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									      Art Enrichment Programs
     Art Enrichment classes meet at the Alpharetta Arts Center at     CLAY WORKS FOR KIDS (AGE 6-12)
     Crabapple, 12624 Broadwell Road. INFO: 678-297-6165 or           Create fun and functional projects with clay such as animals,                                            bird houses, name plates and more.
                                                                      DAy/TImE:         Monday/4-5:30pm
     YOUTH ART PROGRAMS                                               SPRING:           Mar 8-May 3 (8 wks)                5152.111
     Youth art program fee per 6 week session unless otherwise        SUmmER:           May 10-June 21 (6 wks)             5158.203
     noted: $70 Resident; $105 Non-Resident
                                                                      INSTRUCTOR: Mary Tussey
     Supply fee is payable to instructor and is non-refundable.
                                                                      8 WK COST:        $80 Resident; $120 Non-Resident
     NOTE: Classes will not be held April 5-9, May 31, or during
                                                                      6 WK COST:        $60 Resident; $90 Non-Resident
     Fulton County School closures
                                                                      SUPPLy FEE:       $25 Payable to Instructor
                                                                      PAINT, DRAW & SCULPT! (AGE 6-12)                        5158.103
     Children will discover the pure joy and absolute excitement
                                                                      Discover all the wonderful tools of artistry, in one class! Learn
     of creating original art, with the bonus of having a caregiver
                                                                      painting, drawing and clay building techniques.
     right there! Adult must attend with child.
     SPRING:          Monday/Mar 8-Apr 19/                            SPRING:            Tuesday/Mar 9-Apr 20/4pm-5:30pm
                      11:15am-12pm                         5158.102   INSTRUCTOR:        Mary Tussey
     INSTRUCTOR: KidzArt Teachers                                     SUPPLy FEE:        $25 Payable to Instructor
     COST:            $80 Resident; $120 Non-Resident
                                                                      PAINT! PAINT! PAINT! (AGE 7-12)                       5160.101
                      (All supplies provided!)
                                                                      Create beautiful paintings using acrylic paints, texture paste
     KIDZART DISCOVER! (AGE 3 ½-5)                                    and much more!
     Preschoolers will learn how lines and shapes can fit together    SPRING:            Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/4:30pm-6pm
     to create a piece of art!                                        INSTRUCTOR:        Leena Joshi
     SPRING:          Monday/Mar 8-Apr 19/                            SUPPLy FEE:        $30 Payable to Instructor
                      3:15pm-4pm                         5154.101
     INSTRUCTOR: KidzArt Teachers                                     HOW TO DRAW (AGE 14 & UP)                            5156.101
     COST:            $50 Resident; $100 Non-Resident                 Learn how to draw landscapes, people, still lifes and more.
                      (All supplies provided!)                        Great class for teens & adults!
                                                                      SPRING:            Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/7pm-8:30pm
     KIDZART CONNECT! (AGE 5-12)                         5155.101     INSTRUCTOR:        Leena Joshi
     Students will learn how to use colors and shapes to create       SUPPLy FEE:        $30 Payable to Instructor
     masterpiece drawings using 2- and 3-dimensional media.
     SPRING:          Monday/Mar 8-Apr 19/4:15pm-5:15pm               ART FOR HOMESCHOOLERS (AGE 6-12) 5155.112
     INSTRUCTOR: KidzArt Teachers                                     Students will learn about famous artists, different art styles
     COST:            $80 Resident; $120 Non-Resident                 and will create beautiful pieces of art!
                      (All supplies provided!)                        SPRING:            Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/1pm-2:30pm
                                                                      INSTRUCTOR:        Fran Ergas
                                                                      SUPPLy FEE:        $25 Payable to Instructor

                                                                      ART À LA CARTE (AGE 8-12)
                                                                      Kids, here’s your chance to try out some art! Learn about a
                                                                      different artist each session!
                                                                      mONET:              Mar 10                            5280.101
                                                                      VAN GOGH:           Mar 17                            5280.102
                                                                      DEGAS:              Mar 24                            5280.103
                                                                      ALL 3 SESSIONS: Mar 10, Mar 17, Mar 24                5155.102
                                                                      DAy/TImE:           Wednesday/4pm-6pm
                                                                      INSTRUCTOR:         Fran Ergas
                                                                      COST FOR 1:         $25 Resident; $37.50 Non-Resident
                                                                      COST FOR ALL 3: $70 Resident; $105 Non-Resident
                 Youth Art Programs                                   SUPPLy FEE:         $5 Payable to Instructor (per session)

20    For more information: 678-297-6100                                                           visit us at:
                                                                      Art Enrichment Programs
Teens create your own look! Class will conclude with a
fashion show. Great mini class for teens interested in fashion!
SPRING:         Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 1/4:30pm-6pm (4 wks)
COST:           $40 Resident; $60 Non-Resident
SUPPLy FEE: $10 Payable to Instructor

Little ones will get creative and discover a variety of art
materials in this mini art camp! No repeat projects, so sign up
for both sessions!
TImE: 10am-10:45am
Session 1: May 24-28                                    5158.201
Session 2: June 28-July 2                               5158.211
AGE:              3-4 yrs
LOCATION:         Alpharetta Arts Center at Crabapple
INSTRUCTOR: Alpharetta Art Staff
COST:             $50 Resident; $75 Non-Resident                                           Youth Art Programs

