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Functional Resume Format


									Page A-2 / NH JOB NOTES 2003-2004

The Resume
                                                                                              “If you don’t know where you’re going,
                                                                                             you might end up where you’re headed.”
                                                                                                     —Dr. Rod Gilbert, professional trainer

Your resume is an important                • You can demonstrate measurable               requirements.
marketing tool. It is essentially an         results from their work activities -       • End with a brief work history
advertisement of your qualifications         for example, “Marketed departmen             listing job titles, company names
and abilities. Its purpose is not to get     tal events, resulting in 50% increase        and years employed.
you a job, but to get you an interview       in attendance.”
for a job. It should entice prospective    • You’ve held impressive job titles,
employers to want to meet you by             and/or have worked for big-name            The combination resume
highlighting what you can do for             employers.                                 utilizes the best
them with your experience,                                                              components of the
education, and skills.                     This format is excellent for people          functional and
                                           with steady work histories or                chronological styles.
Because employers may receive              previous jobs that relate closely to         More recently, the combination
hundreds, even thousands, of               their career objective. It is not the best                                                                   Layout and Format Tips
                                                                                        resume has included
resumes a week, it is important that       format for career changers, people           accomplishments under each
yours be visually appealing and brief      with inconsistent work histories, or                                                                • Indent and use bullets to break up
                                                                                        position or function, rather than
but informative. Keep it as short as       new entrants to the work force.                                                                        paragraphs.
                                                                                        simply outlining duties and
possible. One page is best but never       To create a chronological resume, list                                                              • Use white space to make the page
                                                                                        responsibilities. This style allows for
more than two. One page of well-           each position you have held, starting                                                                 visually appealing.
                                                                                        flexibility in designing a resume.
organized, relevant information will       with the most recent and working                                                                    • Use bold type to bring attention to
say more about you than several            backward.                                                                                             important information, but don’t
pages of unnecessary details.                                                           With many variations, a common one                       overuse it.
                                           • Give the job title, name of the            is to begin with a chronological                       • Use one easy-to-read font.
Typical resumes get 20–30 seconds of         company, and number of years you           format, but then subdivide each job
attention the first time through, so         worked there.                              description into skill categories.                    You decide which style resume will
make it easy for the readers to find       • Relate the duties and                      Another variation uses the functional                 work best for you. Take some time to
what they are looking for (see Layout        accomplishments of each job using          format, but lists where you were                      look at the exampleshere then pick
& Format Tips box).                          action statements, not sentences.          employed after each example of a                      the one that will best present what
                                           • Be specific, but not too detailed.         skill.                                                you have to offer.
Format                                     • Three to five statements per job is                                                              Adapted from: Nebraska Careers and Education 2002,
Three Kinds To Choose From                   usually sufficient.                        Consider this style when:                             Nebraska DOL and University of Minnesoata Resume
Your first decision will be to choose      • Describe jobs relevant to the                                                                    Tutor <
an appropriate resume format. There          position you are applying for more         • Each position you held involved a
are three formats for resumes: chrono-       thoroughly than others.                      different job description.                              Brought to you by:

logical, functional, and combination.                                                   • You have held internships or

