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									                         Memorial Health Center (Medford, WI)
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title: Staff Registered Nurse                   Department: Emergency Department
FLSA Status: Hourly                                 Location/Division: Hospital
Title of Immediate Supervisor: Director of Emergency Services

The Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department is a professional who assumes the responsibility
and accountability for the provision of care according to the Standards of Nursing Practice within the
Emergency Department, Urgent Care Clinic and Specialty Clinics. A key aspect of the work of
nursing is to continually improve the quality of nursing care by collecting and analyzing data. The
Registered Nurse supervises Unit Clerks and Emergency Department Technicians and assists in
assignments to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.

Required Education:     Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
                        Current RN licensure within the state of WI
                        Current BLS Certification
                        ACLS Certification within 1 year following hire

Preferred Education:    Current ACLS Certification
                        TNCC, PALS or ENPC recommended

Required Experience: Clinical practicum in acute care facility

Preferred Experience: Six (6) months Registered Nurse experience.

Desired Abilities, Skill and Knowledge:
   • Ability to read and interpret professional journals, technical procedures and hospital policies.
   • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals, using computer
      information systems.
   • Ability to present information and respond to questions from co-workers, patients/families and
      the general public.
   • Ability to calculate medication dosages based on weight, volume, duration and frequency.
   • Ability to define problems, collect data and make critical decisions based on facts and
      available information.
   • Ability to prioritize duties and delegate as necessary.
   • Strong communication skills.

Job Description: Emergency Department – Registered Nurse                             Job Code: 20600
                                   Physical Requirements

Physical Requirements Analysis

Mark all responses using the following codes:
       N = Never
       O = Occasional, represents 1 to 33% or 1 to 2 hours of an 8 hour work day.
       F = Frequently, represents 34 to 66% or 2½ to 5½ hours of an 8 hour work day.
       C = Continuously, represents 67 to 100% or 6 to 8 hours of an 8 hour work day.

  N        O        F        C        PHYSICAL ACTIVITY

                    X                 Walking
                    X                 Sitting/Standing
           X                          Reaching:              Shoulder Height
           X                                                 Above Shoulder Height
           X                                                 Below Shoulder Height
           X                          Climbing
           X                          Pulling/Pushing:       25 Pounds or Less
           X                                                 25 Pounds to 50 Pounds
           X                                                 Over 50 Pounds
           X                          Lifting:               25 Pounds or Less
           X                                                 25 Pounds to 50 Pounds
           X                                                 Over 50 Pounds
           X                          Carrying:              25 Pounds or Less
           X                                                 25 Pounds to 50 Pounds
           X                                                 Over 50 Pounds
           X                          Crawling/Kneeling
           X                          Bending/Stooping/Crouching
           X                          Twisting/Turning
           X                          Repetitive Movement

        PHYSICAL EXPOSURE (Mark where applicable with “X”)

        Unprotected Heights                              X    Infectious Diseases
  X     Lighting:      Bright                                 Harmful Physical Agents:
  X                    Dim                                           Heat/Cold
        Mechanical Hazards                               X    Noise
  X     Hazardous Substances                                  Ionizing/Non-Ionizing Radiation


  X     Good                 Poor                             Blind        Vision
  X     Normal               Impaired                                      Color Vision
  X     Normal               Moderate Loss                    Deaf         Hearing
  X     Good                 Fair                             Poor         Manual Dexterity
  X     Good                 Fair                             Mute         Talking/Speech

Job Description: Emergency Department – Registered Nurse                              Job Code: 20600
                         JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES


Respect – We demonstrate respect by:
   • Employing methods to honor our patients’ rights;
   • Being sensitive to individual’s beliefs and values;
   • Treating customers with compassion, courtesy and dignity, and
   • Listening effectively and seeking/providing/accepting constructive feedback.

