; Routh-Hurwitz Stability is covered in Section 5-7 pp
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Routh-Hurwitz Stability is covered in Section 5-7 pp


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									Routh-Hurwitz Stability is covered in Section 5-7 pp. 275-281. The subsection tilted Special Cases (pp. 278-279) covers what happens when  A row of zeros occurs in the Routh array  A row in the Routh array begins with a zero but then has non zero elements Homework assignment. Beginning on page 334 (problems 1-6 refer to end-of-chapterproblems) 1) B-5-23, 2) B-5-24, 3) B-5-25, 4) B-5-26, 5) B-5-27, 6) B-5-28 7) Some of these problems use the phrase “tachometer feedback”. What does a “tachometer” measure? What does this imply about the plant? Feel free to use the index. 8) One or more of the problems as you to find “the range of K” that guarantees stability. This is related to the concept of “gain margin” presented in class. Use the concept of “gain margin” as presented in class and the work done, to determine the “gain margin” where appropriate. (I am not asking you to perform more work, only to use the work you have already done to answer a different question.) Be careful, the book defines “gain margin” differently that I did in class, I am using the term as defined in class. We will use the books definition later.

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