Deciding what format to use is an                                                         volunteer positions that directly
important give this some     This style resume became popular in            relate to field of interest.
                                           the 1970’s and 1980’s but is still                                                                     New Hampshire Career Resource Network
thought. Choose the one that shows                                                                                                                New Hampshire Employment Security
your experience to its best advantage.     viewed skeptically by some                                                                             Economic & Labor Market Information Bureau
                                                                                                                                                  32 So. Main Street (603) 229-4489 Concord, NH 03301
                                           employers. The functional resume
                                           format summarizes your professional                                                                 Ivana Caree
This is the traditional style resume       “functions” or experience and avoids                         Current Ad                                            r
that lists your professional experience    or minimizes your employment                                 228 Residen
                                                                                                                       ce Hall, Univ                                 Permanent
                                                                                                        College Tow                     ersity of St                            Address
chronologically, starting with your        history. Keep this in mind: since                                           n, NH 0300                     ate           43 Elm Stree
                                                                                                       (603) 777-99                     1                                        t
most recent position. The majority of      employers are used to seeing                                                66                                           Mytown, N
                                                                                                       ivana_career                                                           H 03000
resumes are written in this format,        chronological resumes, make sure                                            @university                                 (603) 555-77
                                                                                                                                      .edu                                      88
and this is also the format most           you have a definite reason for                             Objective                                                    icareer@web
employers are accustomed to seeing.        selecting a functional resume format.                      To obtain a
                                                                                                                     position in pu
This style is particularly effective in    This format is often used in the                           promotiona                       blic relation
                                                                                                                    l skills.                        s using my
the following cases:                       following instances:                                                                                                                ions and
                                                                                                                    of State
                                                                                                     Bachelor of
• You have professional experience         • “Older workers”, since it minimizes                    Minor: Busin s, English, expected May
                                                                                                                     ess                                 2002
  in the field of interest.                dates.                                                   GPA: 3.5/4.
                                                                                                                   0, English H
                                           • “Career changers”, since it outlines                   Related Co
                                                                                                                                    onors Societ
 The Resume and The Employer                                                                                      urses
                                           transferrable work skills.                              Public Relat
                                           • Recent graduates - they don’t have                    Marketing
 When preparing your resume think                                                                                                                   The Adverti
                                           a lot of professional experience in                     Consumer B                                                     sing World
 about the employer’s perspective:                                                                               ehavior                           Writing for
                                                                                                                                                                 Mass Media
                                           their field, but they do have relevant                                                                  Writing for
                                                                                                  Program C                                                      Business
                                           coursework or training.                                              oordinator,
 • Keep the information relevant to the                                                           Campus Act                     1999 to pre
                                           • “Returning employees” after an                      Initiated an
                                                                                                                ivities Coun
                                                                                                                                cil, Universi
   job you seek.                                                                                               d organized                     ty of State
                                           absence from the workforce, since it                                                the Campus
 • Use clear, concise language and                                                               Promoted ev
                                                                                                                ent with flye                  Run for Cha
                                           minimizes dates.                                      Over 1,000                      rs, newspap                 rity
   proper spelling and punctuation.                                                                           students part                    er ads, and ra
                                           • You want to emphasize skills you                                                   icipated                       dio announce
 • Use present tense for current jobs;                                                          Campus To                                                                   ments
                                           have that haven’t been used in recent                              ur Guide, 1
   past tense for past jobs.                                                                    Office of Rec                 998 – 1999
                                           work experiences.                                                   ruiting, Univ
 • Emphasize achievements and                                                                   Led weekly
                                                                                                             tours for pr
                                                                                                                                 ersity of St
    skills.                                                                                    Answered qu                  ospective st
                                                                                                              estions and                  udents and
                                           To create a functional resume:                                                     addressed co               parents
 • Avoid pronouns (such as “I was                                                              Wrote inform
                                                                                                              ation sheet                     ncerns
                                                                                               Selected to                    explaining ca
   the person who….”).                                                                                     train new g                         mpus housin
                                           • Identify three or four primary skills                                        uides                              g policy
 • Use action verbs (such as “Wrote                                                           Administrat
                                             required for your target job.                                  ive Assistan
   and edited the weekly newsletter“).                                                        Better Busin                   t, summers
                                           • For each skill identify three to five                         ess Compan                       of 1997 an
 • Be 100% honest and accurate.                                                              Drafted corr
                                                                                                                           y, Hometow
                                                                                                                                                           d 1998
                                             concrete examples to demonstrate
 • Never exaggerate or misrepresent                                                          Used Micro
                                                                                                          soft Word an
                                             that ability.                                   Complimen                     d Excel to ty
   yourself.                                                                                             ted for accu                      pe and edit
                                           • Use action phrases, not complete                                           racy and atte                    reports
 • Ask others to review a draft copy                                                                                                     ntion to deta
   and give you suggestions.                                                                                           References av
                                           • Arrange skill headings in order of                                                        ailable on requ
 • Update resume and tailor to the                                                                                                                    est
                                             importance, or to match a job’s
   position you are currently seeking.                                                  Combination Resume

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