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					To: Acton transfer station users From: Jim Snyder-Grant Subject: 2 days a week vs. 5 days a week: worth $15 per year to you? I'm trying to collect some information to bring to the selectmen to help them make an important decision, and I need your answer as soon as possible. Here's the question I'd like you to consider: Would you prefer: Option 1: To pay an extra $15 per year for your transfer station sticker and have the transfer station be open 5 days a week -orOption 2: To save that money and use the transfer station only on Wednesdays and Saturdays? Background: Right now, as a result of the vote at Town Meeting, the Transfer station is scheduled to move to a 2 day a week operation starting July 1st: Wednesday and Saturday. However, updated information included in a report made by town staff to the "Life After NESWC" committee estimates that the cost of a 5-day operation to be $42,000 per year more than a 2-day operation, or under $15 per sticker per year. If you can email me an answer before Monday May 9th at 5:00 PM, I can add up the numbers and let the selectmen know - they will be discussing transfer station options that night. (or call me on the phone: 978 266-9409). And please pass this email on to other transfer station users, if it is still before Monday May 9th. Thanks! -Jim Snyder-Grant, for the Pay-As-You-Throw advocates (an informal group of concerned citizens) PS: There's a lot going on with Acton's trash, including a proposed trial of a 'Pay As You Throw' system for Acton. For more Acton trash information, especially about Pay as You Throw, please see -Jim Snyder-Grant 18 Half Moon Hill Acton MA 01720 978 266-9409

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