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									 A Publication of the UC Davis Office of Administration Safety Services Division                                                                                           Winter 2008

A New Perspective: Viewing Safe Behavior as Social Commitment
                                                                                                                       Steady Progress on Campus
Sustainability: the concept of      The resulting increase in insur-        and individual lapse in judg-
making decisions that promise       ance costs depletes precious            ment involving safety sabotages           Emergency Notification System
the least negative impact on        University funds – funds that           our best intentions and drains
future generations. It’s on our     are now not available for               vital energy and resources from
minds, and we want to do            Campus infrastructure, or for           us as a community. The well-         Innovative System Test Will Pave the Way for
what we can to leave the world      research into medicine, energy          being of all is dependent on         Full-Scale Implementation

safety &
                                                                                                                 On February 27th and 28th, the first in a series of tests will be
                                                                                                                 performed on the UC Davis Emergency Alert System, which will

   safety                                                                                                        be fully operational this coming spring. The new system is

                                                                                                                 designed to automatically notify all sectors of the Campus commu-
                                                                                                                 nity quickly and simultaneously in the event of a crisis. “The

           sustainability                                                                                        Emergency Alert System uses proven, state-of-the-art technology,”
                                                                                                                 says Campus Emergency Manager and project leader Valerie
                                                                                                                 Lucus. “Whether we reach you via cell phone, land line, text mes-
                                                                                                                 saging or email, we’ll reach you!”

in better shape than the way in     or agriculture. As a conse-             the decisions that each of us        The February test is designed to measure the Campus infrastruc-
which we found it. Recycling,       quence, people and environ-             make. “The UC Davis Principles       ture’s ability to handle the volume of messaging that would be
conserving energy and reduc-        ments are denied the benefit of         of Community help us articulate      triggered during a real emergency such as a hazardous spill or
ing water use are some of the       that research, as are the               and commit to a standard of          incidence of violence. The test was planned and will be executed
practices that make a differ-                                               ethics we can really be proud        by members of the Notification Implementation Taskforce charged
ence. But there are other, less                                             of,” says Jill Blackwelder           by Chancellor Vanderhoef to establish the notification process.
obvious but equally important,                                              Parker, Associate Vice Chan-         The test parameters were developed by a team of voice and data
ways in which we can positive-                                              cellor, Safety Services. “By         experts from the Campus and Med Center. Laine Keneller, IET
ly impact the future of our envi-                                           applying these Principles when       Business Continuity Project Manager, collaborated with Katherine
ronment and community.                                                      we make those little, every-day      Masyn, a UC Davis statistician, on the test design. “With
                                                                            decisions involving safety, we       Katherine’s help, we were able to build an appropriate test with
A sustainability-based connec-                                              will be living up to their true      measurable results that will utilize the existing Campus and Med
tion exists between safety today                                            meaning.”                            Center infrastructures to their optimum.” said Laine.
and quality of life tomorrow.
“When we engage in unsafe           students and instructors who            The UC Davis Safety Council          There are specific goals for this test, including gathering data on
behavior, there is a largely hid-   depend on research-based                will be continuing its systematic    how and when the Campus responds to various methods of mes-
den cascade of negative             employment and education.               effort to embed safety and                                                            sage delivery. During the
effect,” says Marcy Best,                                                   security principles throughout                                                        system test, messages
Executive Director, Occupation-     Taking the example a step fur-          the Campus. Stay tuned to                                                             will be sent in four differ-
al Health and Risk Manage-          ther, the person injured in the         Campus communications                                                                 ent groups, and recipi-
ment Services. “We may not          vehicle accident will need time         streams for information and                                                           ents will be asked to
even know the people who            off from work, reducing their           programs designed to help us                                                          respond in various ways.
eventually pay the price for a      contribution to the UC Davis            live a safer, healthier life – for                                                    A comprehensive “after
bad safety decision, because        mission. The person suffers, as         everyone’s benefit.                                                                   event” analysis of the
we may be separated by dis-         does his or her family, and he                                                                                                test will be conducted by
tance or time. But they are         or she will be forced to cancel         To learn more about safety                                                            members of the Chancel-
affected nonetheless.”              volunteer participation in              resources on Campus, visit           Mark Stinson (left), Josh Van Horn and Sara      lor’s Taskforce, who
                                    schools and non-profit agen-   For      Robertson from the Campus data center
                                                                                                                                                                  coordinated the overall
An example of Marcy’s point:        cies, which in turn suffer from         information about UC Davis           review details of the test plan and discuss the
                                                                                                                 Emergency Alert System’s notification structure. design of the test in col-
Imagine an accident involving       the lack of support.                    sustainability programs, visit                                                        laboration with the sys-
a UC Davis vehicle that                                                     tem’s vendor, W.A.R.N. Industries. After the analysis is complete,
requires an insurance payment.      The story could go on, but the                                               a full system test will be performed during the Fall 2008 quarter.
                                    point is clear. A momentary
                                                                                                                 Following this initial test, critical next steps for the UC Davis Emer-
                                                                                                                 gency Alert System focus on education and awareness. “One
                                                                                                                 thing is very clear,” emphasizes Jill Blackwelder Parker, Associate
  Safety Contest Winner Fall ‘07                                                                                 Vice Chancellor, Safety Services. “The system’s effectiveness will
   Our previous issue of Safety Signals            Safety Contest winner                                         hinge on the accuracy of the contact information on file for every-
                                                 Penny Knutson, left, and                                        one on Campus. It will be critical for all of us to update our per-
   featured a Safety Contest to assess                     Erica Brown,                                          sonal and Campus contact information on a regular basis.”
   readers’ awareness of safety issues on              ARC Membership
   Campus. We were pleased with the                                                                              As system implementation proceeds, the Taskforce will also be
   volume of responses, indicating our             that we spend so much of our waking hours                     stressing the need to respond appropriately to a range of possible
   readers’ interest and concern for safety         at our workplace,” says Penny. “Doing
                                                                                                                 emergency messages. The team has launched a comprehensive
                                                                                                                 communication campaign to provide basic instructions for all sec-
   – as well as an interest in the great prize         whatever you can to keep yourself and
                                                                                                                 tors of the Campus.
   being offered – a membership to the ARC for           your workplace safe just makes sense.
   winter quarter.                                      We need to take care of ourselves and                    THREE THINGS    TO   KNOW    AND   DO
       The winning entry for our Fall 2007            each other.”
                                                                                                                 The following are the basic steps everyone on Campus must take
   Safety Contest was Penny Knutson,                    Penny has been with UC Davis for 18
                                                                                                                 in order for the Emergency Alert System to work effectively:
   Assistant Payroll Manager for Account-          years, and appreciates the efforts of her
   ing and Financial Services, Payroll            department leaders to create a safe and                        1. Understand the UC Davis Emergency Alert System – what it is,
   Division.                                      secure workplace. Congratulations, Penny, and                     what it does, where messages originate.
                                                                                                                 2. Respond correctly – follow the instructions in the emergency
       Penny received her ARC mem-                           enjoy your ARC membership!
                                                                                                                    messages you receive.
   bership and plans to spend quality                          We encourage all Safety Signals                   3. Keep your contact information up to date. Links and instruc-
   time at the Center to keep up with                           readers to stay tuned for new                       tions for updating will be published in the near future.
   her commitment to fitness and                                contests in the future, and remind
   health. “Working in the Payroll                            everyone to make safety a top                      The Chancellor’s Taskforce is standing by to help you get up to
                                                                                                                 speed on each of these vital elements. Resources include an
   area, I’m very connected to the idea              priority both at work and at home.
                                                                                                                                               See Notification System, Continued Page 3
Page 2     Safety Signals      Winter 2008