NEW! EXPLORATIONS IN ART                                           PALETTE KNIFE PAINTING                               5252.102
Artistic teens will explore a different medium each day and        Discover the joy of abstract and impressionist style painting
will learn from special guest artists.                             using a palette knife!
TImE: 11am-3pm                                                     SPRING:          Tuesday/Mar 9-Apr 20/10am-12pm
Session 1: May 25-27                                 5154.202      INSTRUCTOR: Maureen Engle
Session 2: June 29-July 1                            5154.203
AGE:             13-17 yrs                                         WONDERFUL WATERCOLORS                                  5255.101
LOCATION:        Alpharetta Arts Center at Crabapple               Learn how to paint from photographs and still lifes.
INSTRUCTORS: Alpharetta Art Staff                                  All levels welcome!
COST:            $100 Resident; $150 Non-Resident                  DAy/DATE/TImE: Tuesday/Mar 9-Apr 20/12pm-2pm
                                                                   INSTRUCTOR: Maureen Engle
Adult art program fee per 6 week session, unless noted
                                                                   OIL & ACRYLIC PAINTING
otherwise: $80 Resident; $120 Non-Resident
                                                                   Paint what you want! Basic techniques, composition, color
If no supply fee is listed, a supply list will be provided.
                                                                   mixing and glazing will be emphasized.
Supply fee is non-refundable.
                                                                   SPRING 1:       Wednesday/Mar 10-Apr 21/
NOTE: Classes will not be held April 5-9 or during Fulton
                                                                                   12:30pm-2:30pm                    5251.104
County School closures
                                                                   SPRING 2:       Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/
PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS CLASS                            5266.101                       10am-12pm                         5251.101
Learn to use Photoshop Elements digital imaging program,           INSTRUCTOR: Kip Rogers
which will allow you to adjust and manipulate your digital
photos to create photomontages, restore old photos, and            CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY                              5264.101
prepare images for the web. Lecture style class.                   Explore the possibilities of your digital camera and learn
SPRING:         Monday/Mar 8-Apr 19/7pm-9pm                        different photo techniques. *Bring camera & manual to class.
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Noa                                            SPRING:          Wednesday/Mar 10-Apr 21/7pm-9pm
SUPPLy FEE: $10 Payable to Instructor                              INSTRUCTOR: Michael Noa

PAINTING WITH COLOR 101                           5268.101         EXPRESSIONS: PORTRAIT DRAWING                       5251.102
Learn about color theory and explore new ways of achieving         In depth instruction which includes basic face rendering and
colors using different paint mediums.                              achieving likenesses from photos or models.
SPRING:          Tuesday/Mar 9-Apr 20/6:30pm-8:30pm                SPRING:          Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/12pm-2pm
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Lee                                            INSTRUCTOR: Kip Rogers

visit us at:                                                       For more information: 678-297-6100           21
      Art Enrichment Programs
     PEN & INK ILLUSTRATION                              5268.112
     Learn about various drawing and illustration techniques using
     pen and ink. All levels welcome!
     SPRING:             Thursday/Mar 11-Apr 22/7pm-9pm
     INSTRUCTOR: Michael Lee

     DROP-IN NEEDLE CRAFTS                                5265.111
     Bring your handwork—knitting, cross-stitching, needlepoint,
     crocheting, etc. Work with others who share your interest and
     obtain instructor’s assistance if needed. Free program.
     DAy/DATE/TImE: Tuesday/Mar-Aug/10am-12pm
                         (ongoing except City holidays)
     INSTRUCTOR: Kathleen Smith

     PAINTING WITH PAPER                                         5250.101
     Explore the possibilities of collage and mixed media! Students will
     incorporate various materials to create beautiful and original artwork.
     SPRING :              Tuesday/Mar 9-April 21/6:30pm-8:30pm
     INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Dunham

                                                                                                             Youth Art

                                                                               Special Interest Groups
                                                                               ALPHARETTA CITY BAND
                                                                               Information: Don Nahser, Band Manager 770-475-9684 or

                                                                               Founded in August 1989, the Alpharetta City Band is an
                                                                               integral part of Alpharetta’s cultural arts. An ongoing adult
                                                                               recreation program, the ACB is open to all adult band
                                                                               musicians and high school students with the recommendation
                                                                               of their band directors. Bill Haynes, Band Director at a Fulton
                                                                               County High School, conducts the Alpharetta City Band. The
                                                                               ACB performs for such City events as July 4th, City Tree
                                                                               Lighting, Taste of Alpharetta, Old Soldiers Day, and opening
                                                                               day for football and baseball seasons. Other concerts are held
                                                                               at churches, senior citizen’s homes and special events. No
                                                                               auditions are required. There are openings in most sections.
                                                                               Rehearsals are held on Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm
                                                                               at the Crabapple Government Center, 12624 Broadwell
                                                                               Road, Alpharetta. For more information, or an invitation to a
                               Art                                             rehearsal, contact the Band Manager.

22     For more information: 678-297-6100                                                                  visit us at:

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