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					                        Information Operation Concentration Description

In response to the growing importance of information and information technology, the Information
Resources Management College (IRMC) of the National Defense University offers an expanded
program for the study of the information component of national power, the Information Operation
Concentration, available only to students attending either the National War College (NWC) or the
Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF).

Some students selected to attend either NWC or ICAF are nominated by their respective Service,
Department, or Agency to participate in the IO Concentration. Other students scheduled to attend
either the NWC or ICAF may volunteer for the program. Individuals participating in the IO
Concentration must be cleared for US Secret, and some of its electives require students to have
completed a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) within the past five years, and meet the
eligibility requirements for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access defined by Director,
Counter-Intelligence Directive (DCID) 1/14.

The Information Operation Concentration is supervised by the faculty of the Information Resources
Management College, and allows selected students to concentrate in the role of the information
component of national power through electives and field studies. It complements the core curriculum
of ICAF and NWC by integrating a wide range of elective courses and activities offered by all three
colleges. ICAF students enrolled in the Senior Acquisition Course (SAC) may also enroll in the IO
Concentration, and an increasing number of students from both NWC and ICAF have enrolled in
IRMC’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Information Assurance (IA) Certificate Programs, which
have close ties to the IO Concentration.

The “strategic intent” of the Information Operation Concentration is not to teach just the different
“information” concepts that are evolving within the DOD today, but to examine the broader strategic
implications of the information revolution and that revolution’s impact on national security. It starts
with the assumption that because of the synergistic developments in information technology and
changes in global society, information is both an element of national power and a strategic
environment of increasing criticality to the economist, political leader, military planner and national
security strategist. This component of power is at work every day, during peace and war, and is
used both by and against the United States in the global interplay of nations and non-state actors.
The IO Concentration is not a technical “how to” program for the management and use of information
technology, but rather a strategic level exploration of the impact of the information age on national

Its mission is to prepare a selected group of National War College and Industrial College of the
Armed Forces students--future strategic leaders--to effectively integrate and employ the information
component of national power in the formulation and execution of national military and security
strategy. The student population of the last several classes averaged about 70, with representation
from all Services and many Federal agencies, and since its inaugural class in AY 97 more than 700
students have completed it. This strong interest is anticipated to continue in AY10.

For further information, please visit our website at or contact Dr.
Dan Kuehl at (202) 685-2257 or