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Toys are fun and are an important part of any child's development. Toys for infants often make use of distinctive sounds, bright colors, and unique textures. Toys for infants often make use of distinctive sounds, bright colors, and unique textures. Click here to know more

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Choosing the Right Toddlers Toys Can Be Child’s Play By Christopher Peace

What Toddlers Toys Are Right for Your Toddler When it comes to choosing toddlers toys that are just right for your little one, it can be so confusing. There are specific age recommendations on each toy. This pretty much tells you which toddlers toys is the most age appropriate for your little one. There are many different types of toys that are not age appropriate at all; your toddler may be either too young or too old for something that you or another adult may have in mind to buy. This is why the age recommendations are on most toddlers toys these days. Knowing Your Toddler Is a Good Guide Considering the fact that you know your toddler better than anyone else does and thus you know what will be the best types of toddlers toys for him or her. This comes in handy when it comes time to buy birthday or Christmas presents for the child. You do not always need a special occasion to buy a toy for your child; although that is when most parents and family members will be buying toddlers toys for the baby. As toddlers are usually children between the ages of one and five years old, sometimes choosing an age appropriate toys can sometimes be a bit tricky. Too Young or Too Old? Most people don’t realize that you actually can but toddlers toys that are age appropriate according to the box; but be either to advanced for or too boring for a particular child. This is not all that uncommon. Some 18 month old or two year old children are simply wiser than their physical age; while others of the same chronological age are slower than others of the same age. This is why it is wisest to keep in mind just exactly what your toddler can and cannot do and what particular stage of development he or she is at. This is where you can guide other family members and friends as to what would be the best toddlers toys to get for your child. The worse thing that anyone can do is get a toy for a child that he or she either cannot play with because it is too advanced for them or they are simply bored with it because they are further along in their development than other think. Are Trucks Just For Boys?

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This is a common thought; that cars, trucks and planes are just for boys. This simply is not totally true. There are some little girls who just love playing with cars, trucks and planes when they are very little. Some of those girls never grow out of that love of playing with cars and trucks. I can also be said that not all little boys will not play with a dollhouse when they are very young; like three or four years old. There isn’t a little boy anywhere that does not like playing in a big outside fort or dollhouse. They are just interested in having fun, not what anyone thinks of their choice of toys. Smalltime Child offers a great selection of Toddlers Toys. Visit us on the web today at

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How to Choose the Appropriate Toys For Your Toddler By Rachel Nunez

Choosing the appropriate toys for our toddlers is as important as choosing the right clothes for them to wear and the right kind of food they eat. Since toddlers are very young they need toys that do not only keep them entertained but also address their needs. This is the reason why when choosing toddler toys, we have to take into consideration some tips. SAFETY When choosing toys for our children the first things that we should take into consideration is how safe the toys are for our children. Some toys are not very safe for young children such as toys that could easily dismantle or break. These types of toys are not advisable for toddlers. Toys for toddlers must be non-breakable and should not be dismantled. Another thing is that toys for young children must not have small parts in them. Children usually insert small things in their nose, ears or mouth. It is important that toddler toys are safe for them to play. SOFT and CUDDLY Young children love playing with soft and cuddly things. Aside from the comfort that they get from playing with these toys, these toys are very safe for them to play. They will not get hurt and they will not hurt someone with toys that are soft even if they throw the toys up and the toy lands on them. You don’t have to worry about the children hurting themselves. EDUCATIONAL When we buy toys for out children, it is important to think of the purpose of the toy. Toddler toys must be educational too. There are numerous toys that could enhance the mental and motor skills of the child. Since very young children need more activities to develop their motor skills, we should choose toys that require the use of their muscles. COLORFUL Toddlers are easily attracted to bright colored things. They grab the toys that are colorful first before anything else. This is why we have to choose toys that attract the interest of the children and make them play with the toys. EASY TO HANDLE Children will leave the toy and do other things if they cannot play with the toy comfortably. The ease in handling the toy is very important as this will be the determining factor if the child will play the toys we buy or they will discard them in the corner. If the children could play with the toys easily then they will love playing with the toy. Toddler toys are very important. Toys are part of the children’s life and whether they just enjoy playing with the toy or they are developing some skills in them, the most important things that we should consider is that our toddlers must have fun and be safe with the toys they are playing with. The kind of toys we buy for our children are very important in their growth and development. We do not only provide our children the joy they obtain from the toys they play but we are also enhancing and instilling in them the different basic skills in life.

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