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									Carrboro—A Palette of Programs
                Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                         January 2010
   Start the New Year with Music, Movement and
               Creativity in Carrboro                                                    Look For:
         For more information on these and other events contact 918-7364
                                                                                         •   PARENT/CHILD New!
              or visit
                                                                                             BASKETBALL SHOOTOUT
                                   Please note:
  Winter/Spring Registration Begins Tuesday, January 5th for Carrboro Residents          •   CHORUS CLASS New!
  and Wednesday, January 6th for Registration outside of Carrboro Town Limits.           •   ADULT TENNIS FITNESS &
                                                                                             BASKETBALL CLASSES
                  Lunch Box Concert Series                                               •   CARTOON AND LIFELIKE
Located at the Century Center Hall
Thursdays in January and February
All Ages welcome. Free.                                                                      Inside this issue:
Bring your lunch & enjoy this yearly anticipated program!                                                         2-3
                                                                                             MIND, BODY &
                  Thursday, January 14—Tampa Blue
                  Tampa Blue’s music is based on the blues and spirituals he heard           INSTRUCTOR           3
                  growing up outside of Birmingham, AL. When asked what kind                 SPOTLIGHT
                  of music he plays, Blue once replied, “Traditional, acoustic, Delta,                            4
                  slide Piedmont, finger-style, Southern rural, pre-war, country,            THE SPORTS PAGE
                  pre-electric with a touch of spirituals, hollers, rags and American
                                                                                             YOUTH CLASSES        5-6
                  finger-style guitar seasoning.”
                                                                                             AND TEEN SCENE
                  Thursday, January 21—Resound                                               FAMILY FUN           6
                  Members of the Carrboro’s Church of the Harvest and Campus
                  Crossroads located at UNC-Chapel Hill help provide a soundtrack            SUMMER CAMPS         7
                  for the on-going story of the Judeo-Christian God and His
                  relationship to humanity.                                                  SUMMER               8
                                                                                             DAY CAMPS
                  Thursday, January 22—Kevin Van Sant
                  Jazz guitarist and Durham resident Kevin Van Sant has been a
                  fixture on the Triangle Jazz scene for years. He and his groups
                                     have also made impressions on audiences in such
                                     locations as Russia, Switzerland, Holland,
                                     Germany, France, and Spain.

                                       Kevin Van Sant (far left)
                                                                                         See what makes children
                                         with one of the band                            so excited, turn to Youth
                                               J/Azure                                    Classes on pages 6-7.
Page 2               Carrboro—A Palette of Programs
January 2010                                                         Mind, Body and Soul
                      Poetry Open Mic             Jam Session Series—          Nia
                      Night                       Celtic Jam                   Wednesdays,
                      No January Event.           Friday, January 22           January 20 - March 10
                      Open Mic resumes            7:30-9:00pm at the           7:00pm–8:00pm
                      February 2 from             Century Center.              at the Century Center.
                      7:00-9:00pm. Free.          All ages. $3/person at       Ages 18 and up. $54
                      Located at Open Eye         the door.
                      Café in Carrboro.                                        Morning Nia
                                               Led by accordionist David
  Century Center                                                               Mondays,
                                               DiGiuseppe and multi-
   Cinema Pick        Century Center                                           January 25 - March 14
                                               instrumentalist Rob Sharer.
                      Cinema:                                                  9:00-10:00am
                      Buster Keaton in the                                     at the Century Center.
                      Silent Classic,          Spanish Classes                 Ages 18 & up. $54
                      Steamboat Bill, Jr.      All Spanish classes are held
                      (1928)                   in the Century Center.          Learn more about
                      Saturday, January16      No class March 29.                Nia Instructor,
                      7:00-9:00pm at the       Ages 18 & up. $80.               Kate Finlayson,
                      Century Center.                                                 in our
                      All Ages. $4/person;        Spanish—Beginning
                      $2/ages twelve and          Wednesdays,                 Instructor Spotlight.
                      under.                      January 20 - April 7
 Can’t Travel in                                  11:00am -1:00pm
    January?                                                                   Yoga Classes
                      Introduction to                                          Tuesdays,
 Think Again . . .    Digital Photography         Mondays,
                                                                               January 26 - March 2
                                                  January 25 - April 19        Century Center.
                      Cosponsored with the
Let the sounds of                                 6:30-8:30pm                  Ages 18 & up.
   Celtic Jam         Thursdays,                  Spanish—Beginning            Level I
 soar you away        January 7- Feb. 18          Conversational               6:00-7:00pm. $36
      to the          6:00-8:00pm at the          Wednesdays,                  Level II
                      Century Center.             January 20 - April 7         7:15-8:30pm. $46.
United Kingdom.
                      Ages 18 & up.               1:30-3:30pm or
                      Register at the             6:00-8:00pm                  Caroleena’s Tuscan
   Then, take a                                                                Kitchen
 culinary tour of                                 Spanish—Intermediate         Cosponsored with the
 Tuscany through                                  Conversational               ArtsCenter
                      Bingo                       Wednesdays,
  the sights and      Tuesday, January 26
                                                  January 20 - April 7         January 27– March 3
    aromas in         2:00-3:30pm at the          9:00-11:00am                 6:00-9:00pm
   Caroleena’s        Century Center.
 Tuscan Kitchen.                                                               at the Century Center.
                      Ages 55 & up. Free.
                                                                               Ages 18 & up. $174
                      Please call 918-7364
                                                                               public; $157 Friends,
                      to register. Ten games
                                                                               with an additional
                                                                               $100 fee for food
                                                                               paid to the instructor.
                                                                               Register at the
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                                         Page 3