                                                                                                                  Walking in an Officer’s Shoes: Citizen’s
                                                   Traveling on                                                   Academy Opens a Window on the Law
                                                   University Business?                                           Enforcement Experience

                                                                                                                On a gated stretch of Campus            it’s a unique learning experi-
                                                   New Travel Insurance                                         roadway, a patrol car is seen           ence. For those of us in uni-
                                                                                                                performing a simple traffic             form, it’s an opportunity to shed
                                                   Coverage Update                                              stop. The driver is asked for           some light on the reasoning
                                                                                                                identification and is observed          behind our policies so people
                                                                                                                for signs of dangerous behav-           understand why we do what
By James Irvin, Risk Control Anal-     campus activities sponsored         Understanding Your Coverage          ior or impaired driving.                we do.” The program includes
yst, Risk Management Services          and supervised by the                                                    Everything is routine about the         a wide range of topics. The
                                       University, coverage will be        Under the new policy, coverage       traffic stop – everything except        legal section focuses on the
Domestic and international trav-       provided worldwide, 24 hours        is broader and more generous         the fact that the cruiser is not        rights of the individual pertain-
el is sometimes a necessary            a day, for a wide variety of        than previous coverage and           being driven by a police offi-          ing to law, and how legal prin-
activity for staff, faculty and stu-   incidents and accidents.            there is no cost to the traveler.    cer, but a UC Davis staff mem-          ciples are incorporated into
dents. UC provides travel insur-                                           The University requires travelers
ance that is designed to protect                                                                                                                                            Students and
                                       Upon completion of the short        to register prior to out-of-state                                                                staff are enthusi-
the traveler as well as reduce         online Traveler Insurance form,     and foreign country departure.                                                                   astic partici-
financial impacts on the               travelers will be provided with                                                                                                      pants in the
University, thus allowing the                                                                                                                                               Police Citizen’s
                                       information to use in an emer-      The broader coverage provided                                                                    Academy.
University to pursue its mission.      gency while traveling on UC         by UC includes Travel                                                                            Pictured here
                                       business both domestically and      Assistance Services such as:                                                                     with a recent
UC travel insurance applies to                                                                                                                                              class is UC
                                       abroad.                                                                                                                              Davis Police
any person designated by UC                                                • Security Extraction                                                                            Chief Annette
who is traveling on University-        Register Before Leaving             • Out of Country Medical                                                                         Spicuzza
directed and approved busi-                                                                                                                                                 (far left).
                                                                           • Loss of Personal Effects
ness. It is important for all UC       The traveler must complete the      • Emergency Medical
travelers to understand the            online Business Traveler              Evacuation                         ber. The passenger is a UC              Police procedures. Other sub-
scope of insurance coverage            Insurance form before each          • Repatriation of Remains            Davis Police officer providing          jects include training processes
and their responsibilities in          trip. This registration generates   • Accidental Death, Dismem-          coaching on proper procedure.           and a review of law enforce-
keeping the process effective          a confirmation of coverage            berment, Paralysis and             The “suspect vehicle” is driven         ment equipment.
and efficient.                         insurance card for each trip.         Permanent Total Disability         by another member of the
                                                                                                                Police Department. The simulat-         “Participants are permitted to
Insurance Changes                                                          Travel Insurance References          ed traffic stop, along with             use the firearms training simula-
                                       Registration also provides med-
                                       ical emergency travel assis-                                             crime scene processing and              tor and learn the right way to
