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									                                                                                                         Whistler, BC
                                                                                                         May 8-10, 2008
                                                                                                         Fairmont Chateau

                                                                                                         Thanks to our sponsors and

                                                                                                         Eagle Crest Level:
                                                                                                         - Capilano (Conference Host Institution)
                                                                                                         - Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts
                                                                                                         - Tourism British Columbia
                               Delegate Program
                                                                                                         Cedar Creek Level:
Welcome!                                                                                                 - Aboriginal Tourism BC
Global Climate Change and Tourism: it’s a key issue for our industry. Thank you for joining              - Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre
us to help take action at this year’s Tourism Educators Conference. This popular event has
been bringing together tourism/hospitality educators and industry colleagues since 1991.                 - Whistler Blackcomb
This year’s conference will prove to be an exciting step forward, bringing together new ideas            - Ziptrek Ecotours
and resources for educators and industry trainers, and innovations in instructional and in-
dustry-linkage strategies, in addition to putting the spotlight on a pressing issue. As part of          Wind and Wave Level:
this way forward, you’ll note that this year’s program is printed on 100% recycled                       - go2
paper, and is shorter than in previous years. Detailed session descriptors have
been posted online, and will be available both on our conference bulletin boards, and as a               - Royal Roads University
reference at the registration desk. You can learn more about conference conservation ef-
forts on pages 2 and 4.                                                                                  Thompson Rivers University, Ethical Bean, Salt Spring
Thanks for helping us reduce our footprint, and enjoy the conference!                                    Island Roasting Co., GAP Adventures, Aspenware.

 TEC 2008 came together as a result of a col-       Brophy for their assistance in securing a $99 per
 laborative planning process between this year’s    night room rate, and their dedication to eco-
 host institution (Capilano), LinkBC network        meet standards. Thanks also to, the
 staff, and a provincial planning team. Thanks to   Resort Municipality of Whistler, ZipTrek Ecot-
 host committee members: Chris Bottrill, Greig      ours, Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler Eco-Tours,
 Gjerdalen, Shari Bergman, Dawn Morrison, Mike      and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre for
 Proud, Tim Schoahs, and Stephanie Wells. Join-     their contributions to the overall conference
 ing these Capilano team members were Robin         experience. Additional thanks goes to sponsors:
 Reid (Thompson Rivers University), Bob Pfister     Tourism British Columbia, Capilano (a sponsor
 (Vancouver Island University), and Lee Aitchison   in addition to hosting the conference), the Minis-
 (Camosun College). Jackie Challis served as        try of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, Aboriginal
 event coordinator and was supported by Terry       Tourism BC, go2, and Royal Roads University,
 Hood, Morgan Geisler, and Terry Bubb (LinkBC       and conference supporters Thompson Rivers
 network). The conference planning team would       University, Ethical Bean Coffee Co., Salt Spring
 like to acknowledge the support of the Fairmont    Coffee Co., Aspenware, and GAP Adventures
 Chateau Whistler, their staff, and Jennifer        for their donations.

                      This program is printed on 100% recycled paper
             Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                  Page 1

 Resources for TEC 2008 Delegates                                                                              Remember …
                                      In order to ensure TEC 2008 delivers the delegate milestones at left,      dress code
                                      a special wiki page has been reserved on, the global jour-
                                      nal of practical ecotourism. Delegates are encouraged to log on to       for the Tourism
                                      to access resources for instructors and a dialogue related to the         Conference is
                                      conference theme. Thanks to Ron Madur of Planeta for creating the
                                      TEC 2008 questions for delegates.                                        business casual!

                                  go2 supports the BC tourism industry to become leaders and
                                  agents of change in creating a model for sustainable tourism in
                                  our Province. This change is critical for our environment and our
                                  economy to thrive now and for future generations to come.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Tourism Educators Conference
 Histor y of TEC