Mind, Body and Soul                                                                         January 2010
  Chorus Class                   Photography                     Whether teaching Nia, Drama Classes
  Thursdays,      New!           Workshop:                        or Camps, or leading participants on
  January 28 - April 1           Winter in the Triangle                 Day Trips or Nature Hikes,
  6:30-7:30pm                    Field Work: Friday,            Instructor Kate Finlayson is always full of
  at the Century Center.         January 29, location
  Ages 16 & up. $105             TBA. 5:00-7:00pm
                                                                           passion and energy!
                                 Project & Share Images:
                                 Friday, Feb. 12 from
                                 5:00-7:00pm at the
                                 Century Center.
                                 Ages 18 & up.
                                 $46 Public; $42 Friends.
                             The Friday afternoon small-
                             group workshop will review
                             photographic technique,
     New Chorus Class        composition, lighting, and
   for Adults —A Great
                             provide time to shoot.
   Evening Opportunity!
                             Call 918-7364 details.

          Instructor Spotlight: Kate Finlayson – A Woman who Loves Life
  Kate Finlayson has been a professional actor for 30 years, performing in television, film and
theatre in Dallas, Los Angeles, and North Carolina. She has been a go-go dancer for a Motown
  all girl band, a game show contest and a stand-in for comedian Jonathan Winters. She is an
acting instructor for Duke Drama Workshop for teens and has been teaching Extreme Acting for
                    the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department since 2002.

 After discovering the natural beauty of NC, Kate became a certified Environmental Educator
for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and Education Chair for New Hope Audubon Society.
She began leading Golden Trail hikes for Carrboro in 2001, specializing in bird identification.

 Kate began teaching Nia in 2005, and over the last four years has received her White, Blue,
  Brown, Green and Black Belts in the Nia Technique as well as Nia 5 Stages certification. She
has experienced incredible self healing physically, mentally, and emotionally through the prac-
tice of Nia and loves sharing the joy of movement with others! She teaches two classes a week
                for Carrboro and leads the seasonal Nia Jams in Century Hall.
             Learn more about Kate by visiting her website