Effective October 1, 2007, the                                             To register using the online         other law enforcement prac-             make a traffic stop, such as the
                                       tance telephone numbers and
University has changed both                                                Business Traveler form, visit        tices, forms part of the UC             reasons for waiting for three
                                       lets the University know where
the Business Travel and Student                                   For more           Davis Police Department’s               blocks before pulling a car
                                       we need to go to assist or res-
Off-Campus Travel Accident                                                 information about the new            Citizen Academy, which cele-            over;” says Lt. Carmichael.
                                       cue our students as well as fac-
insurance to provide enhanced                                              insurance programs now pro-          brates its first anniversary in         “We basically ask them to walk
                                       ulty, staff and their spouses or
coverages.                                                                 vided by ACE USA, please visit       2008. The Academy program               in our shoes for a brief time.”
                                       domestic partners, and depend-
                                                                  and           was introduced by Police Chief          The curriculum also includes
                                       ent children traveling with them
For staff traveling on official                                            click on “Newly Enhanced             Annette Spicuzza and is                 studying high speed chases
                                       should the need arise.
University business or students                                            Programs,” or call Dolores           administered by Lieutenant              and crime scene investigation.
traveling to participate in off-                                           Pence at Risk Management             Matthew Carmichael. “Our                Students review a mock crime
                                                                           Services at 530-757-8391.            ultimate goal is the safety of          scene, collect evidence and
                                                                                                                everyone on Campus and in               produce documentation. They
                                                                                                                the community,” says Chief              also learn about the different
  Attention Walkers, Joggers, Runners & Those Who Want to Be                                                    Spicuzza. “The more that citi-          roles within the Department,
                                                                                                                zens understand about the               from dispatch to patrol officer
There is still time to join other      The value of team training is       of these events: Zoo Zoom on         Police Department and our mis-          to public services coordinator.
UC Davis staffers for Active           clear. It can be hard to start up   April 13, the Y-Me Mothers Day       sion, the more they can partner
Aggies Team Training! Walk,            by yourself, and many find          Walk May 11, or the Shriner’s        with us to create a safer place         Feedback on the program has
jog, or run with other staffers        individual training monotonous      Run on June 21. This offer is for    to live, study and work.”               been 100% positive to date.
every Tuesday, Wednesday,              and eventually quit. Active         the first 100 registrants only.                                              Citizens are enthusiastic about
and Thursday after work.               Aggies is an opportunity to                                              The Academy, which offers two           the Academy, and a number of
                                       train with co-workers for com-      Signing up is simple. Take           University credits, is open to          participants have actually
Using well-lit Davis trails, knowl-    panionship as well as fitness.      advantage of the easy, online        students, faculty and staff as          applied for positions with UC
edgeable trainers will lead                                                registration process at the web-     well as the public. Sessions cor-       Davis Police. “Our hope is that
each session and work with             Active Aggies is designed to        site below, or send two $20          respond to the academic tri-            our Academy students will act
participants at all levels.            support and enable you to pro-      checks made out to UC Regents        mesters in winter and spring,           as ambassadors, that they will
Training is organized in phases        ceed at the speed and level         to Bob Wachter in Occupation-        and consist of nine weekly              help get positive, constructive
so you can ramp up at your             that suits you best. Whether        al Health. You’ll get one of         meetings. All instructors are           messages out there about the
own pace, and fun tips on exer-        you’re a daily runner, occasion-    these checks back once you           members of the UC Davis                 law as well as the threats that
cise and nutrition are provided        al exerciser, or a never-even-      enter and finish an event!           Police force dedicated to shar-         we face,” says Lt. Carmichael.
for all who attend. As you build       tried person, you’ll find others                                         ing their expertise with citizens.      “It’s a great program, and it
your speed and endurance,              like you in the group! Getting      For more information, visit our      “The purpose of the Academy             exists for all the right reasons,”
you’ll be able to extend your          more active is great for reliev-    website:           is to help the public understand        he continues. “The Academy
training sessions, eventually          ing stress, and for better          teamaggie/ or contact Bob            the perspective and responsibil-        helps us build a productive,
participating as part of a team        health. Train with us and we’ll     Wachter at 530-297-4605.             ities of the police force.” says        long-term partnership with the
in a local run/walk event.             pay your entrance fee for one                                            Lt. Carmichael.“For the citizens,       people we serve.”

