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									                                ywca child care program
                                                        December 2009
Outdoor Fun                                                           Non School Days (NSD)
We do take children outdoors each day even during the winter          A Non School Day Program will be held December 23, 28, 29, 30,
months. State Licensing requires us to do so between                  and 31. The program is held at the YWCA and children will
temperatures of 10° and 90° when weather conditions allow us          need to bring a sack lunch. Sign up is on a first-come, first–
to do so. Please be sure to equip your child with the appropriate     serve basis. Space is limited. Parents may sign up their child at
outdoor clothing. Children will not be allowed to play in the snow    the sites in advance at any time. The last day to sign up for the
without boots, snowpants, hats & gloves/mittens. Thank you.           December days off is Thursday, December 17 or until enrollment
                                                                      capacity is reached. A fluorescent green schedule form must be
Sharing the Spirit                                                    completed along with a set of fluorescent green enrollment forms.
As in previous years, the YWCA Child Care programs will be            These forms will then be kept at the YWCA for the entire school
adopting needy YWCA families. Ornaments will be posted on a           year and will only need to be completed one time for NSD. The
holiday display at each site listing a wish list item for a family    cost for NSD is $32 per day for care from 7:30-5. If early or late
member. Simply choose an ornament off the display, purchase           service is needed, $3.65 per hour is charged. A variety of
the item listed, wrap the gift and attach the ornament to the gift.   activities and events are planned. The holiday break NSD flyers
The gifts collected will be distributed to families in need by        are available for further details.
YWCA Staff. We hope you can help us make a difference for
families in our community who are struggling financially. We           ***Please note that we must have a minimum of 15
ask that gifts be turned in no later than Friday, December 18.         students signed up for each Non School Day by
We appreciate your generosity and the spirit of helping those          Thursday, December 17th in order to hold a program.
less fortunate. Displays will be up the week of November 30th.

.YWCA Gives To Others                                                 Holiday Schedule Reminder
All of the Before & After School programs gave back to the            There is no school December 23-January 1, 2010 due to the
community by decorating 450 bags for ECHO’s meal distribution.        Winter Break. A Non School Day program will be offered
ECHO uses the bags to pack holiday meals for families in need.        December 23. 28, 29, 30 and 31st.. Please remember this when
Our program participated by decorating those bags. In addition,       completing your child’s schedule. The YWCA will be closed
we learned of a little boy in Michigan, Noah, who is suffering from   December 24-25 & January 1. If you plan on turning in your
cancer and his one wish before passing (which was likely to be        child’s schedule at the site for the week of January 4, you must do
before Xmas), was to receive Christmas cards for his holiday          so by Tuesday, December 22nd. Schedules may also be turned
celebration which was held in November. All sites created Xmas        in at the YWCA by Thursday, December 31 to avoid any late fees.
cards for Noah which were mailed out.                                 Business hours are 8 am-4:30 pm. Schedules received after
                                                                              Thursday December 31st, will be assessed a late fee.
Wrap It Up                                                                   We’re Going Colorless
If you have an outstanding statement of account, please get those paid       As we look at ways to reduce costs and save money, we
prior to December 31, so that we may close out our financial statements      have decided to put all schedule forms in white paper
for the 2009 year. Outstanding balances may result in a disruption of        instead of colors. Schedules will be at sites in white paper
child care services until outstanding balances have been paid.               with the pre-printed name of the school on it. As our
Statements for taxes on child care expenses for 2009 will be out by the      colored paper supply diminishes, we will be using mostly
end of January.                                                              white paper. Please watch for these changes soon and if
                                                                             you happen to have schedules at home or the office,
Looking Ahead                                                                please use them up. Thank you.
Mark your calendars! Our fabulous Family Fun Night is planned for
Thursday, April 1st. If any parent would like to participate in our
planning committee or has suggestions on how we can make it better,          Fee Changes
please contact Lisa, Jessica or Becky at the YWCA. We would love to          Over the past few years, the YWCA Child Care has seen a
hear from you. If you know of a business or organization that would be       substantial increase in our costs for food, site supplies and
willing to donate an item or support the event by making a monetary          staffing. We have worked hard to keep the amount
donation, please let them know about our Family Fun Night.                   families pay for child care as affordable as possible while
                                                                             still maintaining a quality program. In order to continue to
                                                                             provide your children the level of service and care you
                                                                             expect, we will be implementing a small increase in the
     We wish the very best for you and your family in 2010!                  hourly rate. Beginning February 1, 2010 the hourly rate
                                                                             will increase from $3.65 to $3.75.

                                                                                                     Calendar on back

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