         This is not a comprehensive listing, but a highlight of events and courses offered each month.
        For more information and future event/course listings, visit us at:
                          Please call the main office with questions (919) 918-7364.
Page 4                     Carrboro—A Palette of Programs
January 2010                                                                      The Sports Page
     Parent & Child                   Leagues                 Girls Volleyball                New for Youth
     Events/Classes                                           Mid March - late May
                                 Spring Baseball              Ages 10-13 as of              Sunday Baseball
   Basketball Shootout           Beginning Mid March          August 31, 2009.              Pitching Clinics
   Sunday, January 24th          Ages as of                   Fee: $55 for Orange           Ages listed are as of
   Ages: 7-8                     Aug.31, 2009.                County Residents; $92         start of class.
   Ages: 9-10                    Pee Wee…6-8 years            for Non-Orange                February 21
   Ages: 11-12                   Mite……... 9-10 years         County Residents.             2:00pm-3:00pm
   Fee: $15 per team             Minors……11-12 yrs.                                         Ages 9-10.
                                 Fee: $55 for Orange Teams will practice on                 February 21
A team consisting of a           Co. Residents; $92 for Monday's and/or                     3:15-4:15pm
child and parent/guardian        Non-Orange Residents. Wednesday's during the               Ages 11-12.
will compete against other                                 evening with an occasional       February 28
teams of similar youth       Teams practice once a         Saturday or Sunday.              2:00pm-3:00pm
age. Teams will compete week (Monday-Thursday) Games begin in mid April                     Ages 9-10.
in various basketball skills during the evening and        and are mostly played on         February 28
for points.                  Saturday during the day. Sunday afternoons.                    3:15pm-4:15pm
                             Games begin in mid April                                       Ages 11-12.
     C.L.A.S.S. – Basket-    and run into early June.           New for Adults
     ball children learning                                                             Former UNC-Greensboro
     athletic sports skills  Openings are accepted            Tennis Fitness            pitcher and current Minor
     March 2 - March 18      on a first come - first serve    January 29 - Feb. 12      leaguer, Pat Currin will
     Tuesdays & Thursdays basis. Registration forms           Fridays,                  lead instruction on the
     from 6:15-7:15pm.       must be completed and            10:00-11:00am             fundamentals of pitching.
     Ages 4-6 as of start    signed by a parent or            at the Century Center.    Focus will be on
     of class. Fee: $47.     guardian.                        Ages 18 & up. $39         developing skills in an
                                                                                        effort to throw strikes with
Instructor guides both          Middle School                 Adult Basketball          consistency.
the child and parent in         Baseball                      Class
understanding the skills        May into mid June.            March 1– 17th
of passing, catching,           Ages: 13-14 as of             Mondays and
dribbling, and shooting.        August 31, 2009.              Wednesdays
                                Fee: $55 for Orange           6:15-7:15pm.
   C.L.A.S.S. – Baseball        Co. Residents; $92 for        Fee: $47.
   children learning            Non-Orange Residents.
   athletic sports skills                                 The instructor will guide
   April 10 – May 15         Registration accepted on     the participant in
   Saturday’s,               a first come - first serve   understanding the skills
   9:00-10:00am              basis. Participants are      and various aspects of
   Ages 4-6 as of start      placed primarily onto        basketball.
   of class. Fee: $47        teams by school attended.

Instructor guides both       Registration forms must be                                   For more youth sports
the child and parent in      completed and signed by                                      opportunities visit the
understanding the skills     a parent or guardian.                                       Summer and Day Camp
of throwing, catching,       School players are                                             sections on pages
fielding, and hitting.       encouraged to participate.                                          7 and 8.
Carrboro—A Palette of Programs                                                                         Page 5

Youth Classes and Teen Scene                                                          January 2010

                   Abrakadoodle Art                    Dance & Creative               Young Gymnast—
                   Saturdays,                          Movement                       Preschool
                   Jan. 30 - March 20                  Mondays,                       Ages 3-5 years. $42.
                   at the Century Center.              January 25 - Feb. 22           Century Center.
                       Picasso Doodle,                 Held at the Century            Tuesdays,
                       One Day Workshop:               Center. $42.                   January 26 - Feb. 23
                       Ages 6-12 years.                Ages 3-4 meet from             3:30-4:15pm.
                       10:00-11:00am. $8.              3:15-4:00pm. And               Wednesdays,
                                                       Ages 5-10 meet from            January 27 - Feb. 24
                       Twoosy:                         4:15-5:15pm.                   3:15-4:00pm.
                       Ages 20 mo. - 3 yrs.
                       9:15-9:45am. $100.              Dance Exploration              Young Gymnast—
                       Books and music are             Thursdays,                     Youth
                       incorporated into               January 28 - Feb. 25           Ages 6-11.
                       these lessons and a             Held at the Century            Century Center. $42.
                       parent/caregiver is             Center. $42.                   Tuesdays,
                       asked to participate.           Ages 3-4 meet from             January 26 - Feb. 23
                                                       3:30-4:15pm. And               4:30-5:30pm.
                       Mini Doodlers:                  Ages 5-10 meet from            Wednesdays,
                       Ages 3-5 years.                 4:30-5:30pm.                   January 27 - Feb. 24
                       10:00-10:45am.                                                 4:15-5:15pm.
                       $100.                           Dance & Technique
                                                       Thursdays,                     Drawing
                       Doodlers:                       Jan. 28- March 25              Tuesdays,
                       Ages 6-12 years.                No class 3/11.                 January 26 - March 2
                       11:00-11:45am.                  6:00-7:00pm at the             Held at the Century
                       $100.                           Century Center.                Center. $50.
                   Abrakadoodle provides a             Ages 5-10. $50.                Ages 5-8 meet from
                   multicultural art education                                        3:30-4:15pm. And
                   featuring contemporary                                             Ages 6-11 meet from
                   and master artists and art                                         4:30-5:30pm.
                                                       Jan. 28- March 25
                   techniques from around              No class 3/11.                 Cartoon and Lifelike
                   the world. For more                 7:15-8:15pm at the             Drawing
                   detailed information                Century Center.                Thursdays,
                   about these classes visit           Ages 8-13. $50.                January 28 - Feb. 25
                                                      at the Century Center.
                   /RP.                                                               Ages 8-12 meet from
                                                                                      Ages 12 & up meet