  TEAM EFFORT                  Featured Team: Student Housing                              Student Housing is also responsi-
                                                                                           ble for providing safe accommo-
                              UC Davis Student Housing has identified institutional        dations for the more than 4,500
                              best practices that create risk management awareness         students in on-campus residence
                              and strengthen the overall Campus safety culture.            halls. Annual programming to
                              Student Housing reiterates common departmental safety        raise students’ awareness of
  ON                          programs and goals in a number of ways. In addition
                              to a semi-annual letter to all employees, Student
                                                                                           their own personal safety is pro-
                                                                                           vided along with facilities
  TARGET                      Housing has created a Safety Committee of managers
                              and supervisors who meet monthly to review safety
                                                                                           enhancements such as 24-hour
                                                                                           building security, required fire   The staff at UC Davis Student Housing has succeeded in
                              trends and to hear first hand what has occurred in the       safety testing of mattress, furni- integrating safety and health principles into their depart-
   workplace that may need management’s attention. Student Housing also pro-               ture and window finishes to        mental and personal objectives, as well as their day-to-
   vides annual project-specific safety training and more general safety training pro-     ensure they meet fire safety       day activities.
   grams to all employees. For example, the department reinforces safe driving             specifications, and holding reoccurring evacuation drills. Periodic community meet-
   guidelines by recommending an annual review of the appropriateness of using a           ings provide an opportunity to review health safety policies outlined in the Guide
   University vehicle, safe driving procedures, and policy and procedure manual            to Residence Hall Life. Student Housing reinforces accountability and UC Davis’
   300-30. Some of the emphasized workplace safety issues are:                             Standards of Ethical Conduct with both students and staff.

   •   Safe driver guidelines                 •   Hands-on driving practice                “Student Housing is committed to providing the ongoing education and training
   •   Safe lifting                           •   Wearing protective equipment             that are essential for a safe working and living environment,” says Emily Galindo,
   •   Practicing good ergonomics             •   Vehicle security                         Interim Director of Student Housing. “The effort to protect the health of our staff, as
   •   Good documentation                                                                  well as the residents that live with us, are given our highest priority and attention.”
                                                                                                                                     Safety Signals     Winter 2008      Page 3

                                     to be put into place. This analy-    help you contribute to the well-
                                     sis will help determine safe         being of our workforce:
  Do You                             practices, training needs, and       • No employee is expected to        New Staff Member
                                     the type and level of personal           undertake a job until he or     Helps Employees
  Know                               protective equipment needed,             she has received instructions
                                                                                                              Avoid Injuries
                                     as well as other means to                on how to do it properly
  Your                               ensure that work can be and is           and safely, and is auth-
                                                                                                              In May 2007, Occupational Health
                                     being performed safely.                  orized to perform the job.
                                                                                                              welcomed a new member to its staff.
                                                                          • No employees should
                                                                                                              Robert Wachter, P.E., ASP, REM is ful-
                                     An IIPP helps departments con-           undertake a job that
                                                                              appears to be unsafe or try     filling the duties of the newly-created
                                     sider the spectrum of how work
                                     is performed and addresses               to hurry or take short cuts.    Injury Prevention Specialist position.
                                     how commitments, communica-              Think before you act.           “I jumped at the chance to join the
                                                                                                              Occupational Health team and the        Bob Wachter brings
                                     tions, and compliance fit            • No employee should use                                                    more than 30 years’
                                     together with the right tools, the       chemicals without fully         University,” says Bob. “With the train- experience in the
                                     right training and the appropri-         understanding their toxic       ing and experience I’ve gained over     EH&S field, both from

