. Reading to your children is also one of the best ways to encourage interest in reading. Parents can also buy book for themselves just to show to their children that they are also interested in books
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
and reading. Parents can also encourage their older sons or daughter to read to their younger siblings, as this would encourage younger children to read. But if you’re child is too old to read to, you can also read articles aloud from the newspaper from time to time. And if your child decides to read something to you, let him or her read. Just be patient and let the child read to you. Then praise your child for his or her reading when appropriate. Take a look at the top UK retailers who sell inexpensive kids clothing at Read some independent reviews about Konfidence baby clothing and other UK retailers.

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Top Tips on Stocking Kids' Bookcases (And How to Encourage Kids to Read From Them) By Rony Pollock

Your kids have many entertainment options available to them – cable television, Internet sites, portable games and outdoor activities. However, the most important recreational activity is still reading books simply because reading builds self-confidence and learning skills that will prove valuable in later life. Along this thought, you have to ensure that your kids’ bookcases are stocked with the right books. You can follow these top tips. Buy Into Their Interests You should buy books for your kids’ bookcases that cater to their specific interests, no matter how silly it might seem to their older siblings. You have to remember that each child is unique and it is up to you to nurture their sense of uniqueness in the most positive way possible. However, you also have to buy books that will encourage them to go beyond their world. Your purpose in encouraging them to read is to expose them to the outside world without needlessly exposing them to harm. Let your kids explore their imagination, soar to the heavens and dive to the deepest depths in the comfort of their own bedroom, with books as their magic carpet ride! Progress as They Progress Your choice of books to stock in your kids’ bookcases should change as they grow older. If possible, once your kids evince boredom in a certain book or read it with their eyes closed, replace it immediately. With favorite books, you might need to place them there indefinitely but replace other books as necessary. Pictures Perfect You should opt for books that contain pictures and words in the same page. You can readily teach children word-picture associations as well as nurture their imaginations through make-up stories based on the pictures. As your children grow older, you often have to purchase books with lesser pictures albeit with richer vocabulary. Usually, books will contain age-appropriate labels to guide parents so you can start from there. Reading Time Once you have stocked up your kids’ bookcases, the hard part is encouraging your children to read books in lieu of television and video games. You can practice these tips: - Be a wide reader yourself. Your kids will follow your example when they see you enjoying good books.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
- Read to your children regularly. It might not be on a nightly basis but you have to make sure that you schedule regular reading time, which the whole family should engage in. - Share experiences in readings, even with the littlest of kids. You have to respect their views and engage in discussions to further encourage them to read more. If you arrange furniture according to your aesthetic needs, you have to adjust when it comes to kids’ bookcases. You should position their bookcases where they can readily reach for a book, settle down comfortably and read without the distractions of television and video games. You will not be spending much money on acquiring kids’ bookcases with their own seats and recliners anyway! Ultimately, your efforts to encourage your children to love books and to love reading will benefit them in the future. Imagine the places they can go to, the people they can meet, the experiences they can have, the opinions they can form, and the knowledge they can acquire just by reading! For your kids’ ultimate reading comfort, buy them both the kids’ couch ( s-s/32.htm) and the kids' bookcases (

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