Schedule of Upcoming Road Construction Projects by broverya80


									CPM                                                                                                          UPDATED 12/18/2009

               Schedule of Upcoming Road Construction Projects
       COUNCIL                                                                                                     PROJECT                         TARGET CONST.
 KEY   DISTRICT             PROJECT                                      SCOPE OF WORK                             MANAGER           EST. COST      START DATE
 196     8        Commerce Road (Bells Road to       Roadway Widening - provide an additional turning lane,        Newcomb         $5,908,000.00
                  Bellmeade Road) - RFP Consultant   curb & gutter, s/w, street lights, landscaping, upgrade
                  Design Only                        signals, widening bridge at Goodes Creek.

 197     9        German School Road                 Upgrade roadway to four lanes with curb and gutter,           Tart           $15,231,505.00      12/15/2009
                  Improvements                       sidewalk, bike lanes, raised median (where needed),
                                                     street lights and landscaping

 198     8        Jefferson Davis Highway            Roadway Widening - widen from four to six lanes, curb &       Tart           $28,742,049.00       10/1/2011
                                                     gutter, s/w, street lights, landscaping, upgrade signals,
                                                     drainage, pavement rehabilitation etc.

 199     9        Midlothian Turnpike                Installation of curbs and gutters,sidewalks, street lights,   Tart           $39,514,580.00      12/15/2009
                                                     and landscaping; upgrade of all traffic signal & drainage
                                                     facilities. Installation of a new signal at LaBrook Drive.
                                                     Pvm't rehabilitation; Installation of new gateway features.

 200     8,9      Hull Street Improvements - VDOT    Roadway Widening - widen from four to six lanes with          Sadler         $11,882,158.00
                                                     curb and gutter, raised median, s/w, bike lanes,
                                                     landscaping, drainage and signal upgrade.

 246     7        Route 5 Relocation, Phase 1/ New   Realign and Widen (4 Ln x11') Route 5, from City Line at      Tart            $6,642,833.00       7/30/2011
                  Segment                            Henrico County to the proposed traffic round-about at
                                                     Nicholson Street, including tie-ins. The proposed R.O.W
                                                     is 50 ft. off the easternmost RR centerline. Raised
                                                     medians are proposed.
      COUNCIL                                                                                                       PROJECT                          TARGET CONST.
KEY   DISTRICT              PROJECT                                        SCOPE OF WORK                            MANAGER            EST. COST      START DATE
564     4        Jahnke Road Widening - Design &       Widening from 2 to 4 thru lanes with median.                 Tart            $18,300,000.00
                 RW only                               Channelization at intersections, Bike lanes, C&G,
                                                       sidewalks, Signals & Street Lights upgrade, Safety
                                                       improvement, and drainage system.

579     4        Forest Hill Avenue Widening-          Preliminary engineering and ROW impacts for widening         Newcomb         $12,000,000.00
                 Design & ROW Acquisition              to 5 lanes with curb & gutter, sidewalks, bike lanes, and
                                                       closed storm sewer system

650     8        Deepwater Terminal Road Phase II      Roadway, drainage & rail road crossing improvements          Roberson-Ramo    $1,516,000.00       8/16/2010

781     3        Lombardy/Admiral Improvements         Reconstruction of Admiral St from Brook Road to              Nosrati          $1,003,000.00       4/30/2010
                 Phase II                              Lombardy St. with intersection improvements at
                                                       Brook/Lombardy and Brook/Admiral

784     6        Major Bridge Painting and             Phase I - Structural Inspection & Load Rating Analysis,      Roberson-Ramo    $8,893,539.80       2/28/2010
                 Rehabilitation- Manchester Bridge -   Phase II- Rehabilitation Scope of Work and Plans
                 RFP, Design Only                      including complete paint details and painting schedule,
                                                       and Phase III- Final Rehabilitation/Construction Services.

909     2        NIB FY-04 Newtowne West (Moore        Regrade and pave alleys, improve drainage, and other         Westbrook         $150,000.00        1/25/2010
                 St. Alley A)                          streetscape improvements in the NIB area .

932     7        Taylor's Hill Slope Stablization      Permanent Slope Stablization of slope faliures due to        Sowers            $350,000.00       10/15/2009
                                                       GASTON at Taylor's Hill

934     7        Jefferson Hill Slope Stabilization    Permanent Slope Stablization of failed slope from            Pottumuthu        $380,000.00        7/15/2010
                                                       GASTON of Jefferson Hill fronting Marshall St.
       COUNCIL                                                                                                        PROJECT                         TARGET CONST.
KEY    DISTRICT             PROJECT                                         SCOPE OF WORK                             MANAGER           EST. COST      START DATE
 946     6        Belle Isle Trail System              Install trail, benches, historic markers, and other            Nosrati          $287,500.00        3/22/2010
                                                       amenities on Belle Island

 997     8        Broad Rock Sidewalk at McGuire       Install new sidewalk along east side of Broad Rock from        Nosrati          $224,759.00       12/14/2009
                  Veterans Hospital                    main entrance of Veteran's Hospital to Belt Boulevard.
                                                       Pedestrian signals and marking improvements to be
                                                       installed at South intersection with Belt Boulevard.

