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									Courseware 1641
Simply Accounting 2006 by Sage – Level 2
MasterTrak™ Series

               Course Description __________________________________________________
                     The main objective of this courseware is to introduce some of the more advanced functions and
                     capabilities of Simply Accounting by Sage.

               Who Should Attend __________________________________________________
                     It is designed for computer users who are already familiar with accounting with work experience in the
                     basic operations of Simply Accounting by Sage, and/or have completed Simply Accounting by Sage
                     2006 Level 1.

               Basic Skills Checklist ________________________________________________
                     Please review the following checklist and ensure that you are familiar with the skills summarized. If
                     you are unfamiliar with many of the skills, we strongly recommend that you complete the Level 1
                     courseware before attempting to work through the Level 2 material.
                         understand basic concepts of accounting           add, modify, and delete a general ledger
                         use and change the Session Date                       account

                         add and modify a vendor record                    review the linked accounts
                         create and modify a purchase invoice,             set up and modify employee payroll
                          purchase order, and vendor quote                      records

                      create and correct a payment or prepayment              issue, modify and void paycheques
                          to a vendor                                          issue payroll advances
                      add and modify a customer record                        check the integrity of company data
                      create and modify a sales invoice, and sales            back up and restore company data
                          quote                                                set up and use recurring transactions
                      record and correct a customer payment or                use and process transactions from the
                          deposit                                               Daily Business Manager
                      create financial statements                             print documents in batches
                      add and modify an inventory and services                perform month-end activities
                                                                               perform a year end
                      create and correct general journal transactions
                                                                               print vendor, customer, inventory, and
                      create and correct miscellaneous bill payments           payroll reports
                                                                            prevent transactions from being posted to
                                                                                a previous year
                     The following list summarizes basic accounting fundamentals that students should also be
                     comfortable with before beginning this courseware. Please take a few minutes and review the
                     following items to ensure you are familiar with them:
                         assets, liabilities, and equity                   entering payables and receivables
                         balance sheet                                         transactions

                         trial balance                                        inventory tracking

                         income statement                                     process payroll transactions

                         debits and credits                                   remittance process for GST and PST

                         ledger accounts                                      remittance process for payroll deductions
                                                                                & contributions
                         entering journal transactions
                         posting transactions

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Courseware 1641
Simply Accounting 2006 by Sage – Level 2
MasterTrak™ Series

               System Requirements ________________________________________________
                       According to the Simply Accounting User manual, you must have the following in place prior to using
                       the program:
                           350 MHz or higher (500 MHz or higher recommended)
                           128 Mb RAM or higher
                           120 Mb or higher free space on the hard drive
                           Mouse or other compatible pointing device
                           101 enchanced keyboard
                           Printer (user must have access rights to print documents)
                           a 256-colour or higher SVGA monitor (800 x 600 resolution or higher)
                           a CD-ROM drive for installing Simply Accounting (CD-writer is recommended for backing up data
                           a dialup, cable, or ADSL modem to access the Internet (for features such as help)
                           Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
                           Simply Accounting 2006 Pro (Release B or later)
                           Word/Excel/Outlook 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 if integration features to be used