   iipp?                             ate corrective actions and fol-
                                     low-up when a problem occurs.
                                                                              properties and without the
                                                                              knowledge required to work
                                                                              with them safely.
                                                                                                              the years, I’m confident I can help
                                                                                                              staff and faculty avoid the situations
                                                                                                              and behaviors resulting in accidents.”
                                                                                                                                                      the consultancy and
                                                                                                                                                      manufacturing perspec-
                                                                                                                                                      tives, to his work at
                                                                                                                                                      UC Davis. He holds a
                                     Employers and employees alike                                                                                    BS in Electrical Engin-
Departmental Injury and              should have the same goal                                                Bob is promoting an overall safety cul- eering, MS in Civil
                                                                                                                                                      and Environmental
Illness Prevention Plans:            when it comes to workplace                                               ture change on Campus by working        Engineering, an MBA
an Efficient Approach to             safety. The consequence of an                                            together on injury prevention with his in Business Administra-
Improved Employee Safety             injury can be devastating for                                            “customers,” UC Davis departmental      tion and three two-
                                     employees and affect their                                               supervisors and injured employees.      year Health, Safety,
By Marcy Best, Executive Director,                                                                                                                    Workers Compensa-
Occupational Health and Risk         quality of life both at home and                                         “Post injury investigations, conducting tion and Environmental
Management Services                  at work. Injuries can be expen-                                          root cause assessments, implementing certificates from UC
                                     sive for employers and hurt                                              corrective measures, training and       extension programs.
Have you heard the term “IIPP”       their potential for staying in                                           awareness-building – these are also     Bob is a Licensed
                                     business as well as their ability                                                                                Professional Engineer,
and just assumed that it was                                                                                  part of my objectives,” says Bob.       Assoc. Safety Profes-
another in the long list of UC       to be an employer of choice.                                                                                     sional and Registered
acronyms? Would you be sur-          The actual cost of injury goes                                           Departmental Injury and Illness Pre-    Environmental
prised to know that IIPP stands      beyond just the cost of medical                                          vention Plans (IIPPs) already include   Manager.
for a program designed to pro-       care. For every dollar spent on      • Mechanical safeguards             key elements for sustainable injury
tect you and assure your safety      the direct costs of an injury or       must always be in place
                                                                                                              prevention, such as hazard identification, safe operating
while at work? In California         illness, much more is spent on         and be kept in place.
                                                                                                              procedures and equipment, and training. Bob stresses the
every employer has an obliga-        the indirect and hidden costs.       • Employees are to report to
                                                                                                              importance of individual involvement. “The main goal is
tion to provide and maintain a                                              a superior or designated
                                                                                                              proactive intervention; injuries hurt everyone, the injured
safe and healthful workplace         Consider what a lost work day          individual all unsafe condi-
                                                                            tions encountered during          person, his or her family and the entire University communi-
for their employees. As of           injury would cost in terms of
                                     productive time lost by the            the course of their work.         ty. I see myself as an ally of every employee interested in
1991, OSHA has required
                                     injured employee; the time to        • Work-related injuries or ill-     going home safe and in good health every day.” He goes
employers to have a written
                                     hire or to retrain other individu-     nesses, however slight,           on to state; “My mission is to teach & reach employees to
effective Injury and Illness
                                     als to replace the injured work-       should be reported and            become ‘Personal Risk Managers,’ noting and taking action
Prevention Program (IIPP).
                                     er; the loss of skilled, experi-       thoroughly investigated.          when they are in injury-prone ‘states.’ Some examples of
The purpose of this article is to    enced employees, and perhaps         • Personal protective equip-        these states are: 1) rushing, 2) being frustrated, 3) compla-
help you understand what an          lower efficiencies, lost research      ment must be used when            cent, and/or 4) fatigued, conditions that endanger employ-
IIPP is and how it can help                                                   and where required, and         ees. These ‘injury states’ can create employee safety behav-
reduce workplace injuries.                                                    used properly.                  ior risks; a) taking their eyes or minds off the task, b) put-
Hopefully the information           For every dollar spent on                                                 ting themselves in the line-of-fire and/or c) losing their trac-
