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									AOTULE Exchange Program

               AOTULE Student Exchange Program
                   Program Plan for 2010 - 1
 Host Professors must belong to the “Graduate School of Engineering at
  Tokyo Tech” → Please see “Professor Profiles 2010” (the blue brochure)
 One or two student(s) from each member institution will be selected. Total
  number : ca. 12.
 Graduate School of Engineering of Tokyo Tech will provide financial support
  (travel and living expenses) for the stay of exchange students.
   The specific amount will be decided in April/May, 2010. Living Expenses will
   be approximately \4,500 per day.
 Stay from early-June to late-August is highly advisable.
  The stay should be Longer than 70 days Up to 90 days.
  Exchange students will stay in assigned rooms during their periods of stay.
   (Please participate in the two-day Multi-disciplinary International Student
   Workshop (MISW) in early August at Tokyo Tech)
 Nominee: Graduate students, Research-oriented.
AOTULE Exchange Program

              AOTULE Student Exchange Program
                  Program Plan for 2010 - 2
 Announcement : see our website for details
 Submission deadline to Graduate School of Engineering of Tokyo Tech is
  February 12, 2010 from AOTULE member university
  We cannot accept applications from students directly. Students, please
  submit your application package to your Dean’s Office by your university’s
  deadline. Then, your Dean’s Office will nominate one or two candidate(s) with
  priority information and submit nomination(s) to Tokyo Tech.
 We will notify your Dean’s Office the names of finalists and alternate
  candidates. Those applicants will be given opportunities to directly discuss
  with preferred host profs.
 Once the agreement of acceptance is made with host prof., the applicant will
  report to the Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Tech and his/her Dean’s
 Final Decision and notification : mid-March, 2010
AOTULE Exchange Program

                          Application Package
 1. Student’s CV (free format), including the name of faculty & department,
    academic background, and name, e-mail address of your supervisor,
    current program where you are enrolled and the year of your entrance,
    and other general information, with your passport-sized photo on the
    right-top corner on the first page.
    If English is not the mother language of the applicant, please include
    English proficiency test score.
 2. The field of interest and research / study plan at Graduate School of
    Engineering of Tokyo Tech (free format, approx.500 words). The
    applicant should specify the detailed area of study and preferred host
    professors / associate professors.
 3. Transcript (certificate of academic scores) on the undergraduate
    education and graduate education, if any.
 4. “Application Form” which is available from your Dean’s Office of
    College(Faculty) of Engineering, at your institution.
AOTULE Exchange Program

            Key : Communication with Host Profs.

   After receiving your application package from your Dean’s office at
    your university, we will acknowledge receipt of the application and
    grant permission for the student candidate to contact the desired host
    professors and explore the research plan for the exchange program.
   We request that each exchange student and his/her supervisor discuss
    in advance your proposed research with the host Professor at Tokyo
    Tech before you arrive.
AOTULE Exchange Program

                   Organization of Tokyo Tech
 CAUTION!!! Only the Graduate School of Engineering accepts candidates.
         Graduate School of Science & Engineering
Graduate School of Science Graduate School of Engineering
(Dean Prof. Oka) 理学系       (Dean Prof. Okazaki) 工学系

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Sci. & Eng.       総合理工学研究科

Graduate School of Bioscience & Biotechnology          生命理工学研究科

Graduate School of Information Science & Engineering 情報理工学研究科

Graduate School of Decision Sci. & Technol.            社会理工学研究科

Graduate School of Innovation Management イノベーションマネジメント研究科

   Precision and      Materials and       Chemical
    Intelligence       Structures        Resources
                                                          for Nuclear
     Laboratory        Laboratory        Laboratory
  AOTULE Exchange Program

         AOTULE 2010 Exchange Application flow chart
                   Simplified schematic of the application process
“Prof. Profiles 2010”
  (blue brochure)                         2. Feb.12, Submission deadline
                                          with priority in ranking
                    AOTULE member                                           Tokyo Tech
                                             3. Notification to finalists    Graduate
                                             and alternate candidates
                           university                                        School of
                                             to contact host profs.
 “Application           Dean’s office
 Form”                                     7. March 15, notification
                                           of final selection

              1. Internal    4.Notifi-
                deadline     cation to                                      Faculty-Hosts
                             contact                                        at Tokyo Tech
                             host prof.

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