               Courseware Outline _________________________________________________
                     Setting Up Data Files &           Working with Credit/Debit Card      Handling Project/Department
                     Customizing Settings               Transactions                         Accounting
                                                       Entering Customer Sales on           - Setting Up
                     Objectives of Section 1            Credit Card                           Projects/Departments
                     Creating a New Company            Reconciling the Credit Card          - Allocating Expenses and
                      - Using the Setup Wizard          Account                               Revenues
                      - Setting Up the General         Creating & Setting Up Credit         - Reporting on
                        Ledger                          Cards for Purchases                   Project/Department
                      - Entering Opening Balances      Enter Vendor Purchases on              Performance and Budgets
                      - Setting Up Linked Accounts      Credit Card                        Managing Inventory
                      - Entering Vendors and           Reconciling the Credit Card          - Performing Inventory Counts
                        Purchases History               Statement                           - Writing Off Inventory
                      - Entering Customers and         Summary of Section 2                 - Looking at Item Assembly
                        Sales History                  Questions and Review                 - Bill of Materials vs Item
                      - Entering Inventory and                                                Assembly
                        Services History               Security, Budgets, Projects &       Summary of Section 3
                      - Entering Employees and         Inventory                           Questions and Review
                        Payroll History                Objectives of Section 3
                      - Finish Entering Historical     Adding Passwords and Security       Additional Payroll Features
                        Data                           Accessing the System                Objectives of Section 4
                     Customizing Simply Accounting       Administrator                     Checking the Tax Tables
                      - Setting Up Sales Taxes          - Adding a User                    Introducing Types of Income &
                     Summary of Section 1               - Changing or Deleting a             Deductions
                     Questions and Review                 User’s Password                  Introducing Types of Deductions
                     Banking & Credit Cards             - Deleting a User                  Setting Payroll Remittance
                                                        - Removing Security Options        Employee Benefits
                     Objectives of Section 2              from the Data File               Setting Up Batch Printing of
                     Setting Up the Bank               Budgeting                             Paycheques
                       Reconciliation                   - Activating the Budget Option     Allocating Payroll Cheques to a
                      - Setting Up an Account for       - Creating a Budget                  Project/Department
                        Reconciliation                  - Reporting Against the Budget     Generating a Payroll Run
                     Reconciling an Account for the     - Updating the Budget              Remitting Payroll
                       First Time                                                            Deductions/Contributions
                      - Reconciling an Account                                             Releasing Vacation Pay
                     Importing Online Statements                                           Employee Departures
                      - Downloading and Importing

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Courseware 1641
Simply Accounting 2006 by Sage – Level 2
MasterTrak™ Series

               Making an Employee Inactive        Miscellaneous Items               Performing Management
                - Generating a Record of          Objectives of Section 6             Reporting
                  Employment                      Reporting Tax Information on a    Exporting Reports
               Generating T4 Slips                  General Journal Transaction     Using the New Business Guide
                - Setting Up Printer Options in   Charging Interest on Overdue      Finding Important Code
                  Preparation for T4 Slips          Accounts                          Numbers
                - Printing T4 slips               Preparing Customer Statements     Using the Webstore
               Personal Tax Credits                - Setting up the Statements      Crystal Reports
               Using SimplyCARE Payroll            - Printing or E-mailing a        Using Third Party Products
               Handing Direct Deposit                Customer Statement             Importing Data from Other
               Summary of Section 4               NSF Cheques                         Accounting Software
               Questions and Review               Handling Bad Debts                 - Importing QuickBooks Data
                                                   - Writing Off a Bad Debt          - Importing MYOB Data
               Working with Foreign                                                  - Importing Simply Accounting
               Currencies                         Clearing Transactions
                                                  Making Records Inactive              Payroll Data
               Objectives of Section 5            Handling GST & GST                Time Slips
               Dealing with Foreign Currency        Remittances                      - Creating Job Categories
               Setting Up Foreign Currency         - Calculating the Amount of       - Creating a Time Slip
               Setting Up A Foreign Currency         GST Owing/Refundable            - Time and Billing Report
                 Bank Account                     Handling & Remitting Provincial   Summary of Section 6
               Setting Up A Vendor                  Sales Tax                       Questions and Review
               Setting Up For Sales to Foreign     - Remitting PST
                 Customers                                                          Appendices
                                                  Handling & Remitting WCB
                - Pricing Inventory & Services      Premiums                        Productivity Tools
                - Setting Up Foreign               - Remitting WCB Premiums         Glossary of Terms
                  Customers                       Customizing Simply Accounting     Answers to Review Questions
               Tracking Import Duty                 Journals                        Consolidation Exercise - Setting
                 Information                      Viewing Account Numbers            Up Data Files
               Making Purchases                   Printing Labels                   Simply Accounting Basic versus
               Making Sales Using A Foreign       Using E-mail in Simply             Simply Accounting Pro
                 Currency                           Accounting
               Foreign Currency Reporting         Accessing the Simply
               Summary of Section 5                 Accounting Website
               Questions and Review

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