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Pylones - Just Right For Small Hands By Christopher Peace

A toddler has lots of energy, but not necessarily the coordination to handle complicate or delicate toys. Yet, parents want the child to have the opportunity to use all the muscle groups in the child's growing body. One great answer to the conflict between exercise and coordination is to choose pylones toys. The line includes such items as maraca pylones in a cat design, pig design, even a bee design. In addition to the maracas, you can choose a tambourine to help round out the toddler rhythm band. These items fit a toddler's strength and energy level and they are sized just right for small hands to grasp easily. Grasping Sometimes children like to grab for something that is larger than they can handle, then they get frustrated because it doesn't cooperate. With pylones though, the size of the toy is perfect for the toddler's small hands. The maraca pylones have a tapered handle that can be grasped by the child and then shaken or rattled to provide accompaniment to music, dance, or just sheer good spirits. The tambourine is much the same type of toy. It can easily be held and rattled. Parents can enjoy a game of share or peekaboo with the child who will be delighted that they can control their environment. Shaking Pylones are shaped perfectly for the child to grasp and then the natural progression is to shake the toy randomly. pylones make noise when the child shakes them. The noise is an incentive for the child to keep moving the toy to gain the reward of hearing results from shaking the toy. Better yet, from the standpoint of the parent, the noises are not unpleasantly loud. The fun of watching your toddler enjoying the sound of percussion created by his or her own actions will offset the minor annoyance of the sound. Rhythm Rhythmic use of the maraca pylones are the next natural step from just shaking the toy. The child can be encouraged to move in time with the music. Parent admiration and approval, even parental participation in the fun of dancing to the music of the pylones. Encourage your child to keep time with a recorded piece with a sprightly beat to encourage the understanding of rhythm. You'll have fun and your child will enjoy it almost as much as you. You can vary the music background to match your
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mood for the play with your child. Full Body Exercise If you normally do an exercise routine on a regular basis, consider doing your routine using the pylones in your child's hands as accompaniment to the exercise DVD. You can get your usual exercise, and your child will be just as helpful by keeping time to the music using the pylones. You will both have fun, your exercise routine will be completed and your child occupied at the same time. How could you ask for a better way to spend quality time with your child and at the same time getting your daily exercise done. Smalltime Child offers a great selection of Pylones Children's Toys.  Visit us on the web at

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Pylones - Age Appropriate Toys By Christopher Peace

Pylones are a great choice for toys when you are providing fun potential to your toddler. Toys for this age group don't need to be complicated. Just simple designs with bright colors. It also helps if they provide sensory input to the child such as sounds, sights or feel. Pylones meet the standards in each of these areas very well. They are the perfect size for small hands to grasp. They attract the child's attention, thanks to the bright colors and appealing designs on the toys. In addition, those toys that provide sounds are an added attraction. This happens with the maracas and the tambourines. What age? Pylones are fun for any age child, so long as they are interested in the toy. Generally, though these clever and fun toys shaped like maracas or tambourines are most appreciated by children in the one to two year old age group. The fairy maraca pylones would be more likely to be understood and appreciated by a two to three year old child, since it is more gender specific. Even though these are recommended age groups, there is no reason to prevent an older child from enjoying these toys. The toys are not a dangerous plaything for the baby, it is just less likely to hold their attention long enough to be worth the effort. Gender Specific Toys Another nice feature about pylones as a toy selection is that are not gender specific. You can provide them as a gift for your niece or nephew and either your son or daughter will be just as excited about the plaything. Children that enjoy the sound of the maracas or the tambourine can be either boys or girls. Either gender will enjoy the chance to provide the rhythm provided by the pylones they can move and dance to. Toys That Grow Pylones are great toys for the youngest age group of children--age one to two. Even three year olds will play with pylones, because they do different activities with the toy as the child matures. In early play with pylones, the child may be attracted to the color and shape and to the bright designs that can be found on the surface. Toys that are easily grasped and handled are great for toddlers, but as they grow older, they want to see more things happen. They are more excited about sounds and movement than about just grasping and sight. Durability When you choose pylones as playthings for your toddler, you don't need to worry about short lifetime of the toys. They are built to stand up to the pounding, tasting. shaking and throwing of a toddler's play style. The smooth surface can easily be cleaned so that the toy inevitably placed in the child's mouth won't cause health problems. You don't need to worry about flaking or fading paint on these pylones. The clever toys are sure to last at least as long as the child enjoys the colors, sounds and sight of the product. Smalltime Child offers a great selection of Pylones Children's Toys.  Visit us on the web at

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