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Infant bottle feeding or breastfeeding schedules quickly alter as your baby grows. Solid food is introduced during the first year, and breast milk or formula is decreased. Click here to know more

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5 Breast Feeding Tips By Michael Gunn

A new mother might be thinking that breast feeding is a hard concept to grasp. Other new moms figure that the baby will just automatically start breast feeding by themselves. In all fact, both of those statements are wrong. Breast feeding is not an art form and is rather natural. The main aspect is to entice a baby to start breastfeeding. Once a baby starts to breastfeed, they will catch on quickly and you will not have to show them much more than that. Below are five breast feeding tips that will help a new mother breast feed successfully. Although you may feel like you do not need breast feeding tips, it is best to read over them anyway. You might find that you learn something you did not know before. 1. Make sure you are relaxed. A baby knows and senses when a mother is not relaxed. If you are not feeling relaxed, your baby will not feel relaxed. This is a close time for you and your baby, make every moment count. 2. The second of the breast feeding tips is to prepare your baby to latch on. This step is very easy. Your baby will not automatically know to open their mouth in order to latch on. They do not know what is in store for them just yet. The best thing to do is nudge your finger gently on the side of the mouth and wait for the baby to open their mouth. 3. Once the baby has opened their mouth, you will then need to inset your nipple onto the child’s mouth. This is where new mothers get confused. The question usually is, how far? So, the best way to described it is to make sure they have their mouth around your nipple almost completely. Ever nipple size differs so it is up to the mother’s best judgment. The main thing is to make sure the nipple is completely in the baby’s mouth without their nose being suffocated by the breast. You want to make sure they breathe freely. 4. As you nurse your child, make sure you hold them in a football position. There are other positions; however, this one seems to work the best for new mothers. Whichever position you choose, make sure you hold your baby close and support their head. 5. After the baby is done, hold them and comfort them. This is the closest moment a mother has with her new born baby.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Breast feeding tips are designed to help new mothers figure out breast feeding. These breast feeding tips may not work for everyone, as everyone’s body and child are different. Always, as with anything, use these breast feeding tips as a guide. In order to get the most out of the bond you will share with your new born baby, make sure you read some of the links below to many different topics and discussions. A new mother can never be too prepared. Michael Gunn offers a wide variety of products for breast feeding, as well as much needed advice and tips for the mother and child. Visit http://www.DoubleBreastPumps.com!

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Dilemma: Breast Feeding Vs. Bottle Feeding By Michael Gunn

Among all arguments that happen in this world daily, there has been no end to the breast feeding vs. bottle feeding question. People will argue either point until no end. This is because people feel differently on many view points when it comes to breast feeding. There is much speculation that people turn to bottle feeding because they hear wrong information. Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding comes down to the certain situation a person is in. At times, there is only one option. Most of the time, however, the mother has a choice. Breast feeding, in most all respects, has proven to be the most effective. There are many breastfeeding benefits that bottle feeding does not provide. Some of these benefits are: 1. Bonding with the infant 2. Coating of the GI tract (first milk) 3. Build up of immune system 4. Less allergy problems 5. Digestive problems This is only a short list of benefits, but the list of benefits associated with breast feeding is very long. When it comes to breast feeding vs. bottle feeding, it is best to try to breast feed first. What If I Cannot Breast Feed? There are many reasons why women cannot breast feed, even though they may want to. Some of these reasons include: 1. Baby will not latch on to the nipple after numerous attempts 2. Diseases such as HIV or Food Poisoning 3. Antibiotics that do not allow breast feeding (although there is usually an alternative) 4. Weak facial features 5. Premature The most common reason a mother cannot breast feed if she wants to be the fact that a baby will not take to the nipple. This is even after several attempts. Some babies will not latch on and cannot be coerced into latching on either. In this case, the baby will have to take the bottle. This is an exemption in the breast feeding vs. bottle feeding ideal. There are some disadvantages of breastfeeding as well. These are: 1. Mother is the only one who can feed the baby 2. Mother must pump so a feeding Is not missed 3. Often times the breasts will become sore 4. If you take certain antibiotics or other medications, they may disrupt breast feeding cycle. Although some of these are not really “disadvantages”, some people might see them as such. Really, it is all part of being a mother. In general, the benefits of breast feeding vs. bottle feeding far outweigh

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the detractions. If you want the best for your baby, you will breast feed if all possible. This also has other benefits such as cost. Breast feeding is typically less in cost than formula. Mother’s breast milk is free where formula ranges in price. The cost factor incurred in breast feeding is a pump, if you are going to be using one, breasts pads, nipple covers and nursing bras. The basic idea all comes down to what works best for the mother and their child. Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding can be research farther by visiting the links provided. Michael Gunn offers a wide variety of products for breast feeding, as well as much needed advice and tips for the mother and child. Visit http://www.DoubleBreastPumps.com!

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