Progress report on multi-OTR fabrication and schedule

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					 Progress report on multi-OTR
   fabrication and schedule

 Design and Hardware fabrication
 Realistic Optics and Beam Dynamics simulations
 Controls and Software analysis
          Design and Hardware Fabrication
 Finalize design shortening beam tubes until 300 mm
overall length
 Purchase movers
      V/H movers,
      Pneumatic target inserter
     Focus adjustment
     X/Y camera positioner
 Purchase hardware control
      Two 8 channels stepper motor driver
      12 channels digital control target actuator
      12 ADC channels for read back of linear pots
 Purchase Optics
      Camera
      C-mount optics tubes 150 mm for each OTR
     Mitutoyo 10X long working distance microcope
     90º C-mount mirror
                       Design and Hardware Fabrication
 OTR main fabrication
    OTR body and optical windows parts
    Fabricate and weld flanges on tubes and tubes to
   OTR body
    Fabricate and weld bellows and flanges
    Fabricate OTR moving system adaptors
NEW OTR                                         12 bit USB camera                                 Angled illumination port
DESIGN               Pneumatic actuator
                                                                                                  (NOT SHOWN)
                     MDC part #662004
                      Mitutoyo 10X microscope                          Focus slide optics
                      lens NT46-144                                    clamping bracket

                     Target holder
                                                                      Focus adjuster slide
Pneumatic actuator
Mounting tube                                                         Angled focus slide
                                               Lens tube adaptors
                                                                      support block
Side view port                                     Bellows

                                                                      Horizontal and Vertical
  Beam tubes                         Vertical actuator Newport part   Target positioning slides
Adaptor plates                                                                       Optics support
                                     Horizontal mover ALM slide                      bracket
                                     # PA4-6-2
Realistic Optics and Beam Dynamics Simulation

 Study of the possible locations space, better optics
 Tracking studies the model should be completed
adding all possible machine imperfections
 Modelisation of the OTR measurements
 Comparison with the multi-wire scanner measurements
            Controls and Software Analysis
 Control needs
    Low-levels drivers for:
      CCD frame grabber,
       V/H movers,
       lens focus movers,
      OTR insertion actuator
    EPICS drivers and Data Base choose hardware controls
   with EPCIS module support
    High-level interface EDM, Flight Simulator…
    Hardware protection for:
       Target damage
       CCD radiation sensitive
              Controls and Software Analysis
 Software analysis
    Can be done in any scripting/programming environment
   supported by EPICS CA (C, C++, Perl, Python, Matlab, TCL…)
       Output processed data to EPICS Process Variables when done
       Scripts/code should also be controlled via PVs
    2D Gaussian filter, taking CCD image and generating
   beam matrix data
       Online Twiss/Emit calculations
       Upgrade FS EXT emittance minimisation application
    Beam finder and tracker
       Track interpolated beam position in OTR target locations using
      adjacent BPMs for faster OTR insertion
       Intermittent target insertions to check tracking
      Piggyback on the software planned for multi-wire system

The tasks has been identified

We are working on the schedule of the different phases:
Design and Hardware fabrication (~4 months)
 Realistic Optics and Beam Dynamics simulations
  (~2 months)
 Controls and Software analysis (~4 months)

We could give a realistic schedule mid-September 2009