Accountability – We hold ourselves and one another accountable by:
   • Accepting personal responsibility for own actions as it pertains to patient/customer satisfaction
     and outcomes;
   • Complying with statutes, rules and regulations set by regulatory agencies;
   • Being responsible to effectively use resources; and
   • Ensuring confidentiality.

Innovation – We support a culture of innovation by:
   • Striving to be creative;
   • Challenging the status quo; and
   • Empowering one another to share ideas and think independently.

Service – We are committed to quality service by:
   • Striving to exceed customer’s expectations;
   • Being advocates for optimal outcomes;
   • Recognizing and responding to the needs of the community;
   • Being responsible to the customer’s needs while making decisions that are based upon sound,
      ethical business principles and practices; and
   • Caring equally for all.

Excellence – We promote excellence by:
   • Striving to do the best job;
   • Maintaining high standards for self and others;
   • Continuing to address performance improvement; and
   • Supporting a learning environment.

Safety – We are vigilant in our efforts to ensure safety by:
   • Supplying ongoing training and education;
   • Providing a safe work environment;
   • Adhering to and striving to exceed the Healthcare Safety standards; and
   • Practicing in a manner that earns community confidence.

Job Description: Emergency Department – Registered Nurse                              Job Code: 20600
Job Specific:
   • Abides by the MHC Standards of Nursing Practice.

   •   Treats co-workers, patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and
       addresses psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/ spiritual needs of patients and family.
       Functions as liaison between administration, patients, physicians and other healthcare

   •   Maintains established departmental policies and procedures, goals and objectives and
       performance improvement program.

   •   Maintains safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients and families in
       accordance with Hospital Operations.

   •   Maintains good employee relations and interdepartmental objectives. Demonstrates conflict
       resolution practices.

   •   Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational
       programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops; shows responsibility for own
       professional practice and ongoing education.

   •   Provides direct patient care, evaluates outcomes, consults with other specialists as required
       and adjusts nursing care as indicated to ensure optimal patient care.

   •   Ability to perform a complete assessment on all patients and reassessments as necessary.
       This includes pediatric, adolescent and geriatric patients.

   •   Ability to monitor hemodynamic status of patient and correctly interpret the results.

   •   Demonstrates     knowledge    of   cardiac   monitoring   identifies   dysrhythmias     and   treats

   •   Accurately assigns triage categories and immediately informs physician of emergent

   •   Handles pressure and stress with composure and emotional stability.

   •   Maintains accurate and continued nursing documentation including patient histories,
       conditions, treatments, responses and assessment changes.

   •   Demonstrates the ability to assist physicians with procedures in the Emergency Department.

   •   Formulates a teaching plan based on individual learning needs and evaluates effectiveness of
       learning; includes family in teaching, as appropriate.

   •   Maintains current knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of
       the patient and his/her clinical condition.

   •   Ensures adequate staffing, adjusting to meet changing needs. Participates in on-call
       assignments to provide coverage for transfers, critical care and high volume situations.

   •   Accepts additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Job Description: Emergency Department – Registered Nurse                               Job Code: 20600
   •   Ensures an adequate stock of supplies and the proper functioning of equipment.

   •   Assists in cost containment through the appropriate ordering and conserving of supplies and

   •   Maintains a clean work environment; prevents communicable disease by applying Standard
       Precautions in all situations.

   •   Demonstrates actions towards the prevention of harassment in the workplace.

   •   Encourages staff participation in customer service principles and practices.

   •   Participates in annual competencies in Infection Control and Standard Precautions, Fire and
       Safety, Chemical Hazard, and Patient’s Rights.

Author (name, title, department): Jacquelyn Rosa, RN – Emergency Department

Approval Signatures:       __________________________             _____________________________
                           Department Director                     Vice President
Date Initiated:             6/95
Date Reviewed/Revised:      1/01; 1/02; 2/03; 2/05; 10/06; 2/08; 6/09

Job Description: Emergency Department – Registered Nurse                              Job Code: 20600

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