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Morning sickness is a natural occurrence for a pregnant woman and a foreign occurrence to the working woman. Morning sickness is an early pregnancy burden that can be as simple as an upset stomach and as severe as non-stop vomiting. Click here to know more

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Pregnancy Remedies and Wives Tales That Actually Work By David Beart

If you are an expectant mother you know that everyone has their two cents to put in when it comes to your pregnancy and all things parenthood. Some pieces of advice are rather forward and some are downright silly. Because we expecting moms hear it all, we can be rather weary to try those out there remedies and tricks that everyone, and we mean everyone has to offer. That’s why we have gone out on a limb for you . . . because we have all been there. That place where everyone wants to share their so-called wisdom. So from the wackiest and weirdest morning sickness solutions to the totally strange gender indicators we’ve weeded through the muck to bring you these four stork solutions that actually work. The Swinging Needle Don’t worry. It’s not as scary or painful as it sounds. This older than Moses gender prediction tool is a passed down tradition in the South. Many families as far back as five plus generations swear that the accuracy of this test has never let them down . . . not once. First you will need a piece of thread and a sewing needle. Thread the needle as you would if you were about to stitch up your favorite pair of blue jeans. Have a female relative or friend dangle the needle over your wrist or tummy steadily. It’s important to be sure that this is done by a female. It will not work with a man. Your friend will hold the needle steady with one hand and then let go. If the needle swings in a line it indicates a boy. If it swings in circle, you’ll be welcoming a baby girl. Coolest of all, the pattern will continue showing you how many children you and your spouse will have. If you have other children already, it will show them too. Strange Fact: If you hold the needle over a male’s wrist it will not swing at all. Morning Sickness Suckers Have you worn a path from your bed to the toilet? Chances are your doctor has already called you in a prescription to curb those tummy woes. However, while they may take the edge off the vomiting they
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can sometimes leave you with even more nausea and fatigue. If you’ve tried other remedies and are still coming up short . . . and green, Preggie Pops are the perfect solution for calming those seasick waves within. Made of safe herbal remedies these suckers take just enough edge off morning sickness to make daily activities doable. They taste great too! So where can you get these delicious delights? Motherhood sells them for under four dollars a bag. Tummy Soothing Taters While food is probably the last thing on your mind some strange foods can calm your tummy even better than saltines. Back before there were wonder drugs, when horse and buggies carried our great grandmothers to town and back, raw potatoes were the go-to remedy for ailing tummies eating for two. While it’s a vegetable few think of eating raw, they are actually quite delicious with a sprinkle of salt. To prepare the tater for eating, simply wash well, peel, slice and salt to taste. It’s a great way to ease afternoon “morning” sickness and an even better snack that will actually stay with you. (Cough . . . in your stomach.) Nursing Mama Soothers The first weeks of nursing can be brutal especially if you are a mom nursing a child for the very first time. Getting the baby to latch on perfectly can be quite the task although we promise you eventually baby will figure it out. While you may be banned from caffeine for a while, those teabags in your cabinet might have a little use left in them yet. Simply soak two tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, then after they have cooled just enough to not burn the skin, place them on each nipple. The tea leaves will soothe away the soreness and make those nighttime feedings a little more bearable. So there you have it. Four stork solutions that are as effective as they are strange. So what are you waiting for, mom? Get that needle and thread out! We’re dying to know! David Beart is the owner of the  Our site covers family, household finances, marriage advice, recipes and other household issues.

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How Do I Stop Snoring Naturally? By John Spencer

When someone told me that my snoring was out of control and causing him to lose sleep, I immediately started asking people how do I stop snoring? I got a ton of different answers to the question, and I swear it seemed as though I tried them all twice. From drinking herbal teas and warm milk before bed to sleeping in every possible position imaginable, there was nothing that I didn't give an honest chance. Still, I was plagued by my snoring problem. My husband was tired and irritated during the day, and I was constantly waking up with a sore throat. Since the old wives' tales had done me no good, I decided to turn to the internet. A quick Google of "how do I stop snoring" brought up almost two million pages related to the topic. I figured out of two million, one of them had to work for me. I started sifting through all of the useless pages until I found ones that had remedies that I had not yet tried. It turns out, milk before bed can contribute to snoring, not cure it! The milk causes excess mucus in the throat, which can vibrate as you breathe in. This vibration is what causes that God awful snoring sound I was trying to avoid. Eventually, I stumbled across some snoring remedies that I hadn't yet tried. The first thing I did was go out and buy a box of breathing strips. I looked and felt like an idiot while wearing them across the bridge of my nose, but they definitely helped the snoring. I was still doing it, but it was much softer than before. I eventually ponied up $50 for a stop snoring pillow, and that was money well spent. Between the pillow and the breathing strips, I had my answer to the question "how do I stop snoring". To uncover the best remedies for snoring, visit today! FREE "how do I stop snoring" mini-course!

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