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									TOWSON                                                                                                           TOWSON
UNIVERSITY                                                    Scholarships available for highly
                                                              qualified applicants.

Faculty                                                      TOWSON UNIVERSITY

Hana Bor, Program Director
                                                                                                                 Graduate Programs in
Jewish Education and Jewish Communal Services
Associate Professor, Education/Instructional Leadership
& Professional Development
                                                                 Beth Steiner, Recruitment Director
                                                                 Graduate Programs in Judaic Studies
                                                                                                                 Judaic Studies
Ph.D., Baltimore Hebrew University
                                                                 Graduate School
Susanna Garfein, Program Director                                8000 York Road
Jewish Studies                                                   Towson, MD 21252
Assistant Professor, Hebrew Bible and Northwest Se-
mitic Languages
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies                   Phone: 410-704-4719
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University                                  Fax: 410-704-4675
Barry Freundel
Assistant Professor, Rabbinic Literature and History
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Rabbinical Ordination, REITS, Yeshiva University
Ph.D., Baltimore Hebrew University

Barry M. Gittlen
Professor, Biblical and Archaeological Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies            Baltimore Hebrew Institute provides scholarship for                 Jewish Studies
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania                         affiliated graduate students, and supports community
                                                          outreach programs and adult education.                              Jewish Communal
Rebecca Shargel                                                                                                               Services
Assistant Professor, Literacy & Jewish Education          For more information contact
Department of Educational Technology & Literacy                                                                               Jewish Education
EdD, William Davidson School of Education, JTS            Erika Schon, Director
Shimon Shokek                                   
Professor, Jewish Thought and Mysticism
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies            Michelle Taylor, Assistant Director
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem                     410-704-7118
Valerie Thaler
Assistant Professor, American Jewish History
Department of History
Ph.D., Yale University

    Judaic Studies Programs

               Jewish Studies                                     Jewish                                               Jewish
                 The Master of Arts in                            Communal                                             Education
                 Jewish Studies in the
                 College of Liberal Arts                          Services                                              The Master of
is an interdisciplinary program that                                                             Arts in Jewish Education in the College
                                              The Master of Arts in Jewish Communal
offers students immersion in Jewish                                                              of Education provides students with the
                                              Services in the College of Liberal Arts
classics and humanities as well as                                                               most current and essential tools to
                                              prepares students for careers as
comprehension of the scope of the                                                                become highly qualified and effective
                                              professional leaders for the Jewish
Jewish experience. Graduates of this                                                             Jewish educators in formal and
                                              community. The program utilizes a
program often pursue advanced                                                                    informal Jewish educational settings.
                                              multi-dimensional curriculum that
degrees in areas such as Archaeology,         combines courses in leadership and                 Two tracks are available:
Rabbinics, Biblical History or                communal service with Judaic studies                 Teaching
Languages.                                    and practical field experience.                      Administrative
Core components include a six course                                                             Core components of both tracks
                                              Core components include:
sequence and a major in one of five                                                              include:
fields:                                          Six graduate Jewish studies courses
                                                                                                    Six graduate Jewish studies core
                                                 Six professional courses
    Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern                                                                courses
                                                 Supervised internship in Baltimore /
    Civilization                                                                                    Two education core courses
                                                  Washington, D.C. area
    Rabbinic Literature                                                                             Three methodology
                                                 Practicum seminar
    Jewish Thought & Mysticism                                                                       or Administration courses
                                                 Portfolio
   Jewish History                                                                                  Jewish education elective
    Contemporary Jewish Studies                                                                     Supervised internship in Baltimore /
                                              Dual degrees options with area MBA,
                                                                                                     Washington, D.C. area
                                              MSW and MPP programs are
Dual degrees in all Judaic studies                                                                  Practicum seminar
                                              available. Post Baccalaureate Certifi-
programs may be earned with                                                                         Portfolio
                                              cate also available.
special permission of the program
directors.                                                                                       Dual degree offered with MAT at
                                            All programs are supported by the outstanding        Towson University. Post Baccalaureate
                                              80,000 volume BHI Judaic Library collection
                                           at the Albert S. Cook Library at Towson University.
                                                                                                 Certificate also available.

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