      This is not a comprehensive listing, but a highlight of events and courses offered each month.
     For more information and future event/course listings, visit us at:
                       Please call the main office with questions (919) 918-7364.
                                        Carrboro—A Palette of Programs                     Page 6

                                                                                           January 2010
Youth Classes and Teen Scene
 Piano - Beginners              Guitar - Beginners           Chess
 Mondays,                       Mondays,                     Tuesdays,
 January 25 - April 5           January 25 - April 5         January 26 - Feb. 23
 No class 3/29.                 No class 3/29.               5:30-6:30pm at the
 Century Center.                Century Center.              Century Center.
 Ages 6-11 $105.                Ages 11 & up. $133.          Ages 8-13. $42.
 Classes held from              5:30-6:30pm at the
                                                             Extreme Acting
 3:30-4:30pm And                Carrboro Civic Club.
 4:45-5:45pm.                   Kid’s World Kitchen                                        Learn more about
                                                             January 26 - April 27
 An additional $8.50            Tuesdays,                                              Extreme Acting Instructor,
                                                             No class 3/23 or
 fee for the instruction        January 26 - Feb. 23                                        Kate Finlayson,
 manual is paid to the          4:00-5:15pm at the                                     in our Instructor Spotlight
 instructor.                    Century Center.                                                  page 4.
                                                             Ages 13-18. $128.
                                Ages 9-13. $58.

                           Family Fun
                              Lollipop Series:                                           Entertainment
                              Trish Miller                                               Adventures:
                              Wednesday, Jan. 20                                         Community
                              10:30-11:30am at the                                       Drumming with Music
                              Century Center.                                            Explorium
                              Ages 3-5. $3/person.                                       Sunday, January 17
    Trish Miller                                             Toddler Preschool           3:00-4:00pm at
                           Trish Miller uses movement,       Playtime RETURNS            McDougle Middle
drew a large crowd
   at a previous           songs, shakers, puppets,                                      School Library.
                           and her big blue guitar                                       All ages welcome.
  Century Center                                             January 12 - April 27
                           to entertain and capture                                      FREE.
   performance.                                              10:00-11:30am
                           the imagination of pre-
                           schoolers.                        Century Center Hall       All levels are welcome and
                                                             $3 per participating      those who have never
                                                             child. Ages 5 & under. drummed with others are
                                                                                       especially encouraged to
                                                         Come in from the cold and feel the spirit of rhythm
                                                         let your child have room to and dance with a group.
                                                         use those large motor skills It will lift up your soul!
                                                         while playing with friends.
                                                         Meet other parents or
                                                         caregivers and allow your
                                                         child to enjoy some
                                                         unstructured play with
                                                         blocks, mats, tunnels, music,
                                                         & more!
Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                         Page 7

