The Congregational Respite Program of First United Methodist

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					                                                              Methodist Church
                                                              Respite Program

                                                                First United
                      He who dwells in
                      the shelter of the
                       Most High will

                       shadow of the
                         rest in the

                                           Psalm 91:1



Grace Arbor
395 West Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
770-963-0386, ext. 126
            I would like more information about Grace Arbor
            Mail to:
            Grace Arbor
            395 West Crogan Street
            Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Grace Arbor, the Congregational Respite                    Sample Daily Schedule

Program of First United Methodist Church          10:00am: Participants arrive; morning cof-
of Lawrenceville, has a place for you! Our          fee and snack
mission is to meet the social, spiritual,         10:30am: Devotional with sharing and          Days & Hours of Operation:
physical and emotional needs of older                                                             Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday,
                                                    hymns accompanied by a pianist
                                                                                                  10am-3pm. Closed major holidays.
adults with memory impairment, as well            11:15am: Morning exercise—body & mind
as those of their caregivers. Our program         12:00 noon: Lunch                             Cost:
offers interactive social activities that         1:00pm: Afternoon activities, including
stimulate and enhance the quality of life           armchair games, gardening, cooking, pet       Admission Requirements: Initial phone
                                                    therapy, art, service projects and outside    interview, followed by an onsite interview
of the participants, and our goal is to pro-                                                      with the director. $40 registration fee due
vide a safe and caring environment that             entertainment
                                                                                                  upon acceptance into the program.
                                                  2:00pm: Afternoon sing-along & dancing,
brings many elements of creativity into a                                                         Staff Profile:
                                                    accompanied by musicians
day program’s schedule. Spiritual ther-                                                           Robin Dill, Director, is a trained Stephen
                                                  3:00pm: Participants leave for home
apy, gardening, singing, art, children,                                                           Minister, certified by the Alzheimer’s Asso-
pets, community entertainment and ser-                                                            ciation in Alzheimer’s Care, is trained in
                                                                                                  Montessori-Based Dementia Programming,
vice opportunities, assisted by trained,                                                          and holds a certificate for Professional De-
caring volunteers, will ensure that your                                                          velopment in Gerontology. Robin’s man-
loved one has a positive and loving ex-                                                           ual, Walking With Grace, was written to as-
perience. We engage in intergenerational                                                          sist churches in implementing and launch-
                                                                                                  ing congregational respite ministries and
activities and our schedule includes regu-     Our participants feel the deep need to give
                                                                                                  Grace Arbor serves as a mentor and model
lar visits and participation with the First    back to the community, so we provide opportu-      for other Congregational Respite Programs
United Methodist Church’s preschool and        nities for service:
                                                                                                  Cindy Leake, Assistant Director, has a
PMO children; many of the church’s youth        Bluebird Box Ministry—we make and               certificate from the Alzheimer’s Association
join our participants in our quarterly            decorate bluebird boxes, which are given        and is trained in Alzheimer’s care.
dances, featuring big bands.                      to anyone who makes a $100 donation to
                                                  the Hope Clinic.
                                                                                                    All staff are trained in CPR/First Aid.

Caregivers’ Support Group                       Pillow Stuffing—we stuff small, colorful        Volunteers are trained through the Alz-
                                                  pillows, which are given to patients at Chil-   heimer’s Association, as well as receiving
A support group for caregivers is held
                                                  dren’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
                                                                                                  onsite training and continuing education.
every other Tuesday from 1:30-3:00PM in
                                                Birthday Bags-we fill gift bags with treats     Contact:
the Parlor, providing the opportunity to
                                                  and small gifts to show appreciation for the    Robin Dill, Program Director
share questions and concerns with one                                                             770-963-0386, ext. 126 (office)
                                                  teachers at Lawrenceville Elementary
another under the guidance of a trained                                                           678-758-3554 (cell)
counselor.                                                                                        E-mail: