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					Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
POSITION TITLE: SAS Programmer/Analyst II

The SAS Programmer/Analyst II will collaborate in a number of epidemiological and health
services research projects in the Department of Population Medicine (DPM). DPM is a
department within the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, affiliated with Harvard Medical
School. The SAS Programmer/Analyst II will be a member of the Research Services Data
Center (RSDC), and will be in charge of data specifications, technical design, database
development, data management, programming and statistical analysis, and results reporting
for several simultaneous research projects. This person will utilize a variety of technical tools
and software to develop programs and utility applications, and manipulate and analyze data in
a variety of Unix and PC environments. S/he will provide statistical expertise to investigators
and study teams, and share knowledge with other members of RSDC. The SAS
Programmer/Analyst II works under the general direction of the Manager of Administration &

The main project that the SAS Programmer/Analyst II will support is a cluster
randomized trial of the comparative effectiveness of three strategies to prevent
methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in intensive care units.
Approximately 60 hospitals throughout the US will be randomized and participate in
the trial. The study will begin in September 2009.

   Responsible for data management and analysis tasks on multiple epidemiological
    research projects for internal and external customers. Depending on the nature of the
    project, may work with a project team that includes many levels of staff, or may work
    independently with the investigator. Supports all aspects of the project, including work
    plan development, project design, developing SAS programs, data problem identification
    and resolution and results reporting.

    Provide statistical expertise using traditional and up-to-date methodologies. Conduct
     literature reviews to research methods, adapt and utilize methods for specific projects.
     Areas of expertise include sequential analyses, text string searches, data mining
     methods, discrete choice experiment methods, and logistic regression modeling.

    Develop, design, clean, manage, and analyze data from all corporate systems using UNIX
     and PC software. In addition to utilizing corporate databases, will also utilize data
     developed from surveys, chart reviews, PC databases, and external sources.

   Develop working knowledge of and facility in accessing data structure and contents of all
    HPHC and HVMA data sources including: clinical information systems, automated medical
    records, hospital claims, outpatient claims, pharmacy, enrollment and benefits data.

    Develop working knowledge of technical and software tools required to access, utilize and
     analyze data from all HPHC systems environments. Assimilate and learn new technical
     tools, software and data systems to accommodate continuous changes in technical

    Independently document project tasks and specifications. Responsible for managing
     project work according to work plan, and for successful completion of project goals within
     project timeline using effective time-management skills. Identify and recommend
     alternative data/methods to meet project needs in most efficient way.

    Manage databases for multiple projects, create and manage data documentation
     procedures and data dictionaries.

    Develop and perform data quality control activities.
    Utilize knowledge of analytic and statistical concepts, techniques, and methods in daily

    Utilize knowledge of epidemiologic and health services research concepts and methods in
     daily work.

    Attend and actively participate in staff, data/operations, and co-investigator meetings for
     multiple projects.

    Participate in systems development projects (such as the corporate data warehouse)
     through systems and data analysis, application development, system testing and
     debugging, as needed.

    Use good judgment and practice in working with highly confidential information. Follow
     all applicable privacy and confidentiality procedures in daily work.


Education:                   Bachelor’s degree in a related field (i.e. computer programming,
                             public health, statistics)
Experience:                  5-7 years of practical experience programming or conducting
                             analyses in a health care environment or related field, or an
                             equivalent combination of education and experience.
Preferred                          Excellent computer skills, including database management
Skills/Qualifications:              and proficiency in statistical software (proficient knowledge
                                    of SAS required, SQL knowledge preferred).
                                Prior experience retrieving, manipulating and analyzing data
                                    on UNIX computer systems.
                                Knowledge of personal computer applications (word-
                                    processing, spreadsheet, database management, graphics).
                                Demonstrated ability to learn new technical tools and software
                                    applications, and work with a variety of data and data
                                Ability to utilize basic project planning skills, concepts and
                                    tools, including relevant software.
                                Demonstrated ability to work on projects with multiple
                                    investigators simultaneously.
                                Knowledge of study design, research methodology, statistical
                                    analysis, and data management.
                                Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication
                                Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part
                                    of a team.

To apply, please email a cover letter and your resume to:

Virginia L. Hinrichsen, MS, MPH
Manager, Administration & Systems
Department of Population Medicine
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
133 Brookline Ave., 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215

Harvard Pilgrim is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in
employment on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identity, age, sexual
orientation, national origin, or veteran or disability status. Harvard Pilgrim complies
with all applicable laws concerning hiring and employment practices.