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High Chair Cover & Other Restaurant Tips By Molly Ridenhour

New parents may worry that the arrival of their bundle of joy is going to sentence them to cold pizza and Chinese take-out for the next couple of years but that’s simply not the case. Taking a baby to a restaurant isn’t a big deal anymore and most restaurants are more than happy to accommodate any special needs you have. However, bringing along a high chair cover and following some other tips can help make the experience a lot more pleasant for you, your baby, and for other patrons. High chair cover: A Restaurant Must Have For starters, you’re going to want to bring along a high chair cover for the kids. Yes, most restaurants do provide you with the actual high chair you need but most of them are not very comfortable and their sanitation might not always be too stellar either. You’re much better off bringing a high chair cover that can provide babies with extra padding and with protection from those hidden germs. Remember a baby who is uncomfortable is likely to be fussy at the restaurant. A high chair cover with lots of padding make it easier for your child to sit still. Skip to the Main Meal Although you will have a handy high chair cover to keep your child more comfortable, your baby is unlikely to be patient forever. Make sure you do bring along some items that will keep him or her occupied, such as toys, books, and finger food. However, you can do your part by not extending the meal any longer than necessary. Consider how long it usually takes between an appetizer and your main meal or the main meal and dessert. If you cut out some of those extras, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your visit to the restaurant and not bore your poor baby to death at the establishment. Plus, all of those extras just increase the bill. You could just as easily stop for a more affordable and family-friendly ice cream on the way home from the restaurant. Set Boundaries & Rules

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While your baby may still be young, now is a good time to start teaching him or her about good manners in a restaurant. In just a few years, your baby will be escaping a high chair cover and will be able to roam more freely through the restaurant. Some kids have even been known to crawl on top of the tables! You definitely don’t want that to be your child. One rule to establish is that the child must stay seated at all times. That’s good for the high chair because putting a baby back in can result in a huge tantrum and a major disturbance. Don’t Forget Your High chair cover As you leave your successful and happy visit to the restaurant, make sure not to leave your high chair cover behind. You should also tip generously because most babies do leave a mess. Pure and Honest Kids is proud to offer only the finest selection of High Chair Cover with exceptional service!  Visit us today on the web at for a large selection of High Chair Covers and Miniman Baby Clothing.

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Reasons to Buy a High Chair Cover By Molly Ridenhour

Your baby’s health is one of the most important concerns you have as a parent. For that reason, you don’t want to take anything for granted. That’s one reason why the high chair cover has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not your child needs a high chair cover, keep reading for some good reasons to make the investment. High Chair Cover & Sanitation When you go to a local restaurant, you’ve probably sat your child in the high chair provided and maybe you’ve never given such a simple act a second thought. Now stop and think about how many other children have sat in those chairs. Do you know how the chairs are cleaned? Do you know how often they are cleaned? One of the best reasons to purchase a high chair cover is that it can protect your child by covering up all of the exposed areas of these high chairs so your child has no contact with them. That reduces his or her chance of being exposed to pesky germs let over from other people’s children. Food Germs & a High Chair Cover We’ve all heard about the risks associated with certain types of food. While you probably would never feed your baby raw steak or undercooked chicken, there’s a good chance someone in the restaurant has been eating them and the germs from those foods could contaminate the very seat holding your baby. Although the risk of this type of contamination may be small, you don’t want to take chances with health problems such as E. coli or salmonella which are very dangerous especially to young children who already have compromised immune systems. A high chair cover can protect them from these germs and can give you peace of mind no matter where you are dining. High Chair Cover & Messy Babies Although health issues are the number one reason for investing in a high chair cover, there are others as well. Take, for instance, the issue of those very messy babies who get food everywhere when they eat in a restaurant. They can make a huge mess on the average high chair and that’s something the wait staff has to clean up. Plus, the mess can be embarrassing for the parents. When you have a high chair cover, the mess will still be made but it will be contained mostly on your cover. You won’t have to worry about your child’s messiness ruining the restaurant’s merchandise. Then you can take home your high chair cover and give it a good washing so it will be ready for your next restaurant outing. High Chair Cover for Your Child If you’ve never thought about high chair cover and their importance before, now is a great time. More people are realizing that for safety and convenience nothing beats them. Plus, they look a lot more fun

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and stylish than the ugly high chairs most restaurants offer parents these days. You won’t regret investing in them. Pure and Honest Kids is proud to offer only the finest selection of High Chair Cover with exceptional service! Visit us today on the web at for a large selection of High Chair Covers and Miniman Baby Clothing.

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