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Helping Troubled Teens By Aurelia Williams

At times, even when using the best parenting tactics, teens may need outside help in order to get over their problems. It’s important to know that there are many useful resources in your community that can be called upon when your teen’s depression or anger issues become out of control and more than what you can deal with. One great place to start in your search for outside help for your teen is at his school. Contact the school guidance counselor, they are very knowledgeable about problems that teens face today and they have connections to many outside resources. The school counselor may also be able to speak with your teen and be a liaison between your teen and his teachers at school. There are many youth centers and community centers that offer programs for trouble teens. Within these programs, they provide many different coping skills and assistance to teens that will help them manage their troubles. These programs also provide mentors that can be very helpful to your teen when they are having problems communicating with the family. The key is to locate these programs before your teens behaviors become totally out of control. If you are involved in church or another place of worship, you may want to contact them to see if there is a youth program at the facility. These programs may be helpful to your teen and assist your teen with their individual problems. Many pastors and other clergy have been trained in counseling troubled children. Your family doctor is another wonderful resource that you can use to enlist help for your teen. They can assess your teen to see if there is a medical problem that may need to be treated with medication. In most cases this is covered by insurance. The doctor may also know of other programs and groups that might be helpful to your teen, your family, or even you, in dealing with the problems of depression and anger. Finding a residential treatment center is usually the last resort for most parents that are dealing with a teen that needs help. They are equipped with psychiatrists, doctors and staff that are fully trained to handle the problems that teenagers have. It’s important to know that when teens are placed in a facility like this, they receive very close monitoring, and will also receive medication, if it is needed. Residential facilities provide group and/or individual counseling for your teenager that will prove to be very helpful.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
They will undergo training in different types coping mechanisms which can help to keep their emotional problems from recurring. If you have a teenager that you feel needs to receive outside help, it is important to act swiftly before the problem has a chance to escalate. As you can see, there are a number of options available to troubled teens; the key is to find one that works for your teen and your family. Not every approach will work with every teen; you know your child best, so trust your instincts and, above all, be patient, even when they are less than pleasant with you. Aurelia Williams is a certified life coach and author of Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen Learn how to make sense of what’s going on with your teen and be able to offer them the help they need.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Parenting Aggressive, Troubled Teens - One Proven Secret to Stopping Your Teen's Yelling By Jordan Adams

You have probably already experienced an out of control yelling match with your teen. While parenting troubled teens, parents often find themselves in a power struggle with their child. Troubled teens try all sorts of things to get what they want, and sometimes this involves yelling and cussing out their parents. Have you experienced that type situation? Obviously, this yelling, screaming, and cussing is both degrading and disrespectful to both you and your troubled teen. What I often tell parents when helping them with their teen is that there is absolutely no room in the house for verbal or physical abuse. Cussing, yelling, and screaming is not acceptable. Period. Your troubled teen can tell you reasons and excuses all day for why they are yelling. But, there is absolutely no excuse for one person to abuse another. Period. All too often I hear troubled teens say, "I'm sorry, but you won't allow me...". That statement pretty much says, "It's not my fault, they made me behave that way." This is wrong. No one made you behave one way or another. You chose to be abusive. For parenting troubled teens effectively while they are yelling at you, don't yell back, simply remove yourself. There is no law or reason as to why you have to play a part in abuse. I'll say that again, you don't have to be around while you troubled teen is choosing to behave the way that they are. In your household, verbal abuse should not be tolerated by anybody. To clarify about not putting up with abuse, I really mean leave the room. In an effort to respect your teen whose cussing at you, your teen needs to know why you are leaving and that you won't tolerate it. Tell your teen, "We can talk when you can talk to me respectfully. I respect you with my words, I expect the same from you." It is hard to do, I know. This article isn't to dismiss the fact that consequences should be administered. Now this next part is very important. Your teen needs to have some things communicated to them. Three things specifically. You need to communicate your family's values, such as talking to each other with respect. Your troubled teen needs to know why you value that though. An exampled would be that when people yell and cuss at you it makes you feel degraded and hurt, and you don't like feeling that way, or making other people feel that way. Parenting troubled teens is a very difficult season. But, it can be one with joy. Lastly, you need to communicate to your teen that there is absolutely no room for abuse. They need to know that nobody chooses for them in regards to how they choose to behave. Your teen makes that choice. You make that choice. While parenting your troubled teen you will probably need to dedicate some forethought and preparations to how you might respond next time. Visualize it and rehearse it. You don't want to continue the yelling the matches with your troubled teen. Jordan Adams, CEO of, is a youth pastor, teacher, husband and father. Having worked with struggling youth for years, he now provides cutting-edge resources for parenting troubled teens. RESOURCES: Helping women facing divorce to take control of their future. Page 3

Presented by Daniel Toriola

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