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Healthy Parenting Styles


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Healthy Parenting Styles By James Gunaseelan

Parenting is an instinctive process, but is often colored by the types of parenting styles that the father and mother have been exposed to themselves. The emotional baggage they bring into their marriage usually has a role to play in all their relationships. Despite this, most parents are keen on doing their best for their children, something every child instinctively recognizes. Hence whichever types of parenting styles, according to the book, that the child receives, the inherent bond of love is the strongest governing factor. One of the most common types of parenting styles is smothering by the mother and criticism by the father. The mother tries to spoon feed her children at every occasion, and is overly concerned about their increasing need for independence as they grow older. On the other hand, the children can do no right in the eyes of the father, who constantly criticizes their appearance, behavior and performance. This is often a throwback back on the insecurities and problems faced by the parents while they were growing up. An overly critical parent may be reacting to stress at work, or other inter-personal relationships, including with the spouse. Children, who are raised by a smothering mother and over critical father, may react in different ways. This can either make the children manipulative or, if they recognize that their parents actually want the best for them, make them stronger. They can respond to these two contrary types of parenting styles constructively. Instead of growing up manipulating the mother and resenting the father, the children can face up to the father's criticism and improve themselves or confront his remarks positively. They can indulge in their mother's over-protectiveness, or learn to take it lightly, and gently chide her for it. However, not all children respond in this healthy manner, even within the same family. Some grow up as bullies and sullen people who cannot face a real challenge in life. These are options that children face while growing up, and their emotional growth really depends on their response to the types of parenting styles they have experienced. Differing circumstances may result in differing types of parenting styles, but finally it is the various influences during the formative that make a child into the adult he or she becomes. There are always other influences during the growing years, such as teachers, peers and often neighbors, grandparents, and other relatives. The children who recognize their parents' underlying sincerity, however misguided and misrepresented it may have been, can grow up strong and tolerant.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Developing Parenting Skills By James Gunaseelan

Being a single parent is a very difficult job. It is not always easy to divide your time between taking care of your child and earning a living. Since you are on your own most of the time, you need to work on your parenting skills to be able to raise happy, healthy children. Always remember that you are the biggest influence on your children right from the start. Small children imitate what they see and hear, so if your little boy or girl starts acting badly and talking in foul language, you need to take a closer look at your own behavior. Your parenting style will shape your relationship with your kid. There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to the best parenting styles so it is up to you to choose what parenting style fits you well. If you believe that the parenting style that your own parents used to raise you is something that is worth emulating, by all means, follow their examples. On the other hand, if you think that the parenting skills of your own parents are wanting, and then it might be a good idea to develop your own parenting skills and style. To help you develop your parenting skills and style, read books and talk to other parents. Talking and sharing your experiences with other parents is very beneficial so do not hesitate to talk about parenting with other parents whenever you have the chance to do so. Another way for you to develop your parenting skills is to join some online community information exchange websites. There are a number of online communities for parents that are offering tips and pointers on how to develop parenting skills. Most of these sites also offer forums where you can ask questions about parenting and interact with other parents. One of the most important parenting skills that you need to develop is communication. Many experts agree that communication is the key to understanding and getting along well with your kid. Start developing your parenting skills while your child is still very young. Practice open communication with your child right from the very beginning. Do not wait until the time when he is all grown up before you start. Being close to your child can really help you a lot when it comes threshing out issues between you in the future. If you are a Brahmin parent looking for brahmin brides or grooms please check the url James Gunaseelan writes for brahmins matrimonial portal

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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