1038     8        URBAN New Sidewalk Program-          Install new Sidewalk and minor drainage improvements at        Wang              $90,000.00        4/15/2010
                  Southside Plaza and part of Belt     Southside Plaza

1244     5        URBAN New C & G- Crutchfield St.     Install 720' of Curb & Gutter on each side of street from      Wang             $325,000.00        3/30/2010
                  3700 Blk                             W. Roanoke St. to Bland St.

1251     6        Mayo Bridge Structural Analysis      A Structural Analysis and Feasibility Study is to be           Roberson-Ramo   $1,805,000.00        1/3/2010
                  and Feasibility Study                performed on both of the Mayo Bridge structures and the
                                                       Manchester Canal bridge stucture to determine if the
                                                       structures will be rehabilitated or replaced.

1252     8        Midlothian & Belt Boulevard Bridge   Feasibilty study for the bridge replacement and                                 $300,000.00
                  Interchange Improvement (TEA-21)     interchange improvements

1258     6        URBAN New Sidewalk Program-          New and Infill sidewalk along corridor                         Westbrook        $530,000.00        1/15/2010
                  1400-2400 Blk. Columbia St.

1287     6        Biotech Research Park Roadway        Phase 2 scope of work includes new intersection                Westbrook       $2,675,000.00       5/15/2010
                  Improvements - Phase 2 (Duval St.    alignment for 7th /Duval St. intersection with direct access
                  Realignment)                         from Duval st. to I-95 SB on-ramp;new traffic control at
                                                       the intersections of Duval St. with 7th St. & 8th St.
       COUNCIL                                                                                                      PROJECT                    TARGET CONST.
KEY    DISTRICT             PROJECT                                       SCOPE OF WORK                             MANAGER       EST. COST     START DATE
1304     MULTI    Neighborhood Sidewalk (FY08)        $224,000 - for 3400 Grant St (Org-2 #/Estimate),              Pottumuthu   $224,000.00       6/30/2010
                                                      Freeman Rd, 600 Rothesay Rd, Nanesmond, Idlewood
                                                      Ave; 300 & 400 blocks of Pine , Cherry Street.

1310     5        URBAN New C & G - 37th Street       Install C &G on both sides of E. 37th Street from             Pottumuthu   $425,000.00      10/15/2010
                                                      Midlothian Turnpike to Peyton Ave, storm sewer
                                                      improvements, curb ramps.

1311     1        URBAN New C & G - Cutshaw           Install C & G on both sides of Cutshaw from Blacker St to     Westbrook    $300,000.00       6/15/2010
                  Ave. 4700-4800 Blk.                 Staples Mill Rd.

1334     8        Haden Ave and Ritter Street         2700 Block of Haden Street & 3300, 3400 blocks of Ritter      Newcomb      $575,000.00       1/30/2010
                  Improvements (VDOT Proj. #:         Avenue - curb & gutter, sidewalks, storm sewer work.
                  U000-127-R36, PE101, M501)

1341     6        Mead/Westvaco 5th Street and        Modify NW Quadrant 5th & Byrd per MOA w/Mead                  Newcomb      $450,000.00      11/15/2009
                  Byrd Improvements                   Westvaco.

1343     1        Windsor Farm Neighborhood           Sidewalk repairs in the specific areas of Windsor Farm        Wang         $220,000.00      11/30/2009
                  Improvements-FY09                   neighborhood.

1390     ALL      Curb Ramps for the Mobility         Install ramps as requested                                    Leadbetter   $100,000.00      11/15/2009
                  Impaired FY08-09

1420     2        NIB - Catherine Street, 1200-1400   Upgrade the existing street to City standards by installing   Wang         $106,000.00
                  blk Street (Design only)            full depth curb & gutter, sidewalks, surface drainage
                                                      improvements, and other incidentals within the 1200 to
                                                      1400 blocks of Catherine Street.
       COUNCIL                                                                                                    PROJECT                       TARGET CONST.
KEY    DISTRICT             PROJECT                                      SCOPE OF WORK                            MANAGER          EST. COST     START DATE
1429     3        Gateway Improvement - Laburnam     Provide signage similar to Ginter Park signs or the          Nosrati          $50,000.00       4/19/2010
                  Ave.                               Hermitage Road Historic District with landscaping.