presented here will encour-                                                 Your Safety Advisor or any        tion, balance or grip.
age you to find your depart-
                                   the direct costs of an injury member of the Safety
mental IIPP and talk to your                                                Services team can help            Safety depends largely on common sense; the challenge
supervisor about how this
                                     or illness, much more is               you find resources to make        lies in integrating “common sense” into “common practice.”
plan can help you avoid             spent to cover the indirect             your workplace safer. The         Supervisors need to take the lead and ensure that equip-
being injured at work and                                                   “Be Smart about Safety”           ment, procedures, and behavior are safe. Not taking pre-
help the campus reduce the                and hidden costs.                 (BSAS) program is also a          ventative action leads to non-verbally communicating
high cost of Workers’ Com-                                                  good resource for finding         “silence is consent.” We can all work together as a commu-
pensation. If your depart-                                                  funds to complement your          nity by taking responsibility to change our own behaviors
ment does not have a written         time and increased Workers’       safety efforts. For information        and improve the safety culture. Fortunately, many resources
plan, there are plenty of            Compensation rates; and finally about BSAS, visit the EH&S               exist to support this effort:
resources to help you get start-     the cost and workload associat- website at
ed. An IIPP template is located      ed with the administrative func-  UC Davis Staff Development
                                                                                                              • Established safety policies & procedures:
on the UC Davis Environmental        tions to handle all of the above  and Professional Services will
Health and Safety web page:          processes.                        offer a “Putting Your IIPP to
                                                                                                              • Departmental safety coordinators & advisors:                                         Work” course on May 16. Visit
/index.cfm. Your departmental        Last year, UC Davis had 764
                                                                       0236.htm for more information.         • Existing employee safety training:
Injury and Illness Prevention        injuries that cost $3,849,410,
                                     with an average cost per injury                                  
Program must be a written plan
                                     of $5,038. Although the num-      Having an effective IIPP is just       • Safety committees:
that assures the following ele-
                                     ber of injuries has declined      good business and benefits             • IIPP & chemical hygiene programs:
ments are in place:
                                                                       everyone. Need more inspira-   
 • A system for communicating over the last five years, costs
     safety with all employees       have increased. Some of these     tion? Think of all the good            • Safety Nets:
 • A system for assuring             costs can be attributed to the    things the Campus could do     
     employee compliance with        increased cost of medical care    with nearly $4,000,000!                • Ergonomics:
     safe work practices             and wage replacements, but                                               • Mind-body wellness programs:
 • Scheduled and routine             the severity of injuries has been                                        • ‘Be Smart About Safety’ funding:
     inspections and evaluation      the biggest factor. For the first Notification System, from Page 1
     of safety systems, tools, and   five months of fiscal year 2007-
     equipment                       2008, we have had 290                                                    “Be Smart About Safety is a 100% funded program for
 • Management commitment             injuries that cost $2,116,848,    online contact update process,         safety equipment, training and other approved initiatives
     and assignment of responsi-     with an average cost of           FAQs, in-person tutorials and          for injury prevention and a 50% funded program for work-
     bilities                        $7,299 per injury, an increase    workshops for staff and stu-           station ergonomic changes,” says Bob. “All of these activi-
 • Accident investigation of all     of 69% over the previous year.    dents, and websites featuring          ties help us establish sustainable systems that are easy to
     injuries and illnesses                                            emergency preparedness infor-          follow and easy to manage.” Bob will also be doing the
 • Procedures for correcting         Each department contributes to    mation. A streamlined process          background work to support lasting positive change: ana-
     unsafe/unhealthy conditions the support of the Worker’s           for updating contact informa-          lyzing injury statistics, identifying hazards, establishing a
 • Safety and health training        Compensation program through tion, including phone numbers               safety training matrix of required safety courses, develop-
     and instruction                 their operating budgets. The      and building locations, is being       ing an EH&S leadership training course, and implementing
 • Recordkeeping and docu-           IIPP process helps enable every- developed and will be publi-            employee safe behavior and body-mechanics training, plus
     mentation                       one to do his or her part to      cized when it is operational.          reviewing expense and capital projects with the goal of
                                     make the work environment                                                identifying and troubleshooting problem areas.
In each department, every job        safe. This crosses all bound-     “Above all, I want to stress the
is to be evaluated and the work aries and titles, from those in
                                                                       importance of continually              Bob closes by saying “It’s a tall order, but I can’t think of
hazards identified. This is          upper management positions to
                                                                       updating our contact informa-          anything I’d rather do than help people stay safe and
called a job safety analysis; it     those who keep our campus
                                                                       tion,” advises Valerie; “We            healthy both at work and at home.” Bob can be reached at
is the basis for developing a        clean. You have undoubtedly
                                                                       need to remember that our safe-        530-297-4605. Visit
departmental IIPP. Once the          heard the phrase “safety is
hazards are identified, the nec-     everyone’s responsibility,” but   ty, as well as that of people          tional-health-services to learn about UC Davis Occupational
essary elements for protecting       what does that mean to you?       around us, depends on the sys-         Health and injury prevention programs.
people from being injured are        Here are some guidelines to       tem’s ability to reach us.”
Page 4     Safety Signals     Winter 2008