Summer Camp Corner                                                           January 2010
                      Sports Camps                                       Soccer Camps
                      Register Now!                                      Register at
                      Ages are of the start of                           Fees listed on the
                      each camp.                                         website.
 Have Your Child’s
                      Classes run Monday-Friday                          Half Day—
                      unless otherwise noted.                            June 14 - June 17
                                                                         Monday - Thursday
  Fun and Fitness!
                         Basketball                                      8:30-11:30am
                         June 28 - July 2                                and/or
                         8:30-11:30am                                    July 19 - July 22
                         Ages 9-11. $85                                  8:30-11:30am
      For more                                      Field Hockey
                         July12 - July16 for                             Ages 6-14.
  information call
     918-7364.           Ages 6-8. $85
                                                  Volleyball             Mini Kickers—
                         Taste of Sports          July 26 - July 30      June 14 - June 17
                         July 19 - July 23        8:00-11:00am           Monday- Thursday
                          8:00-11:00am            Ages 10-13. $85        and/or
                         Ages 6-9. $85                                   July 19 - July 22
                                                  Ultimate Frisbee       8:30-9:30am
                         Field Hockey             July 26 - July 30      Ages 4-5.
  Taste of Sports        June 28 - July 2         8:00-11:00am
       Camp              8:00-11:00am             Ages 10-15. $85
                                                                             For more
  (below) teaches        Ages 10-13. $85                                youth athletic events
  participants the       and/or                                               visit the
 fundamentals in a       July 12 - July 16                                  Sports Page
 variety of sports.      8:00-11:00am                                       on page 4.
                         Ages 10-13. $85

        Registration begins Tuesday, January 5th for Carrboro residents (8:30am) and
        Wednesday, January 6th (8:30am) for residents outside of Carrboro town limits.
Page 8

January 2010
To enrich the leisure needs and quality of life for our citizens.

Carrboro Recreation and Parks
                                    The Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department offers
100 North Greensboro St.
                                                    On-line Registration.
Carrboro NC 27510
                                     Visit and click on the
Phone: 919-918-7364                RecConnect Online Registration symbol in the upper right.
Hours: Monday-Friday,              Camp Corner: Day Camps
Offices located in the               Kinderventures                                      Taste of Summer
Century Center.                      June 14 – June 18                                  July 12-July 16
Office closed on major holidays.     9:00am-12:00pm                                     8:30am-3:30pm
                                     Ages 4-5. $88                                      Ages 6-9. $145

Day Camps                            June 21 – June 25
Days and locations vary              9:00am-12:00pm
with each camp.                      Ages 4-5. $88                  Carrboro Survivor
                                                                    June 28 – July 2
                                     June 28 – July 2               8:30am – 12:30pm
                                     9:00am-12:00pm                 Ages 6-8. $105
                                     Ages 3-5. $88
                                                                    June 28 – July 2
                                     July 6 – July 9                1:30pm –5:30pm
                                     9:00am-12:00pm                 Ages 9-12. $105
                                     Ages 3-5. $76                                      Eco Adventures
                                                                                        July 19 – July 23
                                                                    Eco Explorers       8:30am-12:30pm
                                     July 12-July 16                June 14 - June 18
                                     9:00am-12:00pm                                     Ages 9-12. $120
    Tennis Camps                                                    8:30am-12:00pm
    June 14 – June 17                Ages 3-5. $88                  Ages 6-9. $105      Rock Band Camps
    9:00am-12:00pm                                                                      July 19 – July 23
                                     Art Extravaganza
    Ages 9-12. $78                                                  Fishing             1:00-3:00pm
                                     June 21 – June 25
                                                                    June 21 - June 25   Ages 12-14. $165
    June 21 – June 24                8:30am-12:30pm
                                                                    and/or              Aug 2 – Aug 6
    9:00am-12:00pm                   Ages 6-9. $93
                                                                    July 12-July 16     1:00 - 3:00pm
    Ages 9-12. $78                                                  2:30-5:00pm         Ages 15-18. $165
                                                                    Ages 8-13. $80
    July 6 – July 9
    Ages 9-12. $78                                                                      Extreme Drama
                                                                    Music Around the
    9:00am – 12:00pm                                                                    Camp
                                                                                        July 26 – July 30
                                                                    July 6 – July 9
    July 26 – July 29                                                                   1:30-4:30pm
                                                                    8:30am – 12:30pm
    9:00am – 12:00pm                                                                    Ages 11-16. $117
                                                                    Ages 6-9. $83
    Ages 9-12. $78

          Registration begins Tuesday, January 5th for Carrboro residents (8:30am) and
          Wednesday, January 6th (8:30am) for residents outside of Carrboro town limits.

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