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					Position Open: Fuel Delivery Driver

Location: Anchorage

Salary: DOE (competitive benefits package)

Requirements: CDL with HAZMAT endorsement, at least 12months driving experience
preferable. Must be able to pass a pre hire drug screening, and background check. A
Shoreside Petroleum pre hire driving test will be administered after the interview process,
this test will include pre trip inspection, maneuvering, and on road driving

Directions for applicants: Please complete a Shoreside Petroleum application, and back
ground check form (see below). Please turn in completed application in person at 6401
Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage Alaska 99507

                                    Job Description

Applicants must have a winning attitude, attention to detail and be willing to put forth
extra effort while working in a fast paced customer orientated environment.

Duties to include but not limited to:

A) Customer Service

B) Proper procedure is followed in task being performed.

C) Deliveries

   1. Truck

     a. Home heating
     b. Marine
     c. Commercial Accounts including construction and fleet fueling

   2. Flatbed / Plant

     a. Lube oil, Petroleum products
     b. Propane

D) Truck Maintenance

     1.    Daily inspections
     2.    Proper Lubrication example: P.T.O., pumps etc.
     3.    Clean truck

E) Paperwork
  1.    Done daily
  2.    Metersheets, dailies, and meters balance
  3.    Invoices are properly billed and legible
  4.    Monies are turned in day of delivery

F) Dress Attire

   1.   Uniforms are clean
   2.   Uniforms are worn
   3.   Dressed for the conditions
   4.   Blue or Black jeans (no shorts, sweatpants etc.)

G) Communication

   1. Informing management of safety, environmental, and mechanical concerns in a
      timely manner.
   2. Advance notice for time off.
   3. Keeping in contact with dispatch during working hours.
   4. On call

        a. Must be able to respond to after hours cell phone
        b. May be called in for emergency duty