  Helping You Cope with Life’s Twists and Turns
Free Brown-Bag Sessions from Staff Development and Professional Services                                              Newsworthy
By Didar Khalsa, Staff Develop-      modified to practice and do                                                           According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s
ment and Professional Services       right at your desk.                                                                   Transportation Security Administration (TSA), effective
Staff Development & Profession-      Date: May 22, 2008                                                                    January 1, 2008, spare lithium batteries may not
al Services offers an ongoing                                                                                              be packed in airline passengers’ checked bag-
series of brown bag presenta-        For the Health Awareness                                                              gage. This applies to spare batteries that are
tions promoting health and well-     Program, call 530-752-1766                                                            carried separately from the devices they power.
ness. The sessions are held in       or visit                                                         Spare lithium batteries can be placed in carry-on
                                                                                                                           baggage, however. For personal use, there is generally no
the Cabernet Room at the Silo
                                     Work Life Sessions:                   keep the lines of communica-                    restriction on the number of spare batteries allowed in
from noon to 1:00. Pre-enroll-
                                                                           tion open with the young peo-                   carry-on baggage. That includes cell phone batteries, hear-
ment is not necessary; just show
                                     Good Grief                            ple in your life. This workshop                 ing aid button cells, and AA/AAA batteries available in
up. The following is just a sam-                                                                                           retail stores, as well as almost all standard laptop computer
pling of upcoming sessions:          Grief is unavoidable in our           will review strategies for com-
                                                                                                                           batteries. However, you may carry no more than two larger
                                     lives. The reasons for grief are      municating across generations.
                                                                                                                           batteries, in the range of 100 – 300 watt hour rating.
Understanding and                    many, including the loss of a         Date: May 8, 2008
                                                                                                                           These include some extended life laptop computer batteries,
Managing Allergies                   loved one, the loss of health, or                                                     such as the “universal” lithium ion battery. Visit
Hear from a local allergist on       the letting go of a long-held         Get It Together                        for more information and useful tips before
how to reduce symptoms so            dream. Come learn what good           Do you want to get organized                    your next flight.
you can survive and thrive,          grief is and when to seek out         and get your records in order,
even in UC Davis’ agricultural       the experts for more support.         but don’t know where to start?                  New! A course on the proper use of Biological Safety
environment.                         Date: April 3, 2008                   People of all ages will find                    Cabinets – just one of the educational and workplace train-
Date: April 24, 2008                                                       value in this workshop with the                 ing resources available through the EH&S Department.
                                     Communicating With Your               author of Get It Together.                      Biological Safety Cabinets are essential protective devices
Chair Yoga                           Tweener/Teenager                      Date: May 29, 2008                              for those working with any kind of infectious agent, and for
This interactive workshop will       From casual conversations                                                             them, this course is required. Other courses and programs
present exercises based on           about everyday things to seri-        For information on UC Davis                     featured on the EH&S website include Food Safety, Boating
yoga principles that can be          ous discussions, it is essential to   Work Life, call 530-752-5415                    Safety and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Visit EH&S
                                                                           or email                  at for more information.