1991 - Yellow Point Lodge (Nanaimo), host: SFU & Pacific Rim Institute
  This is where we will list the previous sites where TEC has been held …
of Tourism (PRIT) ♦1992 - Salmon Arm Houseboats, host: SFU,
  Vancouver, BC (2007) — As part of the CTHRC Tourism HR Forum—Victoria, BC (2006),
Okanagan Community College & PRIT ♦1993 - Tsa-kwa-luten Lodge
Quadra Island, host: SFU & PRIT ♦1994 - Whistler Conference Centre,
host: PRIT ♦1995 - Whistler Conference Centre, host: PRIT ♦1996 -
Silver Star Resort (Vernon), host: PRIT ♦1997- Harrison Hot Springs
Resort, host: PRIT ♦1998 - University of Victoria campus, host: Univer-
sity of Victoria and PRIT ♦1999 - Kelowna, Okanagan University College
campus, host: O.U.C. and PRIT♦ 2000 - Burnaby: Simon Fraser Univer-
sity campus, host: VCC , Capilano College and SFU, PRIT closes doors in
2000 ♦2001- Nelson: Selkirk College campus, host: Selkirk College ♦
2002 - no conference ♦ 2003 - Kamloops: Sun Peaks Resort, host: Uni-
versity College of the Cariboo – now TRU ♦ 2004 - Vancouver Com-
munity College campus, host: VCC and Capilano College ♦ 2005 -                TEC 2005 took participants on the road in the Yukon!
Whitehorse Coach, Train and Boat fam. tour, host: Yukon College ♦
2006 - Coast Harbourside Hotel and University of Victoria campus, host: UVIC with support from the BC Centre for Tourism Lead-
ership and Innovation (BCTLI) ♦ 2007 - Coast Plaza at Stanley Park (combined with CTHRC National Tourism HR Conference), co-
ordinator: BCTLI ♦ 2008 - Fairmont Chateau Whistler, host: Capilano, provincial planning group; coordinator: the LinkBC Network
(first TEC to create green meeting goals).
2009 - Coastal Tourism and Environmental Issues in the Cruise Sector, host: to be determined, coordinator: the LinkBC network ♦
2010 - University of Calgary campus and other locations, host: Alberta Consortium of tourism/hospitality programs ♦ 2011: accepting
expressions of interest from potential hosts: please contact LinkBC network - or 604.984.1750.

                       As this year’s host institution, and a proud conference sponsor, Capilano
                   would like to welcome you to the 2008 Tourism Educators Conference. We hope
                   you’ll enjoy learning from your peers in the fields of tourism/hospitality education
                   and the study of Global Climate Change. It’s been a pleasure leading the planning
                                  committee and we look forward to a great conference!
 Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                                    Page 2

 Delegate Milestones: What to Expect from TEC 2008
 The conference committee created the following delegate milestones to shape the planning of
 the conference:

 - Delegate Milestone 1: Achieve a common understanding of the critical issues facing tourism
 and hospitality educators regarding global climate change.
 - Delegate Milestone 2: Generate commitment and a desire amongst tourism and hospitality
 educators to take action on relevant issues of Global Climate Change.
 - Delegate Milestone 3: Achieve common agreement amongst participating tourism and
 hospitality educators on collective actions concerning relevant issues of Global Climate Change.

                              Tourism British Columbia’s SuperHost® Program
                              Tourism British Columbia has been delivering world class customer service training since 1985, when Su-
                              perHost Fundamentals was developed and introduced to prepare British Columbians to host the world for
                              Expo ’86. Since its inception, SuperHost has been delivered to an estimated 880,000 participants world-

                              Program options for industry clients are diversified as the industry has eight different SuperHost work-
                              shops to choose from ranging from full day training for Front-line employees and Managers, to specialized
                              half day sessions. Workshop components can also be combined to meet training and learning require-
Credibility of the program extends outside BC as Canadian Provinces and Territories such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, Yukon, Nunavut
have licensed the workshops. On the international scene, 18 countries have embraced the program, most recently our neighbours to
the south, Washington State, where the program is being delivered through Walla Walla and Everett Community Colleges.

As SuperHost programs have evolved over time, so has the need to be more sensitive to an environmentally fragile world. Currently, all
program collateral is printed on recycled paper with the shift in the near future to print on 100% recycled for all workbooks, and certifi-
cates. Name cards used in workshops, will be produced on recycled cardboard. For our bi-annual newsletter, “Lasting Impressions” also
printed on 100% recycled paper, we have consciously decided to printing lower counts to reduce paper consumption, and finally, new
SuperHost “promo pens” will be produced using 100% recyclable paper and corn starch trim. Training delivery practices have also be-
come more environmentally friendly, for example, reducing the use of flipchart paper.

The SuperHost team will continue to look for opportunities to be more environmentally friendly so that our reputation for great pro-
gramming is coupled with a reputation for supporting a sustainable environment. Tourism BC and the SuperHost program are
proud to be a sponsor of TEC 2008!

