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					Division of Humanities and Communication Policy Transfer Articulation
March 2002 HCOM will permit transfer students to transfer courses taken at a previous university to satisfy concentration courses in the HCOM major in the following three-tiered manner: Tier One Direct Substitution HCOM will permit transfer students to transfer one course in the major as a direct substitute for one concentration course. This direct substitution will occur without having to complete any supportive documentation other than having attained a “C” or better in the course. The concentration advisor will verify the grade on the transcript and will make the direct transfer. Tier Two Petition for Transfer HCOM will permit transfer students to petition for transfer of a second concentration course in the major. The petition process includes submission of the following components to the concentration advisor: a) Syllabus from the course b) Written narrative that articulates what the student learned in the previous course and how the knowledge, skills, and values learned in the course align with the learning outcomes of the concentration course being petitioned. c) Transcript reflecting a grade of “C” or higher The concentration advisor will decide whether the documents demonstrate achievement of the course learning outcomes. If so, the advisor will grant the transfer. Tier Three Independent Assessment HCOM will permit transfer students to participate in independent assessment, as outlined in the advising handbook, regarding a third concentration course they may want to transfer. The independent assessment portfolio should be submitted to the Director of HCOM who will gather an Assessment Committee as needed.

The deadline for all transfer petitions and independent assessments is the end of the third week of each new semester.

A Note on MLOs and Transfer No student may transfer a course to achieve an MLO. Only concentration courses may be transferred in HCOM.

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