Example of Outline by broverya87


									LNG 103: Fundamental English III                                     School of Liberal Arts
Task 1: E-mail Task                                                               KMUTT

                               Example of an Outline

Topic:                               OTOP in Thailand

Introduction:                        What is OTOP in Thailand?

Topic Sentence:                      ……should ….. support OTOP project in

                                     Thailand for three reasons

Major Supporting Detail 1:           increase family income

Minor Supporting Details:            1.1 work more than one job

                                     1.2 members of a family can work together

                                     1.3 examples of real families

Major Supporting Detail 2:           can be developed to larger business

Minor Supporting Details:            2.1 people in a community work together

                                     2.2 form a company

                                     2.3 government support training courses

Major Supporting Detail 3:           increase national income

Minor Supporting Details:            3.1 exports more products

                                     3.2 examples of facts

Conclusion:                          great advantages

Asking for more ideas:               Is there any similar project in your country?

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