Fairmont’s ECO-Meet Mandatory Requirements
Fairmont Hotels has adopted a comprehensive set of best practices regarding more ecological
meetings. TEC 2008 follows “ECO-meet” requirements in four key areas:
♦   Eco Service - E.g.: Bulletin boards are provided to post announcements for delegates
    instead of printing individual notes for each participant, recycling containers are made
    readily available and emptied frequently, inedible food and organic waste are composted,
♦   Eco Accommodation - E.g.: Rooms are given particular attention to be at temperature
    set-point, instead of heated or cooled, and to ensure lights and television are off when
    guest is not in the room, etc.
♦   Eco Cuisine - E.g.: Menus focus on regional cuisine using local ingredients and recipes (minimum 50% BC-based), wines and beer
    from BC (100%), individual servings of condiments are avoided, water is served in jugs rather than bottles, etc.
♦   Eco Programming - E.g.: Preferences are given to tour operators with environmental mandates, self-powered trips, tours based
    in Whistler or with minimal transportation to and from hotel, and operators that donate funds locally, etc.
  Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                        Page 3
                                                  To review detailed session descriptors, visit
 Conference Program At-A-Glance          and click “PROGRAM”,
                                                  check the conference bulletin board, or borrow a reference copy from the reg-
                                                  istration desk. This will save approximately 1000 sheets of paper!

Date                Time                                             Session                                     Location
                                                                                                           (subject to change, please
                                                                                                                 check boards)
            12:00 noon - 1:00 pm   LUNCH. Conference Begins: Welcoming and Introductory Remarks            Frontenac A
May 8th

            1:15 pm - 2:30 pm      Concurrent Sessions:
                                   A1 - International students in the classroom                            Frontenac B
                                   A2 - TORC: The Tourism Online Resource Centre                           Empress B
                                   A3 - The proposed national learning transfer system                     Frontenac C

            2:30 pm - 3:00 pm      Networking and Refreshment Break                                        Frontenac Foyer

            3:00 pm - 4:15 pm      Concurrent Sessions:
                                   A4 - Marketing and recruitment strategies for programs                  Frontenac B
                                   A5 - Maintaining a strong tourism/hospitality faculty                   Empress B
                                   A6 - Proposed online learning resources for Canadian and UK tour-       Frontenac C
                                   ism/hospitality students

            4:15 pm - 5:30 pm      Delegate Free Time
                                   Informal meetings scheduled:
                                   - New Proposed Format for the 2009 Student Case Competition             Please check bulletin
                                   - Initial planning for TEC 2009 (coastal tourism and cruise theme)      boards and listen for an-
                                   - Secondary Tourism Educators Group (STEG)                              nouncements,

            5:30 pm - 8:00 pm      TEC 2008 OPENING DINNER AND RECEPTION                                   Dinner Reception and
                                   (Informal, stand-up dinner reception)                                   Presentation:
                                                                                                           Woodlands Terrace
                                   B1 - Opening Reception with Peter Robinson, David Suzuki Founda-
                                   tion: The Global Reach of Climate Change - What Tourism/
                                   Hospitality Educators Should Know

                                   (receive one free ticket valid at the cash bar, open for the evening)

                                   Delegate Free Time

Friday,     7:30 am                BREAKFAST. Announcements, and Housekeeping                              Frontenac A
May 9th     8:50 am - 8:50 am      B2 - Keynote address. The Challenge of Climate Change and Tourism: Frontenac A
                                   Blessing or Curse? Speaker: Anna Pollock, CEO of DestiCorp &
                                   Founder, The Icarus Foundation

            8:50 am - 9:45 am      B3 - Plenary session: The Science and Research Behind Tourism &         Frontenac A
                                   Climate Change. Presenters: Jackie Dawson, University of Waterloo
                                   and eCLAT; Dr. Joe Kelly, InterVISTAS.

            9:45 am - 10:15 am     Networking and Refreshment Break                                        Frontenac Foyer

            10:15 am - 11:25 am    B4 - Plenary panel presentation and dialogue: The BC Response to      Frontenac A
                                   Global Climate Change and Tourism. Joint Industry-Government
                                   Climate Team, Vancouver 2010 - Sustainability Initiatives, Industry -
                                   the Sustainable Tourism Collective, Government - developing synergy
                                   through the Green Tourism Forum.
   Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                                        Page 4

Date                     Time                                             Session                                               Location
                                                                                                                             (subject to change,
                                                                                                                            please check boards)

Friday,           11:30 am - 12:25 pm      Making the Link to Education: Selected Case Studies                          Frontenac A
May 9th                                    Engaging Students Using Arctic Examples; Weaving Sustainability
(Cont.)                                    Issues into Tourism Education and Training: Research from Ireland

                  12:30 pm - 1:30 pm       LUNCH & Open Dialogue.                                                       Frontenac A
                                           B6 - Our Host Community : The Whistler Story

                  1:45 pm - 5:00 pm        B7 - Whistler Field Excursions: Stewardship in Action                        See bulletin board for details.

