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Baby bedding is what your baby will be cuddled in every night, being kept safe and warm. It is a focal point in the nursery decor from which other inspiration can stem. Baby bedding needs to be both soft enough for a delicate baby’s skin. Click here to know more

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Baby Bedding - Choices That Grow By Molly Ridenhour

Once you have decided on a general decor or theme for your baby's room, you will then have the fun of choosing baby bedding items that fit within your theme and still are safe and comfortable for your newborn. Another aspect of smart baby bedding choices is selecting things that will grow along with your child. This growth is not necessarily just in the physical sense of getting too large for a cradle for example, but reflects the growth of interest and the baby beginning to interact with his or her environment in a positive way. Involve the Senses Baby bedding accessories that draw the baby's attention by using the senses of sight, sound and touch are particularly good items to include in the baby's room. A bright mobile that is above the baby's bed will be intriguing to baby, particularly if the toy has bright colors, moves or plays a musical melody, for example. The baby will become animated as he or she recognizes the sound and motion of such an item. Another popular baby bedding accessory is a mural or wall hanging placed where the child can see the bright colors. Blankets When you first bring your new baby home from the hospital or birthing center, your typical baby bedding will consist of a mattress pad, crib sheets and perhaps receiving blankets. As the baby grows and becomes more active, usually the receiving blanket must be replaced by larger, lightweight crib blankets or comforters. These can still be lightweight but must be larger in size. Soft cottons, silks, or other fabrics are ideal to replace the original baby bedding for infants. You will still need to look for blankets that can be easily washed and maintained with minimal effort. The blankets can be in keeping with the slightly expanded environment of the older baby while still attractive and durable. Colors While you may prefer dainty pastels in a newborn's room, as the baby starts taking more interest in its surroundings, baby bedding in brighter colors or with prints or action figures that will catch and hold the baby's interest are preferable. For this reason, you may want to keep the original choices of baby bedding to a minimum few, but plan ahead for the future simple changes to add more color and
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excitement to the original theme of the room. Window Treatments Window treatments are as varied today as other types of baby bedding and they can blend or contrast with the rest of the colors and theme of the baby's room. As the baby grows older, they can be replaced with other types of construction, or can be the look that ties the entire maturing room together. Choose white sheers to go in the infants room and top them with bright drapes or panels as the child grows. If you prefer to use blinds or mini blinds for your window treatment, you can top them with attractive valances or borders. These can be replaced easily to keep pace with your baby's interest and attention. Molly Ridenhour is a proud co-owner of Pure and Honest Kids, a children's and baby e-boutique.  Visit us today on the web for a large selection of Crib Bedding and Serena and Lily at

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Baby Bedding - How to Select the Right Type By Ryan Paulin

There are many choices from which you can choose from when it comes to baby beddings. And when it comes down to it, it gets very confusing – after seeing all the choices available, in the long run, you get confused on which one to get. But there should be a right type for everything and every item you will have to place near your baby. A guide would be pretty helpful right now and luckily – that is what this article is! So sit back and just read through these tips in order to find that right type of bedding for your baby. Choosing the right baby bedding can be very tricky and with a lot of existing choices available, it gets more difficult. But there are a number of factors that you have to remember in order to choose the right and best kind. One word, comfort. Your baby is just like you and needs his or her every minute of sleep. Just like you whose mattress or bed cushions are soft and relaxing, the bedding that suits your baby best should be one that gives him or her utmost comfort. You have to be very careful as your baby cannot tell you how he or she feels. You might find your baby crying and have no idea that it is because the bedding is uncomfortable. Second, the material. It is very important that you find the best material. This can spell comfort and rest or danger and illness. Find a material that is sturdy and can withstand a lot of washing. It is important to find a bedding that is just right – neither heavy nor light. Some materials are too heavy, some too light that it does not stay in place and gets easily wrinkled and very hard to manage. Some materials thin out in time, others thread out, others are easy to accumulate dust and may cause allergies and other skin irritations to your baby. Find a smooth and easy material that will not fall out easily to ensure comfort and safety. Third, maintenance. Your baby’s baby bedding will not stay clean for very long, that is sure. Milk, drool, baby vomit and pee will be all over it in no time and washing it from time to time will be something that you have to do. Find a machine washable bedding and one that dries fast too if you do not have a dryer. You also have to be sure that the bedding is sturdy and will not fall out in one wash; it may be tricky to find the right one but it’s out there. With these three points to remember – you will be sure to land yourself that great baby bedding. Don’t rush, finding the best one for your baby will take some time, just remember these three very important points and you will find it. So there, best of luck! This article is all about the care for your baby and what is the best kind of bedding for him/her. Are you looking for the perfect baby bedding for your baby? Find it today by visiting!

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