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Loan Transaction / Lending Operations Specialist Loan Specialist with 10 years advanced experience in commercial lending operations. Excellent knowledge of loan processes, credit and legal requirements behind them. Strong leadership and decision making skills in coordinating, troubleshooting and resolving loan related issues. Recognized for very high work ethics. Strong knowledge of MS Excel, Power Point and Word. EXPERTISE INCLUDES: • Loan Documents and Letters of Credit • Reconciliation of Accounts and Payoffs • Leases and Organizational Documents • Application Review • Escrow Accounts • Risk Management Implementation MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • In 2008, not having formal legal education, was promoted to attorney’s position-Transaction Manager due to ability to go above and beyond expectations to get the job done, taking ownership and accountability, through patience, observation and leadership skills, ability to communicate effectively at any level, positive attitude and quest for knowledge. • Recognized as” Exceed” performer for 3 years for consistently exceeding quality standards, high work ethics, motivating and mentoring team members. • In 2000 legal immigrant without American financial experience, given the opportunity to apply previously learned skills and talents, as listed above, contributed to an increase in revenue and business growth for a major financial institution, JP Morgan Chase. The reward for focused and intuitive performance was a 374% increase is earnings over the last 9 year tenure. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE JP MORGAN CHASE BANK N.A. Atlanta, GA 06/ 2000- 11/2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.3 trillion and operations in more than 60 countries. TRANSACTION MANAGER (01/2007-11/2008) Managed the legal/credit and closing transaction process for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market - from application negotiation through execution of loan documents with focus on spotting and solving legal risk issues.  Monitored and advised underwriters and outside counsel on any issues uncovered in the credit/ legal due diligence process for 30 loans in 2008, representing approximately $150 million in closed and securitized loan volume.  Reviewed Applications to ensure full compliance with the Underwriting Guidelines, Risk Management and Bank’s Procedures.  Revised legal loan documentation, leases, insurance and other lending documents, that reflected the specific underwriting loan structure unique to each transaction.  Approved loans for funding after revising all legal documents, tax and insurance escrows, letters of credit, payoffs, settlement statements, risk calculations and documentation for reconciliation of accounts.  Participated in loan approval process.  Saved the bank more than $1.4 million by determining root causes of revenue losses, and applying the optimal solutions in accounting. Due to ability to address an immediate, critical problem, excellent interpersonal communication skills, thorough understanding of all aspects of mortgage lending, servicing and operational policies and practices, ability to manage multiple tasks/projects and deadlines simultaneously all 30 closed loans were successfully sold. • Complex Transactions • Insurance and Property Taxes • Mezz Loans



HEAD CLOSER (2005- 2007) Entrusted to close the vast majority of bank’s largest and most complex transactions. (bridge, pari passu, B-notes and earnout). Participated in development and subsequently implementation of new procedures for the team to meet specific goals, audited existing procedures to monitor effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Interviewed and trained new employees with focus on maintaining a high standard of integrity and control.  Served as liaison between closing, senior management and other departments of the bank.  Improved learning efficiency of newly hired staff by 30% (from 6 months average to 2 months) by developing Manuals and Closing Procedures, Bank’s Risk Management Application and translating them to easy to understand operating flowchart sequences.  Contributed to improvement of bank’s pipeline reporting systems by educating and advising IT group on main steps in loan processing. Successfully Closed 100 plus loans and portfolios with up to 900 properties totaling more than $3 billion annually. Was promoted to attorney’s position-Transaction Manager. CLOSING ANALYST / PARALEGAL (2000- 2005) Worked closely with customers ‘counsels, underwriters and outside counsels on obtaining and reviewing organizational documents, titles, surveys, leases, UCC searches and other required documentation.  Verified accuracy and consistency of all organizational and legal loan documents including purchase and sale agreements, management agreements, declarations of covenants, titles, security agreements, letters of credit , insurance certificates ,property taxes and other ancillary loan documentation.  Handled with maximum accuracy up to 40 commercial loans simultaneously.  Increased efficiency of the group and client satisfaction by creating personalized tracking systems and Excel spreadsheets that enabled clients to see the progress of the closing process and increase process efficiency with lower overhead. Closed more than 150 commercial loans annually by improving closing process. Due to a positive attitude, a willingness to take on new responsibilities and determination to get the job done right, ability to lead and deliver optimal results was promoted to Head Closer. PROVIDENT CAPITAL FUNDING Atlanta, GA 1998- 2000 (THE PROVIDENT BANK) Provident Bank is the largest independent commercial bank headquartered in Maryland, with more than $6.4 billion in assets. LOAN COORDINATOR / CREDIT ANALYST Coordinated and facilitated the flow of information between the underwriter, the legal department and professional consultants. Assisted Underwriter in delinquency collection process. Analyzed all required third-party reports, escrows, insurance and property taxes. Responsibilities included initial servicing of the loans until they were sold.  Assisted in underwriting and initial servicing of around 20 commercial loans annually. Gained knowledge of all aspects in commercial lending including underwriting, entity formation and legal closing documents, as well as 3rd party reports, Title, Survey, Lease review and UCC searches. EDUCATION Doctor of Education in Russian and English (certified by Foreign Credential Evaluation, Inc.) Bachelors Degree in English and German teaching - Diploma with Honors (certified by Foreign Credential Evaluation, Inc.). Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia •University of P. Lumumba, Moscow, Russia PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/JPMorgan Chase Continuing Education • New Risk Grading Methodology (Commercial Bank Real Estate) • Strategic Risk Grading Tool (SRGT) for IB Commercial Loan Monitoring • Loan Agreement Documentation and Security • Hedge Funds • Special Assets Special Purpose Entities, Independent Directors, Substantive Non-Consolidation Opinions and Cash Management Agreements (f/k/a Lockboxes) SELF-STUDY •Six Sigma /Variations • Managerial Accounting • Organizational Behavior • Income Taxes Americas

Description: Natalia Hartley is a Loan Specialist with 10 years advanced experience in commercial lending operations. She has excellent knowledge of loan processes, and credit and legal requirements behind them. Natalia has strong leadership and decision making skills in coordinating, troubleshooting and resolving loan related issues. She is recognized for very high work ethics. Strong knowledge of MS Excel, Power Point and Word. EXPERTISE INCLUDES: • Loan Documents and Letters of Credit • Application Review • Complex Transactions • Reconciliation of Accounts and Payoffs • Escrow Accounts • Insurance and Property Taxes • Leases and Organizational Documents • Risk Management Implementation • Mezz Loans