                  6:00 pm - 8:30 pm        “A TASTE OF BC” DINNER and Presentation:                                     Dinner: Frontenac A
                                           B-8 Tourism & Hospitality Education in the Face of Global Climate
                                           Change: An International Snapshot.
                                           (Dinner and presentation to be followed by a desert reception. Receive one   Desert Reception: Frontenac
                                           free ticket valid at the cash bar.)                                          Foyer

Saturday,         7:30 am                  BREAKFAST, Announcements, and Housekeeping                                   Frontenac A
May 10th                                   B-9 Our Green Meeting Story: the road to TEC 2008                            Frontenac A
                  8:30 am - 9:45 am        Concurrent Sessions: Tourism & Hospitality Education: Showcase
                                           of Good Practices & Successes
                                           B10a - Adventure Tourism/Business Development Programs
                                           B10b - Tourism Management Programs                                           Frontenac B
                                           B10c - Culinary, Food Services, Hospitality Management Programs              Frontenac C
                                                                                                                        Empress A
                  9:45 am - 10:15 am       Networking and Refreshment Break
                                                                                                                        Frontenac Foyer
                  10:15 am - 10:40 am      B11 - Plenary Session: Taking Action: Addressing Common Actions
                                           for Tourism & Hospitality Educators                                          Frontenac A

                  10:40 am - 11:50         B11a - Concurrent breakout working groups (3-4), identifying
                                           common actions and a potential agreement                                     Frontenac B and C

                  12:00 noon - 1:10 pm B12 - Working LUNCH: Tools and strategies for tackling the is-
                                       sues. Carbon offsetting - a presentation from Offsetters Climate Neu- Frontenac A
                  1:10 pm - 1:25 pm    tral Society.

                                           B11a - Plenary Session - Tourism & Hospitality Educators: Common Frontenac A
                  1:25 pm - 1:45 pm        Action Agreements

                                           TEC 2008 Reflections and Summary: Global Climate Change and                  Frontenac A
                  1:45 pm - 2:00 pm        Tourism/Hospitality Educators: From Concern to Action

                  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm        TEC Closing Remarks                                                          Frontenac A

                                           Post-Conference Opportunity: Tour, North Vancouver Outdoor                   NVOS
                                           School and Environmental Education Centre, Brackendale                       (40 minutes south of
                                           (40 minutes south of Whistler).                                              Whistler)

Green Measures at TEC 2008: Build-a-Bag and More ...
In addition to the Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s Eco-meet standards to reduce the impact of our conference, a number of conservation
efforts have been made at TEC 2008, including this reduced printed program format, “build-a-bag” delegate information packages, and
the thoughtful selection of speaker’s gifts. Special thanks to Ethical Bean Coffee Company (, Salt Spring
Coffee Company (, and Aspenware (, for providing conference gifts.
Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                        Page 5

Conference Wayfinding
Here’s a map and quick reference for finding
your way around the conference at the Fairmont
Chateau Whistler:
♦ Business Centre: Convention Wing,
     across from the Empress Ballroom.
♦ Conference Rooms: Convention Wing,
     adjacent to the main lobby.
♦ Health Club (cardio, steam room and
     pool from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm): adjacent
     to the main lobby.
♦ Woodlands Terrace: 3rd floor, take
     elevator across from Macdonald EF.