1436     6        Cathedral Walk - Phase II          Installing brick crosswalks, pedestrain signals and          Wang            $125,000.00       5/14/2010
                                                     markings at E. Cary St. and at Dock St. & 17th St.

1440     6        Kanawha Plaza                      Based on the findings of the bridge safety inspection, the   Roberson-Ramo   $336,769.00       3/10/2010
                                                     scopeof work is to repair several immediate to long term
                                                     maintenance items.

1442     6        RMA Plaza Bridge                   Based on the findings of the bridge safety inspection, a     Roberson-Ramo   $125,000.00
                                                     scope of work is being developed by WR&A to repair
                                                     several immediate and long term maintenance items.
                                                     The City of Richmond has agreed to fund the repairs.

1443     5. 6     Semmes Avenue Sidewalk             Concrete sidewalk repair at two locations on Semmes          Sadler           $44,600.00        1/5/2010
                  Improvements                       Avenue, W. 27th Street to W. 29th Street and W. 34th
                                                     Street to Forest Hill Avenue. Also Hull Street from 7-9th
                                                     by Council Ammendment

1446     6&3      Cannon Creek Greenway              Install 1.9 mile trail and related amenities ( boardwalk     Nosrati         $150,000.00
                  Improvements                       style, and wooden guard rail) along the Richmond
                                                     Henrico Turnpike from Valley Road to East Ladies Mile

1451     2        Carver Area Sidewalk Assesment     Determine sidewalk (rate & estimate) need in Carver          Leadbetter       $25,000.00
                                                     neighborhood W. Broad to W. Leigh - Belvidere to

1459     2        NIB - Alley Improvements Between   To repair the deteriorated alley at the 1100 block east-     Sadler           $31,852.00       1/20/2009
                  Harrison and Hancock in            west between Harrison and Hancock.
                  Carver/Newtown West
       COUNCIL                                                                                                    PROJECT                      TARGET CONST.
KEY    DISTRICT             PROJECT                                         SCOPE OF WORK                         MANAGER        EST. COST      START DATE
1460     7        NIB - Streetscape North 27th Street   Sidewalk repair, trees, stump removal, handicap ramps,    Sadler         $30,000.00       12/15/2009
                  Church Hill                           regrade curb.

1461     5        Mid -Town to Mid - River Greenway     Replace pedestrain bridge over Kanawha canal, under       Nosrati       $468,750.00        6/20/2010
                  Enhancement -                         Robert E Lee bridge, upgrade trails, some pedestrain
                                                        lighting and landscaping.

1466     MULTI    URBAN DOWNTOWN SIDEWALK               To repair 10 blocks of sidewalk between S. Belvedere      Sadler        $623,100.00        12/1/2009
                  MAINTENANCE FY 09-1                   and 3rd Street and 2 blocks of Claiborne Street.

1467     MULTI    URBAN DOWNTOWN SIDEWALK               To repair approximately 10 blockes of sidewalk in         Sadler        $526,600.00        12/1/2009
                  MAINTENANCE FY 09-2                   downtown from 3rd Street to 13th/Governor Street

1468     2        Belvidere Street Gateway- Phase       Mill and resurface Belvidere/Cary Street intersection,    Nosrati       $272,000.00        6/30/2010
                  III, (Cary street Intersection        restore wheelchair ramps, install concrete paver
                  Improvement ). Design Only            crosswalks and provide pavement markings.

1472     5        NIB - 54-76 W. Pilkington Street      Install sidewalk, curb & gutter on EASTSIDE of 54-76 W.   Pottumuthu     $90,000.00         4/1/2010
                  EASTSIDE sidewalks                    Pilkington Street

1480     ALL      Energy Efficiency & Conservation      Oversight and reporting for EECBG program                 Pottumuthu   $2,106,200.00
                  Block Grant

1481     7        NIB- 2000 Block Fairmont Avenue       Sidewalk installation and tree planting                   Wang           $14,500.00
       COUNCIL                                                                                                     PROJECT                         TARGET CONST.
KEY    DISTRICT              PROJECT                                        SCOPE OF WORK                          MANAGER           EST. COST      START DATE
1482      7       NIB - 1000 Block 26th Street & P      repair and install sidewalks and plant trees.              Wang                $9,000.00
                  Street sidewalk repair/installation

1483      7       NIB - 2500-2800 Blocks of S Street    The purpose of this project is to repair sidewalks along   Pottumuthu          $8,500.00        7/1/2010
                  Sidewalk Improvements                 the 2500-2800 Block of S Street between N. 25th and N.

       # of PROJECTS 48                                                                                                   TOTAL   $164,187,794.

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