                                                                                                                           The EH&S Unit reminds Campus laboratories to follow
   Did        Within eight hours of smoking your last cigarette, carbon monoxide levels in the blood                       packaging procedures to avoid delays and ensure safe
              drop to normal. After one year without smoking, excess risk of coronary heart disease is                     removal of all chemical wastes. Guidelines include not
   You        half that of a smoker, and after 10 Years, the lung cancer death rate is similar to that of                  overfilling waste containers, transferring liquids to capped
  Know        non-smokers. Learn more at the American Cancer Society’s website:                            containers, correct labeling and making sure all gels are
                                                                                                                           dry before bagging them. Please check the EH&S website
                                                                                                                           at for instruc-
                                                                                                                           tions on scheduling a waste pick-up.
Take-Home Messages                                                                 Safety
                                                                                                                           Learn how to recognize and respond to life-threatening res-
                                                                                   Contest                                 piratory or cardiac emergencies by taking the CPR/AED
       Recent news coverage has put the spotlight on flu strains,                                                          course. UC Davis Staff Development and Professional
                                                                             Test your knowledge of safety
       meningitis and most recently, Methicillin-resistant                   issues on Campus and quali-                   Services (SDPS) offers courses on these life-saving skills on
       Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. According to the U.S.                  fy to win a prize! It’s simple:               March 12, 2008 and March 27, 2008 at 130 Hoagland
       Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the most common work-              log onto our website at:                      Hall. Instructors from the American Red Cross will teach the
       places for MRSA to spread include close quarters such as                                                            basics of giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and
       dormitories and day care centers. Be aware of the CDC’s                 using an automatic external defibrillator (AED). To reserve a
       “Five Cs,” the factors that make it easier for MRSA to be                                                           spot in one of these sessions, contact SDPS staff at 530-
       transmitted: Crowding, frequent skin-to-skin Contact,                 Click on the CONTEST but-                     752-1766 or by email at
       Compromised skin (i.e., cuts or abrasions), Contaminated              ton and follow the instruc-
       items and surfaces, and lack of Cleanliness. Learn more               tions. All employees who                      Picnic Day Open House: The UC Davis Fire Department
       about prevention of MRSA and other infectious diseases by             take the quiz will have their                 once again welcomes everyone on Picnic Day, Saturday
       clicking on or                names entered in a random                     April 19, 2008. Everyone is invited to tour the station,
                                                                             drawing for a great prize:                    meet the staff members and mingle amidst fire apparatus
                                                                             one membership to ARC for                     old and new. There will be balloons, brochures and fun
       Protect yourself while shopping! The California Department
                                                                             one quarter. For more
       of Consumer Affairs offers this advice: “Before you give any                                                        items for the kids. You’ll get a chance to ask questions of
                                                                             details, visit our website.
       personal information to a business, ask how it will be used           Enjoy the safety contest!                     the staff and meet Pluggie & Sparky. Join us as we cele-
       or shared. If you’re not comfortable with the answers, shop                                                         brate 100 years of Fire Safety for the UC Davis Campus
       elsewhere. When using an ATM, or using your ATM or debit               1. What is the most fequent                  community.
       card at a store, shield your card number and PIN so others             injury to UC Davis Campus
       don’t see them. Be aware that the camera feature on many               employees?                                   EH&S offers a one-day course on ergonomic principles and
       cell phones can be used to capture your PIN or credit card                                                          identifying common ergonomic pitfalls of the office environ-
       number.” The Consumer Affairs online magazine, Consumer                a) Slip and fall                             ment. Included are OSHA standards review, a survey of on-
       Connection, also provides advice on preventing identity                b) Pushing or pulling                        Campus resources, and hands-on activities. Ergonomic
       theft, web safety for kids, protecting yourself from online            c) Repetitive motion injury                  assessments and interventions will be included. Participants
       hackers, and avoiding becoming a burglary victim when                     such as carpal tunnel                     will learn how to recognize ergonomic injuries, identify risk
                                                                              d) Back injury                               factors and conduct workstation evaluations. The Ergonomic
       shopping at the mall. Visit
       newsletter/winter-2006_newsletter.pdf to view the winter                                                            Awareness and Evaluation is on May 8, 2008. For more
                                                                              2.. How many animal
       issue of Consumer Connection.                                          species are involved in UC                   information, visit
                                                                              Davis animal research?
       Home energy conservation is not only good for the environ-
       ment; it also has a positive effect on our pocketbooks.                a)    25         c)    58             Safety Signals                                    Winter 2008
       Significant energy savings can be gained simply by taking              b)    36         d)    73
       advantage of your thermostat’s “smart” capabilities; most
                                                                                                                  Safety Signals is published by the    ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR,
       modern units can be programmed to manage energy use                    3. How many faculty, staff
                                                                                                                  UC Davis Office of Administration     SAFETY SERVICES:
       efficiently both in winter and summer months. Additional fuel          and students (combined) are
                                                                                                                  Safety Services Division to promote   Jill Blackwelder Parker
       savings are gained by finding and fixing leaks in windows,             involved in radiation use?
                                                                                                                  health and safety for UC Davis
       doorframes and other areas that allow precious heat to leak                                                employees and their families.         EDITOR:
                                                                              a) 532           c) 1531
       to the outdoors. It’s also important to make sure that your                                                                                      Clelia Baur
                                                                              b) 789           d) 1767
       house is properly insulated. Information on making the best
       use of your programmable thermostat and other helpful                  4. How much money did                                                     CONTRIBUTING WRITERS:
       home energy tips are available in the California Energy                UC Davis pay last year in                                                 Clelia Baur
       Commission’s series of Home Energy Guide fact sheets. You              Worker’s Compensation                                                     Marcy Best
       can contact them at 800-772-3300 or visit their website at             claims?                                                                   Gina Marie Brice                                                                                         Office of Administration              Jill Blackwelder
                                                                              a)   $2,300,000                     Safety Services Division              Matthew Carmichael
       The time to buy that hands-free set is now! A new California           b)   $2,900,000                     University of California              Safa Hussain
                                                                              c)   $3,800,000                     436 Mrak Hall, One Shields Ave.       James Irvin
       law will prohibit the use of cell phones by drivers unless the
                                                                              d)   $4,200,000                     Davis, California 95616               Laine Keneller
       driver is using a hands-free device starting July 1, 2008.
       Also on that date, those under 18 years of age will be pro-                                                                                      Didar Khalsa
                                                                              5. What percentage of               530-752-2599                          Valerie Lucus
       hibited from driving a motor vehicle while using a wireless
                                                                              off-the-job injuries are                         Andrew Majewski
       telephone, including a hands-free device, and/or mobile                caused by equipment                                                       Annette Spicuzza
       service devices (pagers, texting devices, laptops, etc). The           failure?                                                                  Robert Wachter
       above restrictions do not apply in emergency situations, or                                                                                      Gerry Westcott
       to drivers of emergency response vehicles. Read more about             a) Less than 10%
       the new law at                b) Approximately 50%                                                      Your questions and suggestions are
                                                                              c) More than 90%                                                          welcome. Please email comments
                                                                                                                                                        to the Divison of Safety Services at

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