                                     Royal Roads University is a unique special purpose institution situated
                                     on a beautiful National Historic Site with 565 acres of preserved old
                                     growth forest. The University is dedicated to environmental stewardship
                                     and responsible tourism. We are currently launching innovative programs in Sustainable
                                     Tourism and a Master of Arts in Tourism Management, and we continue to provide
                                     outstanding International Hotel Management degrees. To learn more please
                                     visit or contact: Beverley Dragseth -
                                     Promotions Coordinator 250-391-2600 ext 4163

The Resort Municipality of Whistler and Whistler 2020
To help guide the RMOW's            making this commitment to          Climate Protection Program,
journey toward a more sustain-      sustainability real. These in-     which are: (1) creating a green-
able future, the Whistler com-      clude: engaging in light-out       house gas emissions inventory
munity developed an ambitious       activities during Earth Hour on    and forecast; (2)setting an
vision, process, and planning       March 29th, adopting a bylaw       emissions reduction target; (3)
approach known as Whis-             banning the nonessential and       developing a local action plan;
tler2020. This vision articulates   cosmetic use of pesticides         (4) implementing the local ac-
what we aspire to be, but more      within the RMOW, and creat-        tion plan or a set of activities;
importantly it inspires and         ing a web-based carbon offset-     and (5) monitoring progress
guides our strategic planning       ting program.                      and reporting results. Thanks
and action development, now                                            to these and other activities
and into the future. Recent on-     This past December, Whistler       Whistler received a Green City
the-ground examples - both          was the first community in         Award in 2007 for demonstrat-
large and small - highlight how     Canada to achieve all five mile-   ing leadership and action in
Municipal departments are           stones within the Partners for
                                                                       sustainability initiatives.
 Tourism Educators Conference 2008 Program                                                                                    Page 6

                                                                  Whistler Blackcomb
                                                                  Whistler Blackcomb is North America’s
                                                                  premier mountain destination. In recent
                                                                  years, the company has quietly incorpo-
                                                                  rated the award-winning Natural Step
                                                                  (NSF) framework into its daily operations.
                                                                  This included a 60% reduction in waste to
                                                                  landfills, retrofitting all light bulbs, con-
                                                                  ducting a power audit indicating a savings
                                                                  of 1 533 000 KWh per year, using re-
                                                                  duced and hybrid vehicle fleets, and en-
                                                                  couraging staff to carpool. In 2006, Whis-
                                                                  tler Blackcomb was presented with the
                                                                  BC Tourism Award for Environmentally
                                                                  Responsible Tourism in recognition of
                                                                  their efforts.
                                                                                                                       “On Friday
                                                                                                                  afternoon, delegates
Ziptrek Ecotours                                                                                                  will choose between
Ziptrek Ecotours’ mandate is         and Blackcomb Moun-                                                              Ziptreking®,
to provide an exhilarating and       tains. With vast media
memorable outdoor adventure          coverage and environ-                                                        culinary tours, a ride
experience following a sustain-      mental awards, Ziptrek
able business model. Ziptrek         has earned international                                                        to the peak of
thrives on sharing the thrill that   notoriety as Whistler's
people experience when they          must-do activity combin-                                                     Whistler, an ecotour,
overcome perceived fears and         ing education and adven-
realize that the experience is       ture. Visit Ziptrek on                                                         or a visit to the
so much more than they               Friday, May 9th as part of
thought it would be.                 the TEC conference, or                                                        Squamish - Lil’wat
                                     book online at
Ziptrek's tour area is nestled in                                                                                   Cultural Centre.
the spectacular valley of ancient
rainforest that divides Whistler

The Squamish-Lil’wat Cultural Centre
                                           The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre is a world class
                                           attraction showcasing the cultures of the Squamish and
                                           Lil'wat people through exhibits, art, food, language per-
                                           formances and activities. The SLCC is situated on six
                                           forested acres across the street from Lost Lake Park in
                                           Whistler’s Upper Village.

                                           Please join us for a pre-opening tour of the spectacular Squamish Lil’wat Cultural
                                           Centre. We will meet at the main entrance off Blackcomb Way at 1:45 pm on Friday, May 9th.
                                    Thanks for joining us!

LinkBC is a network of 20 post-secondary tourism and hospitality
programs across BC. Formerly known as the BC Centres for Tourism &
Hospitality Leadership and Innovation, LinkBC acts as an information
hub connecting these programs, and bridges industry with education
through a number of initiatives based on the following 4 priority areas:

1.   Strengthening the Tourism Learning System (TLS)
2.   Acting as a tourism information hub
3.   Promoting BC as a tourism learning destination
4.   Connecting the industry to students and graduates

Working towards strengthening the TLS, the LinkBC network is pleased
to be adopting the role of secretariat for the Tourism Educators Con-
ference. Make sure you join us for TEC in May 2009!

Don’t forget to visit our new website at and click
on Tourism Online Resource Centre to access resources for tourism
and hospitality education. Questions about the network? Call
604.984.1750 or email

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