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					Alternative Education’s Mission                   Academic Options
                                                                                                                       Old Orchard Beach/Saco
                                                  In addition to completing academic work,
                                                                                                                       Adult & Community
In September, 2001, OOB/Saco Adult & Com-
munity Education launched a new program           students are required to participate in a variety
for 16-20 year old students who were at risk of   of learning activities, such as health and life                      Education
dropping out of school.                           skills exercises, group building activities,                         Learning for Better Living
                                                  vocational exploration, special field trips, and
This Alternative Education Program provides       service learning projects.
students with an opportunity to develop aca-
demic and life skills in an off-campus setting.
                                                                                                      Alternative Education
The program is by application only and is
available to Old Orchard Beach and Saco                                                               at the Saco Learning Center
students. Other towns may have a “tuition in”                                                         80 Common St • Saco, ME 04072
option. The program meets Monday - Thurs-
day, 10:30 AM to 3 PM.
The mission of the OOB/Saco Alternative
Education Program is to provide an alternative
educational opportunity and environment in
which students can achieve academic, social,
and personal success.

The program strives to meet students’ in-
dividual needs and help them prepare for a
meaningful future in college, the workplace,
and their communities.

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                                                                                                       OOB/Saco Adult & Community Education
                                                                                                             40 E. Emerson Cummings Blvd.
                                                                                                             Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064
Testimonials                               Alternative Education                            Goal Options

“I’m in college now, and I wouldn’t have   Students who benefit...
made it without Alternative Ed . . . ”
-Becky-                                       •   Are between the ages of 16 & 20

                                              •   Are hands-on learners
“The smaller
classes really                                •   Are motivated to learn when given an
helped a lot.”                                    environment that meets their needs
-Chris-                                       •   Have not experienced regular
                                                  sustained sucess in high school

                                              •   Prefer a small group setting &
                                                  individual learning approaches
“We do lots of things outside of the
classroom like field trips and service
learning . . . “                           Statistics
-John-                                        •   Alternative Education students have an
                                                  average attendance rate of 88%
                                                                                            Students in our fully-equipped computer lab.
                      “The four day
                      school week and         •    100% of seniors complete at least two
                                                  college applications                      Academic & Other Skills
                      shorter days were
                                                                                            Students focus on academic and social skills with
                      better . . . “          •   95% of students graduate within two       the goal of returning to their high school.
                      -Larry-                     years

                                              •    100% of students complete job shad       High School Diploma through Thornton Academy
                                                  owing, service learning and community     Students earn course credits and receive their
                                                  service programs                          high school diploma through Thornton Academy.
Program Highlights                                                                          GED Preparation
                                                                                            Students prepare to pass the GED exam (high
       •   Adventure-Based Learning                                                         school equivalency degree). Students may take
       •   Career Exploration                                                               the GED once they have turned 18 years old and
       •   College Preparation                                                              their high school class has graduated.
       •   Service Learning
       •   Small Group Setting
                                                                                                                (207) 282-3846
       •   Unique Field Trips
       •   Substance Abuse Education                                                     
       •   Character Education
       •   Life Skills Exercises
                                                  Our Director, Dave Durkee with graduate
                                                                                                         MKT 09/10 - 3 folds - Alt Ed      11/09