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Helping Your Child Stay Organized By Edward Hazel

Many parents lament the fact that their child is messy, but rather than accept it, you can take some steps to change it! Tidiness and organization are habits that can be taught, and you'll find that you can do a lot to keep your child's room looking great without having to yell at them over it. Take a look below at some things that can help you get started when it comes to raising a child who doesn't live in the eye of a hurricane of toys and clothes! 1. Clean with your child. Don't hold your child to a standard that you are unwilling to hold yourself to. Family cleaning days can help instill a habit for cleaning being a social and enjoyable activity, rather than something that is used to punish them. If you get everyone involved in cleaning see about making sure that there is a treat at the end. While the treat should not be a payment to your children for work done (after all, they are benefiting from the cleaning as much as anyone) it can help your children associate cleaning with something pleasant. 2. Timed cleaning Instead of saying something like, “I want you to clean your room,” set a timer and tell your young child that you want him to clean for the full five or ten minutes. When you give a child a task like cleaning an entire area, you'll find that it can easily overwhelm him, leading him to dawdling and not doing anything at all. Instead, give the cleaning a limit that he can easily see and a goal that is more loose. You'll find that this can improve things a great deal. 3. Places to put things When you think about organization, one thing that you have to be aware of is the fact that if you want to be organized, you need places to keep things. Make sure that your child has a place for all of his things, whether they are toys or clothes. One way to do this is to give him boxes, small ones that can slide under the bed, or to install a coat rack at his height in his room. A coat rack that your child can hang things from can be very useful when you are looking to give his room a significantly neater look. 4. Making the bed
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Make sure that making the bed turns into a habit, no matter how young your child is. This is an important thing to do because your bed tends to dominate the look of your room. A clear space can help the whole room look a lot less cluttered, and it can help your child understand how attractive having space to move around and live in is. Remember that while some children are naturally tidy, others simply need to learn it as they go. If you have a strong interest in making sure that your child develops good habits regarding his environment, take a look at the tips above to get started. Megan Cherry writes for If you are looking for a high quality well made coat rack step in and check us out, we manufacture a complete line of wall mounted coat rack from a shaker peg style coat rack to a modern wall coat rack with brass hooks or satin nickel for the brushed stainless steel look we even have a very modern looking hand rub white lacquer coat racks to go along with our line of Oak, cherry and Maple wall coat racks, we can even manufacture you a custom size coat rack or even ship you a coat rack that is unfinished.

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Organizing A Diaper Bag By James Brown

Many parents are not sure about organizing a diaper bag and will typically ask other expectant Mothers what they plan to do to get their diaper bags ready for their child. Some of the new mothers-to-be will have some ideas that will prove quite useful, and some of the ideas will seem a little extreme. Some Mothers get so intense about organizing a diaper bag that they forget to pack their own bag for the hospital stay. Most hospitals will help new Mothers in organizing a diaper bag. Some new parents will attend child care classes while they are pregnant to prepare themselves for delivery, taking the child home and caring for the child once they arrive in the home. Organizing a diaper bag is pretty easy at first because most Mom's will know that their new baby is going to be sleeping a lot. The appearance of the home can be directly connected to the parents ability in organizing a diaper bag. The diaper bag purchased many weeks ago may not be large enough to hold all of the items that the baby needs all day, and the parents will randomly place one item after another on the kitchen counter to use later in the day. On some days guests might see several pairs of socks, or a new teething pacifier that their newborn is not quite ready to use yet. When organizing a diaper bag, the parents know that they have to pack diapers and wipes, but other items never come to light until they are needed. A truly organized baby diaper bag will have a book inside that covers the development cycle of the child. There should be a soothing container of diaper rash ointment in one of the pockets of an organized diaper bag too, and an ample supply of nipple cream if the new Mother is planning on nursing. Most parents come up short on the amount of clothes that they put in a diaper bag on any given date. When organizing a diaper bag, parents should account for a new set of clothes for every feeding that will occur throughout the day. Since most babies have a tendency to spit up before, during and after a feeding, it is a good idea to get organized and have several burp pads on hand to handle the spittle. Some thoughtful Mothers will always include a soft toy for their child to play with when they are traveling in the car. They feel like organizing a diaper bag with a wide assortment of amusements but fail to remember to pack anything to wash their baby with if they are taken to a sitter. Some Mothers will get truly organized and place baby shampoo, soap and salves in separate plastic zippered bags because they find by organizing a diaper bag this way allows them to find the things that they need faster than ever before. James Brown writes about

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