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   Advanced Academics includes education for            Referrals for the Gifted and Talented Program by any
   students, K-12, who need to be taught at a faster    adult (gr. K-12) or student (Gr. 6-12 only) MUST be
   pace and/or at a more complex level than their       submitted to the campus counselor by Nov. 24, 2009.
   peers in order to thrive educationally.
                                                           November 9-24, 2009- Referral Window
       In elementary schools:                              Jan. 11-29, 2010- G/T Identification Testing
            All classrooms address the needs of ad-        Window for All Nominated Students
   vanced learners.                                        Feb. 26, 2010- Parents Notified
            The Gifted and Talented (GT) program
   identifies students who require a teacher with       Services begin for Kindergarteners on March 1,
   extra training to meet the content, instructional,   2010 and for Students in Grades 1-12 in the fall of
   and emotional needs of gifted students.              2010.
            G/T Students participate in an enrich-
   ment pullout program called PFLEX—
   Pflugerville Learning Extensions.
       At middle and high school:                                     For further information, please
            Students may choose Advanced Place-
   ment (Pre-AP and AP) courses.
                                                                      contact your student’s campus
                                                                      counselor or PFLEX instructor
            GT identified students are served inside
   the Pre-AP and AP courses by GT trained
                                                                             G/T Coordinator                                    Academics
   teachers.                                                                   at 594-0124
            At middle school, G/T students have the                                                                                 including
   opportunity to participate in the G/T enrichment
   PFLEX elective.

      A DV AN CE D A C A DE MI CS P R O-
                      GR A M                                                                                                           for
             MI SSI ON ST AT E ME NT
    The mission of Pflugerville ISD Advanced                Pflugerville ISD Advanced Academics Program is offered
                                                                                                                              Gifted and Talented
   Academics Program is to identify potential high
   academic students and provide them with oppor-
                                                            without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, dis-
                                                            ability, or those with limited English speaking skills. None of
                                                            the above will pose a barrier to admission or participation.
   tunities for:
       1) Academic rigor, depth, and breadth
       2) Acceleration
       3) College Preparation
       4) Nurturing healthy social and emotional

QUESTION: Is my student a candidate to be                     Transfer students unable to provide test data      QUESTION: What does the term, “differentiated
identified as gifted and talented?                     from their previous school will be placed in standard     instruction for advanced learning,” mean?
A gifted and talented student is one who exhib-        classes and may be nominated for screening during              Lessons are more complex and abstract
its:                                                   the next screening window.                                     Focus on critical and creative thinking
       High verbal, quantitative, or spatial ability                                                                  Varied learning environments
       Many identified gifted characteristics and      QUESTION: When does screening occur?                           Students have product choices
       Great potential in one or more academic                Kindergarten – (Nov. – Feb.) - identifies stu-          Students delve deeply into topics
       fields                                          dents for services in March, 2010                              Rate of lessons may increase
                                                              Grades 1-12 – (Nov. – Feb.) - identifies stu-           Encourage Advanced Academic students
QUESTION: How does Pflugerville ISD identify           dents for services the next school year.                       to:
students as gifted and talented?                          (See ba ck of b roch ure for speci fic d ue da tes.)                 Question, investigate and research
Step One- An adult or student (gr. 6-12) may                                                                                   Use effective interpersonal skills
nominate students. Forms are available in cam-                                                                                 Develop personal responsibility
                                                       QUESTION: Once students are identified, what hap-
pus offices.                                                                                                                   for learning
Step Two - Nominated students will be evalu-                                                                                   Develop leadership skills.
                                                                Kindergarten - GT students remain in their
ated using a variety of information:
                                                       assigned classrooms. Content of lessons is deepened
        CogAT Intelligence Test, K-12                                                                            Advanced Academic instruction does not
                                                       and extended, and instruction is differentiated to
        Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test                                                                        mean more busy work. Students will work on
                                                       match the needs of advanced students. All Kindergar-
        Scales for Identifying Gifted Students                                                                   more complex assignments.
                                                       ten teachers are GT trained. GT students participate in
                                                       PFLEX enrichment class.
        Student product rating                                                                                   QUESTION: What if a student does not qualify?
                                                               1st - 5th grades - GT students are clustered in
Step Three - Campus G/T Committee will meet                                                                      The academic needs of all students should be
                                                       small groups within a standard classroom with a GT-
to evaluate student’s project following                                                                          met whether identified for GT or not. Students
                                                       trained teacher. Content of lessons is deepened and
Pflugerville ISD district guidelines for identifi-                                                               not qualifying may be renominated and reevalu-
                                                       extended, and instruction is differentiated to match
cation.                                                                                                          ated the following school year. Students may be
                                                       the needs of advanced students. GT students partici-
Step Four – Parents will be notified by letter of                                                                evaluated two years in a row. Then, they must
                                                       pate in PFLEX enrichment class.
their student’s qualification or non-qualification                                                               wait a year before being reevaluated a third time.
                                                               6th – 12th grades - GT students are clustered
for services.
                                                       within Pre-Advanced Placement classes (6th - 12th)
                                                                                                                 QUESTION: How will Pflugerville ISD commu-
QUESTION: What about students who were                 and Advanced Placement classes (9th-12th). Pre-AP         nicate with parents of GT students?
identified in another district and transfer into       courses use standard content with advanced strategies           District Website
PISD?                                                  and critical thinking skills. AP courses use college            PFLEX teacher website
Students identified in another school or district      level curriculum, advanced strategies, and critical             Parent/School Meetings
must meet Pflugerville ISD’s criteria.                 thinking skills. High school students may also choose
       Students arriving in PISD with identifica-      to participate in the Distinguished Achievement Pro-
tion records from sending district will be placed      gram (DAP), and/or participate in individual studies
in a GT cluster classroom pending PISD’s next          with a mentor teacher. G/T students in Gr. 6-8 have
available identification window. These students        the opportunity to participate in G/T PFLEX elective.
will then be automatically screened.